Sonic Generations

Sonic Generations

Introduction to Sonic Generations
Sonic Generations features time travel and the story of Sonic generations is a bit complicated to understand. The game story features the 20th birthday of Sonic. Happy birthday Sonic!
The gameplay is very fun but the problem here is that the levels are all from previously released Sonic games. This means that if you have played Sonic games before you might recognize a lot of the levels.
at the start of each level, I knew where it originated from. Seeing the levels from Sonic Adventure Battle 2 was great, but it made me think I should quit this game. Instead, I should play Sonic Adventure Battle 2. To be honest, Sonic Adventure Battle 2 was my best Sonic experience. You can definitely expect a review of Sonic Adventure Battle 2 in the future! So is Sonic Generations worth playing? Definitely, I did enjoy the game very much but I was also glad when I reached the end. You have to complete every level twice, one time with the classic Sonic and one time with modern the Sonic. Both levels have differences which we will go over in the gameplay section.

The story of Sonic Generations
The story begins with classic Sonic traveling through the Green hills while getting hit by the time-eater. Meanwhile modern Sonic is having a birthday party with all his friends. The time-eater attacks modern Sonic and captures all his friends one by one. Modern Sonic gets thrown through time into a new zone called the white space. The white space is devoid of life when modern Sonic arrives but there are statues of his friends scattered in the white space. He meets up with classic Sonic and they decide to team up and stop the time-eater. After traveling through the green hills together they manage to rescue classic Tails and Modern Tails. The Tails explain together that the time-eater is traveling through time to undo all of Sonics actions. Why the time-eater is doing this is still unknown at this time. With the rescue of both classic Tails and modern Tails, a piece of the white space is restored. The more the Sonics run the more of the white space will be restored back to normal. You need to continue to the next zone to rescue more of your friends. The next zone that you need to enter is called the chemical plant. After both Sonics have completed the chemical plant Amy will be restored to her original form alongside some of the white space. The next zone you enter is called the sky sanctuary. After both Sonics have run through the zone a piece of the white space will be restored alongside Knuckles

The door to the next part of the white zone is locked. Certain challenges have spawned in the white space, left by the time-eater. The more challenges that you complete, the more of the white space will be restored to normal. After collecting three keys from the challenges you can unlock the door to the next sections of the white space. Both Sonics open the door into the next white space section and the sonics are confronted by Doctor Eggman. Classic Sonic fights the death egg robot and is able to beat him. After the battle, the time-eater takes Doctor Eggman away. You can now travel to the next zone called speed highway.
After both Sonics made their way through the speed highway the white space will gain more life. Your friend Cream will also be restored to her original form. The next zone you travel to is called the city escape. I think many people will recognize this level from Sonic Adventure Battle 2! After completing this zone another piece of the white space is restored. Your friend Rouge is also restored. The time-eater is slowly being driven back by your undoing of the time changes that the time-eater undid. The next zone that both Sonics have to visit is the seaside hill.  After completing this zone your friend Espio will be returned to his original form. Both Sonics now need to collect three more keys to open the door to the next section in the white space. When you try to pass into the next section of the white space you are stopped by Perfect Chaos that modern Sonic needs to fight even though he can’t turn into super Sonic this time. In Sonic Adventure DX you fight Perfect Chaos in super Sonic form. Your power is over 9000! You are able to defeat Perfect chaos and come out victoriously.

The next section of the white space opens up. Both Sonics get ready for the next zones. The first zone in the next section of the white space is called crisis city. I hope you like the fire tornadoes. After completing this zone Blaze will be restored to her original form alongside some of the white space. The next zone is called the rooftop run. After completing the zone Vector will be restored to his original form alongside the white space. The last zone is called the wisp. After completing the zone your friend Charmy is restored to his original form alongside the white space. Once again both Sonics need to collect three keys to continue. Modern Sonic encounters the egg dragoon and fights him. After modern Sonic wins, the battle Doctor Eggman gets taken away by the time-eater (deja vu?) It is time to face the time-eater. You need the seven chaos emeralds to open the door to the time-eater. You find out both of the doctor Eggman are behind the controlling of the time-eater. Both Doctor Eggman want to undo all of Sonics’ victories. When the fight begins both Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic are beaten by the time-eater. When all hope seems lost all friends of both of the Sonics show up and cheer Sonic and Sonic up. With the power of friendship, both Sonics rise up and use the chaos emeralds to turn into SuperSonics! They fight once again with the time-eater. The fight takes place outside time itself and in another dimension. After a long and intense fight, the time-eater is finally defeated by the super Sonics. Everyone except for the Doctor Eggman’s end up on the 20th birthday party of modern Sonic. After a little celebration, it is time for classic Sonic and classic Tails to say goodbye.
Both doctor Eggman are lost in a new white space dimension with no space and time.

The gameplay
Sonic Generations takes place in the white space and it is divided into three main sections. There are nine zones to complete. After completing one section of the white space you will unlock challenges. The challenges are different for Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic. Completing the challenges will unlock a bell on the challenge door, when the bell is rung a music note will float away. We all float down here! When you capture the floating music note you will unlock an artwork. Another way to collect artworks is by finding red rings that are hidden in the zones.
The red rings can be right on the path or a very well hidden path. All zones need to be completed at least twice for you to progress in Sonic Generations. The zones need to be completed one time with modern Sonic and one time with classic Sonic. The gameplay for both Sonics is different. The gameplay for classic Sonic is set in 2D but the graphics are very good. You can jump on enemies to destroy them but you cannot use a homing attack. There are multiple routes you can take to reach the red rings and get to the end of each level. To gather all the red rings you will need to play through the zone more than one time. Even though the levels are from other Sonic games most of them have been changed to fit the 2D style and add different elements. The modern Sonic is in 3D and can quickly dash left and right on a large road. You are also able to use a boost to rush through the level at top speed. You can use homing attack on enemies which is often used to reach secret paths for the red rings. On certain levels, you can use different powers for example the ring dash.
If you want to gather all red rings you will need to play the same zone many times. The challenges can be very repetitive too because they take place in the same zones that you need to collect the red rings in.

You will gain ranks based on your performances in the zone. The max rank in Sonic Generation game is S. You need to avoid all enemy attacks to get an S rank. With the rank, you will gain points to use. You can use the points to buy skills in the skill shop.
The skill system in Sonic Generations is not complicated. Both Sonics have different skill sets. You need to equip both Sonics with different skills. If you equip one Sonic with skills the other one won’t have any skills. Skills can be bought on the left side of the white space.
There are many skills in the game some can be gained by completing challenges. There is also one special skill you will gain after defeating the time-eater. This skill is called super Sonic. You will be able to transform into Super Sonic in the normal zones.
You will need to collect 50 rings to transform into Super Sonic. Once you have transformed into super Sonic you will start to lose rings. Once you are out of rings Sonic will revert back to his normal form. Both Sonics have a cap of 100 skill points.
Depending on how strong the skill that you want to use is the cost of the skill will increase or decrease. The super Saiyan transformation skill will cost 100 skill points this means you cannot equip other skills ;-). Skills can drastically change how the game works. It is possible to complete the game without skills.

In boss fights, you cannot choose which Sonic you want to use. You get assigned the Sonic you need for that boss fight.  The only boss fight in the game where you can use both Sonics to fight the boss is the time-eater. The boss fight with the time-eater works like in Sonic Adventure Battle 2. Rings will drain while you are in super Sonic form.  You can switch from classic super Sonic to modern super Sonic. Unlike in Sonic Adventure Battle 2 switching does not mean your rings will be reset.

– Fun gameplay.
– Being able to switch between modern and classic Sonic is a good twist in the gameplay.
– Levels from the past of Sonic gave me a nostalgic feeling.
– There are many collectibles in the Sonic Generations.
– The challenges are fun to do.
– The skill system can change your gameplay.
– There is barely any new content for this new Sonic game. Most content is recycled.
– The challenges can get repetitive.
– Completing the game 100% means you have to complete the same level many times and test your patience.
– Missing Sonic characters. Where are Sonics other friends like Big and Gamma?

I recommend this game to everyone who loves Sonic games and has played Sonic games in the past. Getting to 100% can be very hard to do and it is time-consuming.
I give this game…drumroll…


Thank you for reading this review I hope you enjoyed it! Feel free to comment, rate, or review the game yourself!

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  1. I really disliked the swapping from 2d to 3d too! And it was so repetetive!


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