Angry video game nerd adventures review

Angry video game nerd adventures review

WARNING: This game is rated mature and has explicit language in the game that can be sensitive to some people, please don’t read it this review if you dislike extremely rude language!


When I started playing this game I had no idea that angry video game nerd was a thing that existed. In normal difficulty, you have three health points in the form of beers. You have thirty lives before you get a game over screen. You might think now, that is never going to happen with this many lives. Well, you are wrong you will die over and over again and maybe some more times. I have died 824 times before completing the game. The Angry video game nerd adventures is made to be an unfair game and will kill you as many times as possible. The game is filled with many instant death effects that will destroy you in seconds. Unfair mechanics will assault you from every corner. The enemies will be able to decimate you in seconds.

You will need to defeat eight bosses before you gain access to the last level. When you reach the end of the level you will face the boss of that level. Get ready to be killed by unicorns and other weird creatures. Get ready to platform like it is Dark Souls! You will need to platform like a master to get through this game. You will have to contain the urge to break your keyboard or smash everything into bits. Don’t even think about throwing your monitor through the window. If you feel so desperate you want to kill the programmer/developer of the game I have good news for you. The endgame boss is indeed the programmer of the game, Fred Fucks. If you think beating Fred fucks is easy, you are wrong. You will need to maneuver through a hell storm of a level with instant deaths and no lives (on the normal difficulty) to even reach Fred fucks. I hope you played Megaman a lot since that experience is what might save you in this game. the game is a complete rip off from Megaman coated in difficulty that exceeds Dark Souls. There are only 5.6% of the people that have managed to complete angry video game nerd on the normal difficulty.

What did I think of Angry video game nerd adventures before I started playing?
Based on the footage I saw before playing and the trailer it looked really fun. It was immediately apparent this game ripped off Megaman and a whole lot of other video games.
Megaman was a really fun experience, a Megaman with a video game nerd that is sucked into a game? It immediately popped up as a fun relaxing experience. The graphics looked really funny and polished.
The soundtracks I heard in the trailer sounded amazing. I decided to put this game in for a poll option, and it won! So I gladly started this game unaware of what hell I was going to put myself through.

The story
The angry video game nerd was playing shitty games with his friends when suddenly the video game started sucking everyone inside. The video game nerd escapes to the basement but the video game outsmarts the angry video game nerd.
An arm comes out of the television and grabs the angry video game nerd by the balls and pulls him into the shitty game. The angry video game nerd finds himself alone in the shitty game. He must travel across the levels of this shitty game to find his friends and find the way out of this shitty game.

The game will start with a tutorial level with Navi from Legend of Zelda but since that name is copyrighted we call him Naggi in this game. If you wish to do so you can kill Naggi for saying, hey listen to much.  If you want to get this achievement you will have to wait until the end of the level before you shoot Naggi. This game is a hardcore platformer, a single mistake and you will be dead. Instant death beams? Check. Instant death cubes that are invisible? Check. And much more insane dangerous stuff like fire sharks and smiley faces that kill you.

There are a few power-ups that can help you but most of them are actually just developed for pranking you. Finding a beer means you get one extra health point but these are very rare to find. On normal you have thirty lives before you have to start the whole level all over again. You can find extra playable characters but only two out of three are actually useful.  Mike will be able to jump higher and attack with a laser sword using melee combat. The guitar guy shoots music waves through the walls. Bullshit man is well, just bullshit. He jumps the lowest and his attacks are the slowest but he does deal a large amount of damage.
You will find yourself frustrated at many times and wondering why you are indeed playing this shitty game. Even though I died 824 times I was glad as hell when I finished the game and reached the ending! It felt really good to kill the developer Fred Fucks! Yes, I know I get killed in this video over and over. Eventually, I defeated him.

Sound and graphics
The graphics are pixilated but looks very well polished. I have never expected to see a unicorn that is pooping rainbows though. You will encounter many weird things in this game that will make you laugh.
The sound is very welcoming and fits this game very well.

What did I think of Angry video game nerd?
The idea was to play a relaxing Megaman like game, instead, I died over 800 times and was sweating to complete a level when I only had one life left. You will need persistence to complete this game and a lot of skill.
There are multiple difficulties but I decided having completed the normal difficulty that I was done with this game. I am really looking forward to playing Angry video game nerd adventures 2, maybe I will die only 600 times!
It was a really fun experience that I did not expect at all when starting this game. I recommend this for people who like playing platforming games and can hold their frustration in very well.

My personal rating of this game Is an 8.7

Pros and cons

– There are many video game easter eggs
– The graphics in the levels look really well.
– The developers went the extra mile with more playable characters.
– For some reason, I think I encountered a Metroid looking creatures.
– I killed the programmer which made me feel really good.


– Angry video game nerd adventures has an extremely high difficulty.
– Beating the normal difficulty should not be this hard.
– This is a shitty game*

* Just kidding.

I really liked this game and writing the review was very fun. When you start this game be aware of the frustration that will arise in you from dying many times
I recommend this game to anyone that seeks a challenge.

I give this game a…drumroll…


The game might be shitty and hard but the game is definitively worth playing! I hope you liked reading this review. Leave your thoughts in the comments and don’t forget to leave your own rating.
Here is the link if you want to purchase the game:
I hope to see you in the next review!


  1. I got the 2nd game and I'm holding it until I can get and play this first one. Thanks for the review, now I see it's worth the wait!

    • supersven

      It is really hard but a fun game!
      There is a purchase link in the review, Humble bundle is usually cheaper than Steam.


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