My Friend Pedro

My Friend Pedro

My Friend Pedro is based on the flash browser game by the same name from the year 2014. My Friend Pedro has a different developer as the flash game. The developer Devolver Digital has added many new features to the game.
This game is a shoot them up genre. You will need to play through the story campaign and earn as many points as possible. The highest rank you can get is the S rank. You can gain points by killing enemies in the most ridiculous way. For example: Rolling over enemies with a barrel like Donkey Kong. There are many insane stunts that you can pull off. Pulling off backflips while you are wall kicking and then shoot someone in the head will gain you a massive amount of points. Pedro is a floating and talking banana, he will help you in your adventure. You will have the ability to slow time. This ability will give you enough time to shoot multiple persons in the face before they can shoot back. My Friend Pedro is a small game but the replay value is high. You can find secrets to modify the game after completing the campaign for the first time. You can also replay the levels one by one to achieve the ultimate goal, get an S rank on all the levels.

The story contains spoilers. I will mention this again for this game SPOILERS!!!!! If you don’t want your game to be spoiled please don’t read the story.

Last chance!

The game begins with you waking up in a basement without your memories and you have a mask on. You have no clue what you look like. Before you can decide what to do you see a banana floating towards you. He calls himself Pedro and offers to help you. Pedro tells you that the best thing for you to do is to find the guy who put you in the basement. When you are out of the basement and killed some people you find out that Mitch the Butcher put you in the basement. On your way to finding Mitch the Butcher, you kill many people. Pedro tells you that killing is good, the more people you kill the better. If you kill the enemies with style Pedro will be pleased. You find Mitch the Butcher and you kill him. Pedro suggests you go to the community project to find someone named Denny. You listen to Pedro and blend in at the community with the bounty hunters. Denny announces that you have a bounty on your head. All the bounty hunters now want your head. There is only one thing to do. Kill them all! Making your way through the buildings you head to Denny’s office. After killing many off the bounty hunters you find Denny but he keeps fleeing in his aircraft. After damaging the aircraft Denny falls out of the aircraft. He falls down from a large building. Pedro suggests jumping after him. Denny is about to reveal who you really are. Then he splashes against a building and dies. You fall into the water. You end up in Pedro’s world while you are in the water. After defeating the haters in Pedro’s world you climb out of the water. Pedro tells you that you need to kill Ophelia, She is the one who wants you dead. You enter the sewers trying to find Ophelia. In the sewers, you encounter violent gamers that have played too much Dark Souls. They blame the lag spikes that you are able to kill them. After defeating the violent gamers and reaching a train that leads to the internet you fight a mechanic creature. After defeating the mechanic creature you are able to take the train to the internet. You fight specially trained forces to reach the core of the internet where Ophelia is waiting for you. You encounter many lasers and mines are in your way but you manage to reach Ophelia. Pedro is very pleased! You find out that Ophelia is your sister and Denny was your brother. Mitch was your father. You listen to Pedro and attack Ophelia.
After killing your sister Ophelia, Pedro tells you that you have knocked yourself out so that you won’t remember your past. This way you could kill your whole family without feeling guilty. You are in shock! Pedro decides to kill you too. He jams his banana body in your ear and then Pedro is able to control your mind. Pedro is trying to make you shoot yourself. You enter your own mind and fight Pedro. After you defeat Pedro, he explodes and dies. You take off your mask and look into the camera. You are Pedro!

You have three bars of health points. When these hit zero you will restart at the last checkpoint. After each completed level the game will autosave. Pedro will rank you according to how well you performed in the level. If Pedro thinks you did great you get an S rank. If Pedro thinks you did horrible you get a C rank or anything in between. I have way too many C ranks. Pedro does not like my style. The ultimate goal is to please Pedro and get an S rank in all the levels. Once you have completed the campaign you can repeat all the levels. To get a higher rank you will need to kill people in quick succession while you are also performing tricks. You also need to kill everyone in the level and complete the level as quickly as possible. Bullets can ricochet from walls and still kill people. You can also shoot through grates to kill people. You will encounter puzzles that you will need to solve to continue the level. The puzzles usually involve wall kicking and shooting at things.  You are also able to hang on ropes and swing them to reach other places. To get S ranks you will need to practice a lot and learn the level inside out.

In My Friend Pedro, you will need to shoot all the enemies as quickly as possible. They are able to inflict a lot of damage to you. If there are multiple enemies you can split your aim to shoot multiple targets at once. All the weapons you find throughout the game can use a split aim. Using the split aim takes practice but will be very useful in the later levels. If you need more time to aim at the targets you can use focus. Using focus will slow down time. This means you can shoot the enemies while they are just standing there. You will need to dodge their bullets, you can dodge these using a spin move Pedro the banana learns you in the beginning in the tutorial.  You can ride barrels and skateboards while slowing time.
You can use modifiers after completing the campaign to change things in the game. For example the focus speed. The modifiers cannot be used right after completing the campaign. You will need to search all the levels for the hidden modifiers.
You can get hints by checking the modifier list on the main game menu screen. You can also change the difficulty here to hard and bananas! The difficulty bananas is insane.

These are the weapons you will find in My Friend Pedro. I could not find the specific name for the AK47 if I am wrong please let me know in the comments.

You can wield the pistol and keep shooting indefinitely with the pistol.
This is the perfect weapon when you are low on ammo.
Double pistols
You can wield two pistols with this upgrade, they still have infinite ammo.
This semi machine gun fires bullets very fast. This will kill enemies very quickly.
The Uzi is very fast and efficient.
Double Uzi
After you find this upgrade you are able to dual wield the Uzis.
Dual-wielding the Uzis will kill most enemies before they can fire a shot at you.
This weapon shoots multiple bullets and deals heavy damage on point-blank range.
You will find the shotgun in the middle of the game. It will trump any weapon you have at that point in the game.
The AK47 is a heavy machine gun that shoots a burst of bullets at your enemies. This weapon is really strong and has a lot of ammo.
You will find this weapon near the end of the game. This makes it useful for fighting the last bosses.
The sniper is able to shoot from far away and deals heavy damage when you shoot in someone’s head
The sniper is the last weapon that you will find in the game.

– Back flipping after doing a wall kick and shooting someone is a lot of fun.
– The points system gives you incentive to kill enemies in the most extravagant way.
– There are fewer weapons than I expected but they work well in this game.
– My Friend Pedro has a high replay value.
– The ending had a good plot twist. Don’t read the story if you don’t want spoilers.
– Bananas.

– The game is short.

I recommend this banana to everyone. My Friend Pedro is a ride you won’t forget.

I will give the game a …drumroll…


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  1. Pedro is best friend 🙂

    • You don't eat bananas?


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