Month: August 2020

Wizard of Legend

Introduction Wizard of Legend is a roguelike game that will pit you against many dangerous enemies that are imbued with chaos. You will need to test your mettle against the council members of magic to become the wizard of legend.You will have to grind your way to a viable build before you can really take on this game. This game can be completed in the first run if you know what you are doing, ther...[Read More]

Requested Review list August

Hello gamer friends, Thank you for all your submissions in the requested reviews section. It’s almost the end of August which means that the updated version of the list can be posted.  The list has grown with wonderful games!  It’s going to be a big task to review all the requests. Every other week another requested review will be posted on the website. Please keep on giving more suggest...[Read More]

The struggle of Combat Review

Introduction Are you up to the task of capturing evil criminals that shoot bullets, rockets, and even cactuses in your face? If you are, then this is the game for you. If you like dying a lot and failing this is the place to be. You have to learn from your mistakes.If you know the game dead cells and like it, you will love this game! (If you don’t know dead cells you can always read my review on d...[Read More]

A Hat in Time Review

Introduction This game is all about collecting timepieces, the game can be fully played in couch co-op. I have played this game with my wife in the long run. We played the whole game+DLC together and we had a blast.There are many bugs in co-op but they are worth it. The story is all over the place, if you own the DLC you will need to collect 55-time pieces but there is a secret one. The game exist...[Read More]


introduction Have you ever heard about Franz Kafka? If you do then you probably know his book about Gregor Samsa. The book has many different meanings depending on your look on life. I would never have thought it would be turned into a visual novel.Metamorphosis follows the journey of Gregor as he transforms into a disgusting bug, all the responsibilities he had as a human has disappeared because ...[Read More]

Newsletter Week 34 + Poll results

Hello gamer family, Let us start with the winners of this week’s website giveaways **drumroll**;the winner of Reventure is Dedric, Congratulations! Good luck with finding all the endings!The five (!) winners this week’s Into the TIMEVERSE giveaway are Jimi, Roman, Gabriel, Samet, and Alice! Congratulations all of you! Roll all the way into new levels!The winner of this week’s main g...[Read More]

Guns Gore and Cannoli

Introduction In Guns Gore and Cannoli you play as Vinnie Cannoli, Vinnie lives in the mobster world and works for Belluccio as an enforcer. This game is made because of the short-animated film called Hell bent on whiskey which also features Vinnie as the main protagonist. In this game, you not only deal with gangsters but also with zombies that want to eat your brain. That was not what I expected ...[Read More]

Lockdown Hero

WARNING This game can be a trigger for people who have dealt with loss due to COVID 19. This game is made to lighten the subject of the current pandemic. Becoming a hero and defeating the corona is something that everybody would love to do! IntroductionWelcome to Square city, a lovely town with nice people and many things to do. If that was the case this was not a roguelike game where you would ne...[Read More]

One Night with Baba Yaga

WARNING, This game can be a trigger for people with mental health problems, childhood abuse, or suicidal tendencies. If you want to talk you can always contact me to talk about it.If you have any intentions to commit suicide please call 1-800-273-8255 If you are in immediate danger call 911. Please note the suicide hotline number may differ in other countries. I advise you to look up the correct n...[Read More]


Introduction Everyone who loves Bloodborne will love this game, this is a de-make of Bloodborne, we travel back to old school graphics with a Zelda like combat system.The person who has made this game has recreated the Bloodborne style perfectly. All the items are of course the same and the mechanics also work the same as in Bloodborne.I have fitted this in the demo category since the game is not ...[Read More]

Awaken the Time Review

Introduction Awaken the time has a great concept, combining many genres into one whirlpool of time travel. The game is still in a very early development stage and still needs lots of works. I would guess it is going to take a few more years before the final game release. I have created a video review of this game and the game concept looks really good. The gameplay is still very limited but it sho...[Read More]

Newsletter week 33 + Poll results

Hello gamer family, Let us start with the winners of this week’s website giveaways **drumroll**;The winner of  Spelunky is Lixiao, Congratulations! Have fun with the spelunking.The winner of DayZ is Bruno S. Congratulations! Good luck on your journey in a post-apocalyptic world.The winner this week’s main giveaway, Borderlands 3 is Hancehu.* this is an EPIC key. Congratulations! Save your home fro...[Read More]

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