Poll results from week 24

Poll results from week 24

This week’s poll results are:
1st place: Megaman Legacy Collection X1, with 40% of all the votes.
2nd place: Borderlands 1, with 38% of all the votes.
3rd place: Age of Wonders 3, with 12% of the votes.
4th place: The Mims Beginning, with 10% of the votes.
I will write a review on Megaman Legacy Collection X1 with an additional giveaway on the website. Both will be posted on June 21. The new poll options are: Borderlands 1, Supraland, Hyper Devotion Noire: Goddess of the Black Hearth and Dungeon Siege 3. You can vote for one of these games when you join one or more of the new giveaways, you can join until June 21, 8 P.M. CET Have a good week!

The news page has been updated to reflect upcoming giveaways and reviews!

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