Darkscrolls is a new game developed by Tuxego. I believe that this is his first attempt at creating a game. It is a first-person shooter and I offered him to play his game and review it.
When I played the game I noticed it is a good concept that could reach a high level of quality but there are a few major problems with the game. The biggest problem is that Darkscrolls feels like a demo.
I managed to finish the game in seven minutes. The graphics are blurry and weird textures are all over the place. The game is made to look trashy and bad. That sounded like a good concept. Having good gameplay with trashy graphics? Could be a masterpiece game if done right but there are several problems that make the game a giant mess.

What did I think of Darkscrolls before playing?
The trailers Tuxego showed me looked very good. The graphics looked horrible but that was the idea, I went with it and ignored the graphics and decided to review it.
The trailer showed multiple enemies and guns that looked really nice when used. I was expecting to see many more guns and different types of enemies when I would start playing.
There was barely any sound but I thought that was only for in the trailer. The concept of trashy graphics and good gameplay intrigued me, I wasted no time and downloaded Darkscrolls.

The story
There is a robot invasion that has destroyed the world and you are a survivor that will need to stop the Darkscrolls from destroying the earth. You are in the office when the Darkscroll attack, you manage to find a gun and take matters into your own hands. Can you defeat the Darkscrolls?

You will need to complete the objectives in the levels to continue to the next stage. The objectives involve destroying the darkscrolls. You will need to watch your health points if your health points drop to zero you will be defeated.
Defeating the darkscrolls can spawn a health item that will heal you. There are only three guns in the whole game and they don’t use ammo, instead, they use an overheating mechanic. You will need to watch out that you don’t shoot too much or you will be vulnerable for incoming attacks. You will unlock a jetpack to float in the air but there is only one level that you will need this for. You can jump but there are no obstacles in the way that you need to jump over. The endgame boss has a huge bug, you will need to walk down a ramp to enter the end game boss battle ring but I found out you can stand on top of the ramp and shoot him from there without getting hit. All in all this game feels like a tiny demo experience of a game that will need much polishing and many upgrades.

Sound and graphics.
I barely heard any sound, which is a really bad thing. Sound is very important to create an atmosphere in your game. The sound effects were okay. Some levels have music but I have no clue why some do and others don’t
The graphics were horrible but that was the whole point. If the gameplay was awesome I would not have been bothered by this. Darkscrolls has bad gameplay and bad graphics.

What did I think of Darkscrolls?
I got the full version of Tuxego for free. If I am right everyone is able to download Darkscrolls for free. The game could be really good but it is way too short! There are only seven levels in the game and they are really small.
If you combine all the seven levels you might have the first level of a tutorial island.  The game would have to be 100x times bigger to be decently sized. If the game was longer and more polished this could be a very good game.
It will need way more guns and enemies, longer levels with more obstacles. Maybe a skill system or weapon upgrade or a unlock section to make the game more interactive. I really like the effort that Tuxego put into his game but it is nowhere near a complete version. 

The game was very short, after completing it my wife dared me to complete it before the free bandicam decides to stop filming. This is around ten minutes of footage. Of course, I told her I accept the challenge and that is how my first full video gameplay was born. If you decide to play the game you can use the video as a reference if you need help but I don’t think that it is needed.
There is a museum that you can access after you have completed the game but there are two issues here. The first is that the museum uses a level that you have played in the story with minimal change. The second problem is that there are less than ten different enemies in the game. Adding to this that your guns are also not viewable in the museum makes this feature useless.
If Tuxego decided the game could indeed gain more from being bigger and polished this could become a cool first-person shooter. Having many worlds to explore secrets could also be fun. I really hope this could still grow into a good game since the concept is really good.

My personal rating is a 4.0

Pros and cons


– The concept of the game is very good.
– If the story is expanded the game could have big potential.
– You can download Darkscrolls for free.

– The game creation is executed poorly in many ways.
– There are around five different enemies, there should be way more variety in the enemies.
– The graphics are bad, this is not perse a con since this was intended but coupled with bad gameplay, this is a huge con.
– The game feels like an incomplete demo.
– There are only three guns available in the game.
– You can defeat the endgame boss with a glitch.
– The game is really short, it took me only seven minutes to complete the game.

I really liked the concept of this game but in my opinion, Tuxego has failed in his attempt to make a first-person shooter. I would advise him to not give up and keep trying! If the game gets much bigger and polished the rating
could go up by a lot.
I give the game a …drumroll…


I really want to give the game a higher rating but it is just not worth a higher rating in this state.
I hope to see you in the next review.


  1. hey dude! I may privately give you a beta of the next game sometime.

    • Glad to hear that!

  2. I forgot to say: nice review!

    • Thank you!


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