Newsletter week 26+ Poll results

Newsletter week 26+ Poll results

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the week 26 newsletter! I hope you are enjoying the reviews and the giveaways. This is an informational message to update you on the activities that are happening on the website.
The winners of this week’s giveaway are:
The winner of Monster Monpiece is Mel Congratulations! Happy gaming!
The winner of Tales of Berseria is Shawermabox Congratulations! Have fun!
The winner this week’s main giveaway, Borderlands 1 is Hephaestus Congratulations!
All winners have received an email with instructions on how to claim their key. This week’s updates!-
New reviews have been posted; Sonic Generations and Borderlands 1 that was requested by Dimytro and Facundo.- There is a post where all of your suggested reviews are combined into a big list. Thank you for all the suggestions! Please keep on submitting. The games selected for a requested review are at random. It is the goal to review all the requested games

Our Facebook group has grown to 2.300+ followers! Yeah! Follow our Facebook page to be the first to learn about new developments. Because we’ve hit over 2.000 followers there is a special giveaway of Borderlands 2! At 2.500 followers there will be an extra giveaway of Borderlands the Pre-sequel and at 3.000 followers a giveaway of Borderlands 3! This is the link to the Facebook page;

This week’s poll winner is Duke Nukem Forever, a review with the giveaway will be posted on Juli 5.
The second place goes to both Supraland and Overlord 2.
The third-place goes to Sonic & Sega all-stars racing.-
The new poll: Overlord 2, Supraland, Graveyard Keeper, Angry Video Game nerd Adventures, and The Messenger.-
New giveaways! The new giveaways are: Borderlands 2, Megaman Legacy Collection X1, and two copies of Realpolitiks! You can enter one or more giveaways until Juli 5, 8 P.M. CET.- Due to a technical error, the Megaman Legacy Collection X1 and Borderlands were swapped.
The planned reviews for this week are; Slime Rancher and Duke Nukem with a giveaway! Did you know that you can support us by purchasing your games through the buy now button in the featured reviews? You can also help by clicking on the humble bundle adds on the homepage before you purchase something through their website. For example this game bundle: hope to see you on the website again! you have feedback, suggestions, or questions you can contact me through Facebook, YouTube, via email or the website. Kind regards, team supersven1234 If you want your game reviewed on reviews by supersven please let us know. If you want anything game related promoted on reviews by supersven please let us know.

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