Evoland 1 Review

Evoland 1 Review

Intro to the Evoland 1

Evoland 1 is a game where you collect graphics too upgrade the game. It is a weird way of progression and uses other game styles to fill in the genres. The game expects you to know the other games like Legend of Zelda, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, Grim Dawn. There are collectibles in the game you need to collect like cards and stars.

This review will contain spoilers.

The story

You will begin the game as a graphic low life who can only walk to the right and you can not even see color! Well too bad you are stuck, you can only walk to the right. What a weird coincidence that to the right is a chest. What could be in this chest that can save you from only walking right the whole game? You find the walk left ability in the chest. Thanks to the developers you can now walk two ways.

You still have no clue what the story is about or what you are supposed to do. You don’t even get to know your name until later in the game. In the chest to your left you find other directions to walk in to. You still feel very bad with these bad graphics, you can’t endure it all the game right? When you explore the first area you will find dimensional walking which means you can now walk diagonally, hooray for you! You will also find better graphics in the chests you are going to open.

What about the story? Well look around and open the chests. Soon enough you will find the story. You are the son of the last dragon Babamut. There was peace but now evil has come back. You are Clink, the only one who can stop the evil. You have the power to summon Babamut, this is the most powerful summoning in the world but you cannot access it yet.

After leaving the valley, you can walk normally and have a sword to defend yourself. You head up towards the village to find out what is going on with the evil in the world. On the world map, you will encounter Final Fantasy style battles, these battles will give you glis and experience points. Once you are in the village, you find it is empty, all the people have been captured by a chest! Simply open the chest and everyone will pop out. Now you have Non-Playable-Characters to talk to. Or so you think, you are but a small child and no one bothers with small children. There is only one way to fix this. Jump in the well and scavenge around for a magical seed and transform legend of Zelda style into an adult.

Now people will finally talk to you. You can buy a real sword to pass the bridge and continue the journey to save the world from evil. Once you have crossed the bridge you come out on the other side of the village ready to go to the obviously placed cave. Before you can enter the cave, someone calls out for help. There is a young woman in need of rescue and as a hero, you obviously won’t refuse to help her. Three scaven enemies attack you and you need to defeat them. She reveals her name is Kaeris and that evil is almost about to swallow her hometown and she needs to find a crystal of power, like the one in Final Fantasy 4, to save the town.

Now you have two party members. You are ready to enter the cave, you will find the crystal and save the world. If you are a true explorer you might find something else before entering the cave. Since it is a cave with a crystal, there are hidden paths. When you enter the final room in the cave a Final Fantasy 6 boss spawns, called Kefkas Ghost, he wants you for a snack. After teaching him some manners you will be free to interact with the crystal. Your graphics will be upgraded to 3D!

The overworld has once again changed, the battles remain the same but they are in better graphics. You need to go to the Noira mines and get the sword of Claud (Final Fantasy 7, Clouds sword). Upon reaching the mines, the gate to Claud’s sword is closed. The gate has a picture of bowser on it and a warning. You will need to complete this dungeon in the legend of Zelda style, the pots are unbreakable until you find the skill to break the pots. Since this is also Final Fantasy there will be secret walls and holes for you to find loot in, you do like loot don’t you?

When you finish the dungeon you will see the path leading to Claud’s sword but then you are interrupted by a shadow version of Clink legend of Zelda style. Defeating shadow Clink like a true hero without getting hit will earn you an achievement. If you don’t succeed as a true hero you can always summon dark Clink again to try again.

When you exit the Noira mines with Claud’s sword and the power of the crystal you can defeat the true evil! It is not that simple of course, you will need to visit the desert city first to collect information and to buy new gear. Here you will get to hear you will need bombs and the sacred amulet. But it is broken in two pieces and split apart very far from each other. Very far means both pieces are on the different side of the village hidden in a dungeon. Without the amulet, you cannot enter the black citadel and defeat the true evil. You need to talk to different people to obtain the bombs and Kaeris will gain an attack magic spell.

If you want to rest before continuing the journey you can find a card player near the fountain, next to the expensive merchant. You can play a simple card game with him, which is super fun. You will forget that you are on a journey to defeat evil. When you realize you need better cards to beat him, you can continue the journey and come back later to try and defeat the card player. Also in more difficulty modes.

As a true hero, you decide to backtrack to different places to get more loot, by using the bombs. Other heroes decide to backtrack when they have found all the essential equipment for backtracking.

They tell you to visit the sacred grove first but as you are a true adventurer you can choose yourself where to go to first. For the story’s sake, we will visit the sacred grove first, where you will encounter a weird crystal. When you hit the crystal you will teleport through time. You will travel to the past in Chrono Trigger style. Since you went back into the past, the graphics are no longer 3D.

You will need to switch between past and present to continue through the grove, but beware if you change something in the past it will also be changed in the future. You will need to use this ability to your advantage to solve the puzzles. You will come across a bow after a puzzle with dropping tiles and lava. You will need this to reach the end of the grove and get the first part of the amulet.

We can now return to the village, most likely you will be attacked by Giant sand turtles and maybe other enemies on the overworld map. Defeat the enemies and continue to the village, where you can take a rest, playing cards, and spending your money at the expensive merchant.

Once you are finished resting you can continue the journey, towards the second part of the amulet and use the other exit in the village. Don’t forget to talk to the nurse before exiting the village for healing and saving.

In the distance, you can see the black citadel but that is not yet your destination. You need to find a cave which is called the ruins of Sarudnahk. Once you enter the cave, you will notice this dungeon is played in the Grim Dawn style.

You will find equipment that will save you from dying when you get killed by the unicorns. After traversing this Action Role Playing Game dungeon you will find the undead king. He wants to become dead for real. As a true hero, you can’t deny his request and you must help him die. You will obtain the second part of the amulet when you fulfilled his request.

With the amulet now completed the citadel is open. You will face the true evil and defeat it for good. You will save the world. Upon entering the black citadel, Zephyros is waiting for you. Zephyros explains he is the last of his kind and he will destroy the world. You and Kaeris fight him in Final Fantasy style. When you are on the winning side Zephyros uses his special move Ka-Me-Ha-Me-Haaaaaa. Kaeris gets killed by Zephyros. You are the only one left standing, you are damaged and weakened. Out of sadness of Kaeris her death, you feel something awaken inside you. Babamut is released. Zephyros is on the brink of death but he flees the scene before you can finish the job. He mentions Mana Tree that gives life to all.

You return to the village to bring the sad news of Kaeris death to the villagers. You decide to face Zephyros again. Sid will lend you his airship. By air is the only way to reach Mana Tree. Some of the villagers have faith in you. Other villagers think that everyone is doomed.

You face Zephyros once more but not in the Final Fantasy style this time. Zephyros knows you will otherwise use Babamut to destroy him! Instead, you will face him the legend of Zelda Ganondorf style. After a long and tough battle, you defeat Zephyros and have saved the world from evil!

Thank you for playing this game!

The Gameplay

The gameplay works differently in Evoland compared to most other games. It will change on the go. The battles in the dungeons and exploration areas work the same as in the legend of Zelda games. You use your sword, bombs, bow, and arrow to defeat enemies that are scattered around the exploration area. There are also many paths that look like they go nowhere but it actually does go somewhere. Some walls are not real but you can walk right through them. The same goes for some trees. In this post is a video later on where I will show a secret wall.

The overworld acts more for traveling than for gaming. The exploration areas are important. You fight battles against different enemies. You can also encounter enemies in exploration areas. The battle style in the overworld map is the Final Fantasy style so you can either use attack, magic, items, or flee. Once you get Kaeris as an extra party member, simply use Clink to attack and use Kaeris for healing. The leveling up is only important for the final boss battle but you are scripted to lose that battle. After that battle, you will be alone with Clink but you can cast heal.

You can find chests in the exploration areas, they can contain graphics, new abilities, cards, enemies, stars, and much more. There are puzzles to be solved ranging from easy to hard, depending on what is inside a chest. It’s like a lock you need to solve before you can open the chest.

If you have played Legend of Zelda, this all comes naturally and you don’t need to think too much about the puzzles. If you have not played a legend of Zelda game it still will come quite easy to you. You will get better at the puzzles in no time. The further you get in the game, the more you can unlock in the exploration areas. There are also secret exploration areas hidden. These super-secret exploration areas contain stars. Also the best cards for the card playing game like the Zephyros and Babamut card. The stars are collectibles for a steam achievement.

I have told you about the card game in the story section. As you see in the video above, I have played the card game with the cards Babamut and Zephyros. The card game is very simple. Is the power on one side higher than the other card, you’ll get that card. The best way to master this mini-game is to try it a few times. The farther you get into evoland 1, the better the cards are that you will find.

In the villages you can look for secrets as well. You can also talk to Non-Playable-Characters for more information and sometimes hints related to a star or card. Resting at the inn will restore your health. Interacting with cabinets and chests will give you fun easter eggs and good quotes. There is also a shop where you can buy upgraded armor or swords. You will need the upgrades in the overworld battles.

This is a review and not a FAQ but I will tell you one thing. Hunt the choboko when you get the airship for the traveling merchant quest. In doing so you will gain an extra heart for the battle against Zephyros.

In the dungeons there are puzzles. These puzzles come in many forms. You will encounter mazes, light puzzles, whirlwinds, and many more. Nothing too hard but if you need help you can always check online for solutions.


  • Many influences from games I love!
  • Many easter eggs.
  • Simple game but wonderful.
  • Wonderfull game design.
  • Love collecting cards and stars.
  • I really like the graphic upgrade system.
  • The story is short but very powerful.
  • The expensive merchant is actually cheap, later on in the game. Tip: You can buy a DVD player to decrease the loading screens.
  • I love the humor!
  • The sounds are a perfect match.
  • Secret optional dungeons when you get the airships! Yay!
  • Sephiroth! I mean Zephyros!


  • Secret walls are sometimes hidden too well.
  • I wish the game was longer.
  • The expensive merchant is expensive in the beginning and middle of the game.
  • Stars can be hard to find.

Evoland 1 is a wonderful and amazing game. It may have been only 7 hours of playtime but this game was such a great journey. I recommend evoland 1 to everyone, even if you do not know the games Evoland uses for gameplay. I have played Evoland 1 with steam on a gaming laptop.

I give this game a….. .drumroll…….

8.8 !

My last words: play this game! Have you played this game? I’d like to hear about your experience! Please share your thoughts on the forum!

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