Borderlands the pre sequel review

Borderlands the pre sequel review

Get ready to float away on the moon Elpis. Borderlands the pre sequel is the story that is set between Borderlands 1 and Borderlands 2. It follows the story of Jack and how he became the Handsome Jack we see in borderlands 2.
This game is a First-person shooter on the moon. You will be able to choose from six vault hunters if you own all the DLC of Borderlands the pre sequel. You will meet characters from Borderlands 1 and you are able to interact with them.
One of the playable characters is Claptrap, yes indeed, you will be able to play as claptrap the annoying robot. You will follow the story of Jack as he is being attacked on the Helios space station by the lost legion.
There are many different mechanics in Borderlands the pre sequel that is not available in Borderlands 2. One of these mechanics is called oz kits, these are needed to breathe on the moon and jump even higher. You can also use oxygen to revive your friends. I really liked Borderlands the pre sequel but the balancing is really off in this game, it is almost impossible to reach the max level in this game.

What did I think of borderlands the pre sequel before playing?
It has been a while before I started playing Borderlands the pre sequel. The game looked nice and I played Borderlands 2 before this game.
The game looked really good and the story intrigued me. If you are a fan you will definitely like this game, in my opinion, Borderlands the pre sequel scores better than Borderlands 3.
I pre-ordered this game back in the day to play with my wife and I can remember the first time we played it.
I choose Claptrap as my main character and she was like NO! Don’t do it! I have awesome memories of playing this game. To be honest I can dream the story that is how many times I have played through the game.


Warning spoilers ahead! Don’t read the story if you don’t want this to be spoiled.

The game begins with four vault hunters that are heading to Elpis with a rocket. The ship lands on the Helios space station while it is being attacked by the lost legion. The vault hunters try to find Jack and fend off the lost legion.
After finding Jack they decide to get out of dodge and escape from the Helios space station. They fire up the moonshot cannon and manage to escape the Helios space station. Jack needs to stay behind since someone needs to control the panels.
After the vault hunters land on Elpis, the moon of Pandora they find Jenny Springs. She helps them get an oz kit. After helping Jenny springs the vault hunters manage to reach Concordia, a spaceport on Elpis.
They find out that signals are being jammed and the vault hunters ask Moxxi for help, after getting rid of the signal jammer they can leave Concordia. Before they are able to leave the spaceport Zarpedon the leader of the lost legion fires a giant laser at Elpis.
Jack intends to stop her by creating a giant army of robots. The vault hunters want to help Jack by doing anything necessary to take back the Helios space station. The vault hunters infiltrate a base owned by a person named the Bosun. The vault hunters find an artificial intelligence named Felicity that can be used to make an army of robots.

The vault hunters decide to find a suitable host for Felicity to create the new robots. They decide to find an old Dahl factory to get the core needed for the new robots. The vault hunters find a scientist that was trapped in the facility. He is willing to help you with creating the robot army. He even has a secret weapon called the constructor, it should be able to pump out robots in top speed. At first, Felicity would love to help but she is slowly starting to regret her decision. After the vault hunters have completed constructing the constructor they install Felicity into the constructor. Felicity decides she does not want to make an army of robots anymore but Jack orders the scientist to wipe her mind. Felicity goes wild and she attacks the vault hunters. After the vault hunters have defeated her in battle there is no trace left of Felicity. With the new robot army, Jack decides to take back the Helios space station, before he sets off for the Helios space station he recruits Roland, Lilith, and Moxxi to assist.

When Jack and the vault hunters reach the Helios space station they are separated from each other, when they finally are reunited Jack has locked up the scientists that are helping you. He thinks one of them is a spy and kills them all in cold blood by opening the door into space. Roland and Lilith don’t agree with this method but decide to work with Jack because they need to save Elpis. The vault hunters travel through the Helios space station and fight their way through the lost legion.
They find Colonel Zarpedon and defeat her, she wants to share a secret with the vault hunters but before she can do this Jack kills her in cold blood. The vault hunters find the laser control unit, it turns out to be an eye of the destroyer from Borderlands 1.
Roland, Lilith, and Moxxi deceive Jack into thinking they will fix the eye but they make sure that it explodes. Jack survives but he is furious and vows to kill them. The vault is already open so Jack wants to reach it before Lilith, Roland, and Moxxi reach the vault. After fighting through many vault guardians and the leftovers of the lost legion the vault hunters manage to reach the vault. They encounter the guardian, a giant sentinel. After an intense fight, the vault hunters beat the sentinel and the treasure is revealed. It appears to be infinite knowledge, Jack uses the symbol but as he uses the treasure Lilith appears and punches him in the face disfiguring Jacks face. This turns him into Handsome Jack, this leads up to the events of Borderlands 2.

Borderlands the pre sequel takes many elements from Borderlands 1 and 2 but also introduces a number of new mechanics. The game is still a first-person shooter and you will need to hunt down a vault. The biggest change is of course that you are on the moon, this means gravity is different than on Pandora. You will also need an oz kit to breathe air. If you happen to be a robot you don’t need air to breathe on the moon but you can use the oz kit for awesome jumps. There is also a new weapon type, the laser. All weapons act different and have their own type. This also includes lasers, you have lasers that shoot continuous beams or lasers that shoot a mini laser and then you will need to reload. Life is cold on Elpis, so cold there is a new element for your weapons and oz kits. The cryogenic element that is only found on Elpis, using this element will freeze your opponents.  You will also be able to do a butt slam by jumping high and then using the crouch button. All the vault hunters have different health point stats, this depends on the class build for close-range or long-range and how many health point modifier skills there are in your skill tree. When the vault hunter levels up your health points will also increase. After every level up you can choose to invest skill points into one of three trees that will decide how your character works when fighting enemies. The max level that your character can reach is level 70. It is almost impossible to actually reach level 70. You can use class mods to enhance or create your own build. All characters will need a shield but many shields work differently, you will need to pick the shield that fits your build! To change how your grenade works you will need a grenade mod for your character

You will need to choose the vault hunter you want to play with in the beginning of the game. If you have the DLC you will be able to choose from six different characters. All the vault hunters have their own skill trees and special skill.
You will need to wait after you have used a special skill before you can use it again, the cooldown of your skill depends on your character and if you have modifiers. Defeating enemies will cause them to drop oxygen cans and health. In some instances, they may even drop a weapon that you can use. In Borderlands the pre sequel you will be able to use a grinder that can mash different guns together into a new gun. The challenges from Borderlands 1 have been removed for a new system called the badass ranking system. There are many ways to gain badass rank, when you have gained enough badass rank you will gain one badass token. These badass tokens can be used to upgrade your main stats and these also carry over to new characters that you create.
To upgrade your backpack space or if you want to carry more ammo you will need to buy these upgrades from crazy earl in Concordia, he only accepts moonstones.

Weapon rarity
Weapons are very important in Borderlands the pre sequel, without weapons all the enemies would beat you to a pulp!
If you own the DLC you can also find glitch weapons, these are on par with purple tier but feature different mechanics than normal weapons.
Using the grinder to make new guns with moonstones can produce in an extra effect on your weapon called luneshine.
These are the tier of weapons that you will find in Borderlands the Pre Sequel.
Tier 1: White

Tier 2: Green

Tier 3: Blue

Tier 4: Purple

Tier 5: Orange

Sound and graphics
The graphics are cell-shaded and cartoony but they fit the Borderlands series very well. There are a few minor glitches here and there especially with being able to jump so high.
The game looks really amazing and the sound effects truly sell this game. I had the idea sometimes the weapon shots fired and the sound effect that goes along with it were a little out of sync but this was barely noticeable.
I really like the music in this game, there was nothing wrong with it.

What did I think of Borderlands the pre sequel after playing?
I have put many hours into Borderlands the pre sequel and I have enjoyed every hour of it, the side quests are really fun and contain good humor. If you own the DLC it is really good and it is a shame that they abandoned the projects they were working on since 2K Australia was closed down. The new mechanics of Borderlands the pre sequel are really fun and well thought out. The lasers are very cool the same goes for the new element they implemented. The idea of claptrap as a vault hunter is so idiotic that it is brilliant.
The balancing is a bit off with the game, even after three complete playthroughs you will still not reach the maximum level. Maybe after six playthroughs, you will reach the maximum level. It should be not this hard to reach the maximum level in a game. In my opinion, after completing the third playthrough you should maybe miss one level. The vault hunters you can choose are all really fun to play with. I really love the borderlands game series.

My personal rating for Borderlands pre sequel is an 8.3

Pros and cons

–  The new mechanics introduced in Borderlands the pre sequel work really well.
–  The badass ranks transfer over to other characters.
–  The new lasers that are introduced on Elpis are really nice.
–  The graphics are really good.
– There are many vault hunters to choose from and they all work differently.

– The balancing for the game is not perfect.
– There are not many endgame raid bosses.
–  The audio glitches sometimes but it is not very bad.

I really love the Borderlands series and I hope there will be a new Borderlands game in the future that matches Borderlands the pre sequel or Borderlands 2 but I am still looking forward to reviewing Borderlands 3 and giving it away!
This was a wonderful review to write and I want to thank everyone that follows me on Facebook, Steam, and on my site! I really hope to write many more reviews for you in the future. You are all wonderful people and I want to thank you for supporting me by reading my reviews!

I give this game a…drumroll…


Thank you for reading this review! Leave your thoughts in the comments or rate this game for yourself.
You can purchase the game here:
I hope to see you in my next review!


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