Requested reviews list update July 2020

Requested reviews list update July 2020

Hello gamers,

Thank you for all your submissions in the requested reviews section. It’s almost the end of July which means that the updated version of the list can be posted.  The list has grown with wonderful games.

Did you know that in the short time that reviews by supersven exists, May 2020, already seven requested reviews have been posted?

Please keep on giving more suggestions, but be aware that if you request a game that you have requested before in the website giveaway, that entry will be removed.
Please suggest a different game every week, this would be very much appreciated.

Here is the list with requests as it is at this time.

Abandon ShipFercinger
Aegis DefendersMel
Age of Wonders 3Dani
Ancestors LegacyMikhil
Arsenal DemonZach
Assetto Corsa CompetizioneZohaib
Atomic Societyfercinger
Baron GalaxyJake
Batman Arkham NightsAbdul A.
Battle BrothersJavier
Beserk and the Band of the HawkAbdul A.
Borderlands 3psychopat
Brawl OutFacundo
Burn Out Paradise RemasteredJuan M. M M.
Castle storyMikk
Company of HeroesQuean
Cyberpunk 2077 – not yet availableEd
Cyberpunk 2077 – not yet availableRobert H.
Cyberpunk 2077 – not yet availableSamet
Cyberpunk 2077 – not yet availableShawermabox
Dark BestiarySerj
Dark Messiah of Might and MagicLongshade
Desperado’s 3pawel
Dirt 5Alex
Doki Doki Littiatur ClubMel
Dragonball Z KakarotTechnochick
Duke nukem 2Jake
Eat GirlJake
Elmarion DragontimeJuan M. M M.
Eurotruck Simulator 2Gaby
Far Cry 2Hoang
Faster then LightNour
Fear 2 Project OriginChristoffer
Final DoomZach
Football Manager 2020Beshoy
Footlol: Epic Fail LeagueSuperfluffy
Gloomwood – not yet availableHoang
GriftlandsJavier del R.
Half life 2Jamie
Hellblade Senua SacrificeLongshade
Hitman 1Red dwarf
Ion FuryChris
Iris and the GiantNicolas
Journey to the Savage PlanetSam
Jurassic World EvolutionSuperfluffy
Kingdom Come DeliveranceVaclav S.
Kingdom Come DeliveranceDon Carlos
La NoireSam
La NoireZohaib
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of TimeAtena
Life is StrangeSubhadip
Life is Strange 2Alex B.
Little Witch NobetaP.
Max Paine 3Rhonejm
Megaman 11Rahone
Metroid Prime 1Antipode
Mist SurvivalZohaib
Monster TrainCJ W.
Monster TrainRoman
Near AutomataLucky
Need for Speed HeatShawermabox
Night CallAndreas
Ninja Senki DXJavier del R.
No Mans AkyArthur
Omen Exitio PlaqueJavier
Orcs Must DieFacundo
Persona 4 GoldenDamjan
Pit PeopleFacundo
Planet CoasterMikhil
Prison ArchitectMichal R.
Railway EmpireStormsonic
Rambo 6Gbbs
Red Dead RedemptionArthur
Remnant From AshesTuga
Savage landsL.
Sekiro Shadows Die TwiceRobert
Shadow Warrior 2Etienne
Silent Hill HomecommingSamet
Slash It 2Cebefy
Soldier of Fortune Game SeriesMax
Somethings wrong with Phillip – not yet availableSuperfluffy
Spiderman (ps5) – not yet available!Driq
Spongebob Squarepants RehydratedMarios
Steeets of RogueJavier del R.
Stix Master of ShadowsHephas
Stygian Reign of the Old OnesJavier del R.
Syntatic Legion RisingRoman
Syntatic Legion RisingSerj
Tekken 7leszak
The Binding of IsaacRoman
The ClubZach
The Dead Space TrilogyMax
The Elder Scrolls Online: GreymoreArthur
The Elder Scrolls: SkyrimMarcel
The Evil Within 2Beshoy
The Last of Us 2Buddy Garatt
The Last of Us 2Lily Kwan
The Legend of Heroes: Trails SeriesMario
The MessengerJavier del R.
The Witcher 3Cogu
This War of MineLuka
Tokio DarkAnne
TownscaperMichal T.
Tropico 5Michal R.
Vampire the Masquerade BloodlinesLongshade
Void BasterdsHans
Void BasterdsStormsonic
Watchdog 2Quean
What Remains of Edit FinchShawermabox
Xcom 2Warron
Zelda: Breath of the WildHenry

There is no order in which I am going to review the games on this list, but my plan is to eventually review them all! In the news section, you can follow what the planned upcoming requested reviews are. The goal is to post a requested review every other week. These are the planned reviews at this time;

The Sword, requested by Zach. Planned for August 12.
A Hat in Time, requested by Lucky. Planned for August 26.
One Way Heroics Plus, requested by Superfluffy. Planned for September 9.
Serious Sam 3 BFE, requested by Ignas. Planned for September 23.
The Mims Beginning, requested by Dimytro. Planned for October 7.
Halo 1, requested by Lucky. Planned for October 21.
Iratus Lord of the Dead, requested by Mayor. Planned for November 4.
Doom Eternal, requested by Aj, Annette Estel, AXJ, Gerry, Javier, and Juan. Planned for November 18.

Please don’t request games that are already on this list!
Ian requested the complete halo collection, the best thing to do is start at Halo 1 right? I hope people will enjoy this review!

There are also special requested reviews that are not in this list, these will be a surprise. Talking about surprises, there will be a very big surprise in the future but this surprise needs a lot more work!

Thanks again for all your wonderful input! I hope you keep on sharing your requested reviews!


  1. darkscrolls: last hope will be available in December. is that okay?

  2. When will the list be updated? I don’t want to repeat after someone.

    • There will be a new list every month, you can just request what you want, if someone else has already requested it it is fine!
      When there are multiple requests from a game I know it is in high demand and it will get reviewed sooner!


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