Slime Rancher review

Slime Rancher review

A wild requested review has appeared named: Slime rancher. Are you ready to head to the Far Far Range and wrangle with slimes and collect plorts to make your living? You will find lovely pink slimes that will come easy with you to the range along with lovely kitten-like slimes that will boop your nose. If you think that is the perfect place for you, then slime wrangling is not for you! You will need to face radiated slimes that poison you and slimes that explode on contact! The dangerous slimes will give you the most bucks. There are many hidden nooks and crannies that lead to secret slimes or beautiful new areas. Slime rancher works like a pet simulator in an open-world first-person shooter experience. You will explore the Far Far Range to gain more bucks but beware of places that house more than three different slimes. This means that the tar slimes will soon come to eat you! The only way to get rid of tar slimes is by using water, either throw them into the sea or spray them with water. You can vacuum up slimes and build a pen for them at the range and keep them in your pen. When you feed them they give you a plort that you can sell at the market place machine. Slimes can evolve into a bigger version called largo’s.  The worst thing you can do as a slime rancher is to put three different slimes in your pen as the same thing will happen when you find three slimes in the wild. The tar slimes will be created, they will escape the pen and eat everything on your ranch!

Slime rancher starts the story by telling that your name is Bea and you have come from earth to the Far Far Range to become a slime rancher and earn bucks. The trip to Far Far Range took one year in a sleeping pod for Bea. She has left many people behind on earth for her big adventure. She has one special person named Casey but we don’t get to know the extent of this relationship. In the Far FarRrange Bea will try to make her living. She finds messages from the previous owner who knows all the secrets of the Far Far Range and wants you to find the secrets. Bea will also be in contact with different people owning their own range. Trading among the ranches is common and Bea will join this community.

In slime rancher, you will need to earn newbucks and explore the Far Far Range. There are many areas to explore in the Far Far Range. All the areas contain different slimes you can capture to keep in your range.
To keep a slime in your range you will need to build a corral for them and put the slime you want in the corral. Beware, the slimes can escape!  You can upgrade the corral with higher walls and even a roof to prevent the slimes from escaping.
You are able to keep multiple slimes in one corral but beware three different slimes in a corral is a bad idea! When two different slimes live in one corral they will eat each other plorts after you have fed them. They will become largos and change their appearance into a big slime. When you feed the largo the slime will give two plorts. You can choose to collect the plorts or upgrade the corral to automatically collect the plorts. There are other upgrades you can choose for the corral like soothing music so the slimes won’t get grumpy. You have multiple plots to build corrals or build different things on. For example: you can buy a chicken farm so you have chickens to feed to your slimes. Not all slimes are vegetarian! A silo can be very useful on your range, you can store your items in here for later. Once you have collected enough plorts you can sell them at the plort market machine. Don’t think you can keep one slime species and sell many plorts! If you keep selling the same slime plort the price will go down.
You will need to keep different slimes on your range to keep making newbucks. You can buy expansions for your range to gain more building plots. This way you can make more corrals and silos. Once you have more plots to build on you can build vegetable gardens to keep the vegetarian slimes happy. Slime rancher uses a day and night cycle, some slimes are nocturnal and prowl around in the night.

You will need to use your vacuum gun for everything in Slime rancher. Vacuuming up slimes and plorts are the most important of course. You can buy upgrades as the days go by to upgrade your abilities, health points, and energy. You start with 100 health points and you will be able to upgrade this to 250. You can also upgrade your energy to 250. You will also be able to buy a jetpack to float around the island. You can use the jetpack to sequence break and get to areas before you should be able to. The normal way is to gather slime keys and open the slime doors on the Far Far Range but beware not all the slime doors lead to new paths! You will need to watch carefully on your map before you open the slime door. The slime keys are very elusive and hard to obtain. You will need to find a large slime called a gordo and feed the gordo his favorite food. There are many gordos on the island, some are easy to find and other gordos are very hard to find. Unlocking the right doors will lead you to an ancient ruin on the Far Far Range. Unlocking the secret of this ancient ruin will lead you to a very special place that leads to slimes with plorts that have a large value.

You can trade with people from other ranches to gain more resources. There are different people you can trade with and they all want different resources. One of them is named B.O.B, you always need to trade chickens with B.O.B. Something is off with B.O.B, can you find out what is wrong with B.O.B? Trading is a good way to gain more resources and newbucks. When you have progressed far enough into the game you will unlock a lab where you can design gadgets to help you in the Far Far Range. You can create homemade drones that are going to help around the range. By the time you have unlocked the lab your range can be very large this means you will need to run around a lot on the range. You can also start to create homemade teleporters to return home faster after exploring the Far Far Range. To create these gadgets you will need to use special resources and plorts. To gather these special resources you will need to create Drill, Apiaries, and pumps. You will unlock more gadgets as you keep progressing. If you have unlocked gadgets, you can buy the treasure cracker to open the treasure pods scattered around the islands. If you have enough money you can upgrade your house and join the 7ZE club. Upgrading your house will also unlock more gadgets. Eventually, you can even color your vacuum gun and your house.
I have not tried out the rush mode yet.

– Exploring the Far Far Range is very fun.
– Finding new slimes and capturing them is fun to do.
– The upgrading system is done very well.
– I really liked the graphics.
– It is a relaxing game.
– Slimes!
– The plort market can be very hard to manage.
– You can get knocked out and lose your inventory.
– If you have too many slimes it takes all of the in-game day to feed them.

Thank you for requesting this awesome game Serj! I really enjoyed this game and recommend it to everyone!

I give this game a…Drumroll…


I really liked this game and I hope you liked reading this review. You can leave your thought in the comments. Feel free to leave your own review or rating.


  1. Thanks for the review. Picked this one up as an Epic freebie but haven’t gotten around to playing it yet because it seemed to be a very casual game. If you’re giving it an 8.5, I will have to check it out! 🙂

    • You should check the youtube video as well! It will give you an awesome feel of the game.


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