Month: July 2020

Borderlands the pre sequel review

IntroductionGet ready to float away on the moon Elpis. Borderlands the pre sequel is the story that is set between Borderlands 1 and Borderlands 2. It follows the story of Jack and how he became the Handsome Jack we see in borderlands 2.This game is a First-person shooter on the moon. You will be able to choose from six vault hunters if you own all the DLC of Borderlands the pre sequel. You will m...[Read More]

Requested reviews list update July 2020

Hello gamers, Thank you for all your submissions in the requested reviews section. It’s almost the end of July which means that the updated version of the list can be posted.  The list has grown with wonderful games. Did you know that in the short time that reviews by supersven exists, May 2020, already seven requested reviews have been posted? Please keep on giving more suggestions, but be a...[Read More]

The Sims 3 Review

Introduction Are you bored with your own life or do you want to be that famous person you always wanted to be in your life? Is this impossible for you to achieve in real life? Luckily you can simulate the perfect life you always wanted with the Sims!Get ready to lose time and escape your own life in the Sims 3. Can you believe this game has already been out for eleven years! The graphics still hol...[Read More]

Newsletter week 30

Hello friends, Here is this week’s update on reviews by supersven. Due to technical issues, it was not possible to play and review Grid Ultimate. When trying to boot up there was an error message. With no clue how to solve this after a day we’ve decided that the second place poll winner, Supraland would be reviewed. Sorry for the inconvenience! Of course, there is still a giveaway of G...[Read More]

RPG maker MV review

Introduction This is technically not a game but a software program but you can create a game with this program! I have put many hours into RPG maker MV to develop my own game. The name is still secret and the gameplay as well!What exactly is RPG maker MV? You can create a game from scratch and make your creations come to life. Create your own hero and enemies. If you don’t have the skills to make ...[Read More]

Supraland review

Introduction Supraland is a different game than many people might expect. It is time for you to play one of the few First-person Metroidvania style games. The game works like Metroid Prime but with Play toys instead of Samus and space pirates.You will have to shoot enemies to fight your way through new areas but then most areas will be blocked. You will need to gather new abilities, this way you c...[Read More]

Dark souls remastered review

Introduction Welcome to the hell that is Dark Souls 1 remastered. If you are going to play this game, which I really recommend. You will need to have the skill to control your emotions to not throw the controller at your screen.This game is designed to kill you as many times as possible. The screen, you have died, will be engraved in your mind. You will need to learn from your mistakes and learn w...[Read More]


Introduction Darkscrolls is a new game developed by Tuxego. I believe that this is his first attempt at creating a game. It is a first-person shooter and I offered him to play his game and review it.When I played the game I noticed it is a good concept that could reach a high level of quality but there are a few major problems with the game. The biggest problem is that Darkscrolls feels like a dem...[Read More]

Newsletter week 29 + Poll results

Hello everyone, This is an informational e-mail to update you on the activities that are happening on reviews by supersven.You do not have to worry, your e-mail address is safe and sound. It won’t be used for third party elements.Your e-mail address will be solely used to update you on progress on the site!  The winners of this weeks give are **drumroll**;The winner of the Football manager 2...[Read More]

Angry video game nerd adventures review

WARNING: This game is rated mature and has explicit language in the game that can be sensitive to some people, please don’t read it this review if you dislike extremely rude language! Introduction When I started playing this game I had no idea that angry video game nerd was a thing that existed. In normal difficulty, you have three health points in the form of beers. You have thirty lives before y...[Read More]

Elex requested review

Due to technical errors, it was impossible to post Elex on Wednesday 15 Juli 2020. The review has now been posted on Juli 16 Thursday 2020. The next review will be posted as normal on Sunday Juli 19. With no further ado here is the Elex review. Introduction Elex is an action role-playing game that tries to emulate the freedom you have in the open world of Skyrim. The fact isI felt very forced to d...[Read More]

Poll results+ Newsletter Week 28 and 27

Hello, Due to an error Newsletter 27 has never been posted but got stuck in limbo! At the end of newsletter 28 I will post Newsletter 27 for those that still want to read it. Poll results+ Newsletter week 28Hello everyone, This is an informational e-mail to update you of the activities that are happening on reviews by supersven.You do not have to worry, your e-mail address is safe and sound. It wo...[Read More]

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