Duke Nukem 20th anniversary world tour edition review

All hail to the king baby!

Duke Nukem 20th anniversary world tour edition review

This game is the renewed version of the Duke Nukem 3D game, personally I prefer the Megaton edition over this one. This Duke Nukem is worth a review. Once again you will play as Duke Nukem to defeat the aliens that are invading the world.
When I started playing the game I noticed the game works pretty similar compared with the Megaton edition and in this edition, you will have one extra episode to travel through the world. You can visit cities like Amsterdam, get ready to smoke some weed, and kick some ass but I am all out of weed. The saving function worked pretty much the same as in the Megaton edition. To test this out I went ahead and got killed only to meet the weirdest game mechanic I encountered ever in a first-person shooter. When you die you will be able to rewind time to a few seconds back and try again. I cringed immediately and was completely in shock! What developer would cripple a first-person shooter like this?

I quickly dived into the options menu to see if I can disable this option. Thank the lords, I found an option to disable this mechanic and even make the HUD just like in Duke Nukem 3D. If I was unable to disable this function I do not know if I would play this game. In this game, I also missed the DLC like life is a beach and Duke it out in D.C. The new episode is quite a letdown and I think it would be best if they had just scrapped it and added the DLC but it was nice to visit some new places. You do get to meet some new enemies and find some new weapons. I will play this game for the review but afterward, I will go back to Duke Nukem 3D megaton edition.
All in all, I always love Duke Nukem and I will play any game that he is in.

What did I think of Duke Nukem 20th anniversary world tour edition before playing?
The idea of an upgraded Duke Nukem 3D attracted me but my first thought was, why did they not use this time to create a new game? It looked pretty much the same as Duke Nukem 3D in the promotional trailers.
I did not notice the playback feature while watching some footage before playing the game. I love to create expectations before playing a game. The graphics still look wonderful even though they are from that has been a gone a long time.
The developer advertised with some new Duke lines which is always awesome since Duke talk is the best. A new episode is also really great but the footage I saw did not really excite me.
My biggest concern was that I could not find footage of Duke Nukem 20th anniversary world tour edition on some of the DLC maps like life is a beach. I hoped it was just concealed and I missed it.
I installed the game and quickly went to play Duke Nukem 20th anniversary world tour edition and found out the DLC was not there. I had to contain my urge to close the game and open Duke Nukem 3D Megaton edition to be able to complete the whole game, for me, this includes the DLC.

The story in Duke Nukem 20th anniversary world tour is still the same as in Duke Nukem 3D with one additional episode for the upgraded version.
The game picks up right after Duke Nukem 2 when Duke crashes back on earth where the aliens have invaded and captured the babes to create new alien babies. You will face many aliens in the story that will try to halt your progress. Your goal is to stop the aliens and kick them off the earth for good. We will start right after Duke Nukem 3D where this game picks up with a new official episode.

After defeating the aliens they send reinforcements to launch a full-scale world invasion thinking that if they attack all places at once there is no way Duke Nukem can stop their attack.  Without hesitation Duke Nukem decides to defeat them once again. Duke visits all the countries that the aliens invaded starting with the Netherlands and ending in Italy. In Rome, he finds the Cycloid incinerator who is leading the invasion. Angry at Duke for defeating so many aliens he fights Duke but loses. Once again Duke Nukem saves the world from those pesky aliens.

The earlier episodes will be reviewed in the Duke Nukem3D Megaton edition.

When you start the first level you immediately get greeted by the famous intro we all know and love from the Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition. Your goal is to reach the end of the level, in the process of doing so you will need to defeat aliens and find the key cards that will open the doors that will lead to the exit. I highly recommend turning on the Details option in the options menu. This will enable you to see how many aliens are left and the number of secrets that are left in the level you are playing. You will have 100 health points to survive the alien horde, when you find an item called atomic health you can reach a maximum of 200 health points. You can also shoot a fire hydrant and drink some water to slowly recover your health. You can find items to use that will help you in your quest to save the world for example: a portable medkit. Duke Nukem 3D is known for difficult puzzles and illogical routes that you will need to figure out. When you learn how Duke Nukem works this will come very easy. As Duke Nukem 20th world tour anniversary edition is an upgrade this is no different. Get ready to oomph aaaah, touch everything, and every wall to find secret walls to open and find new weapons and loot. Some key cards are even hidden in secret compartments that you can open up. It took me a lot of wall bumping to get the Steam achievement of finding 70 secrets on the Duke Nukem 3D megaton edition. To this day one achievement still eludes me for platinum in Duke Nukem Megaton edition. Completing the level the birth, why I have not done this yet? I don’t really know.
I don’t feel the urge to platinum this version at all, somehow it lacks the charm that Duke Nukem Megaton edition has.

To complete a level you will need to find the button that leads to the next level. Sometimes you can see the button before you are able to reach the exit. You will need to get the keycards to open doors to reach a new section. They keycards reset in each level.
You will need to find the blue keycard first, this will lead you into a section where you will find the yellow keycard. After finding and opening the yellow keycard door you will reach a new section where the red keycard will be hiding,
After finding the red keycard you will be able to reach the ending of the level. After pushing the button you will see the results of the level that you completed.

Without guns, you would only be able to kick the sore losers. These are the weapons that you can find to add to your arsenal.

The pistol is the gun that you start out with, this most likely carried over from Duke Nukem 2.
The pistol is a small gun that can take out aliens but you will need to use a lot more bullets to defeat an alien.
The shotgun is a wonderful weapon that can take out aliens fast if you shoot at point-blank range.
The pig cops also use this weapon to shoot at you. The shotgun is one of my weapons of choice in many First-person shooter games.
Chaingun cannon
Get ready to rattle some aliens with the Chaingun cannon! This weapon will fire at a high rate and take care of the aliens before they know what hit them.
Rocket launcher
It is time to fire some rocket-propelled grenades with the rocket launcher and blow yourself up! I mean of course, blowing up those aliens.
Pipe bombs
The pipe bombs are very useful grenades with a remote detonation button, when you push the button the pipe bomb will blow everyone up. You can also use these pipe bombs to find secrets by blowing up cracks in the walls.
The shrinker does exactly what you would expect from the name. It shrinks the enemies to a tiny size. When the aliens are shrunken to tiny size you can squash them with your feet.
The devastator is the strongest weapon in Duke Nukem. You will have 69 rockets that fire in top speed to detonate all the aliens in sight.
Freeze ray
The freeze ray stops the time, well at least for the alien you have frozen. If you hit the wall the freeze ray bounces back and you will get frozen and time stops for you. If there are any aliens near you they will most likely kill you.
A special weapon made for Duke Nukem 20th anniversary world tour edition. Get ready to burn those aliens to a crisp! This weapon is very effective in burning the enemies and getting rid of them quickly.

sound and graphics
The graphics still hold up nice if you love old school graphics. There is not much to say about it, you will either love it or hate it.
The sounds and music are exactly how I remember it and they are perfect match for a Duke Nukem game.
If you love Duke Nukem you will love every bit of this game. The best is of course the Duke talk.

What did I think of Duke Nukem 20th anniversary world tour edition after playing?
To be honest I expected more from this upgraded edition but for me, this felt more like a downgrade.
The developers really should have added the DLC and many other add-ons. Imagine having all the official and unofficial add-ons for Duke Nukem 3D, a dream that will most likely never come true. Imagine playing the Duke assault or Duke Xtreme? I really should look up if I can play them somewhere. I would rather play Duke Nukem Megaton 3D edition. I loved the new episode but they could have just released it separately or added it into Duke Nukem 3D Megaton edition instead of making a game that feels like a cash grab.

my personal rating is a 5.8

The game has only one new episode that seems very rushed, there is also no DLC. It would have been perfect if they added this episode to Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition. This game had the potential to be one awesome Duke Nukem adventure but sadly the developers did not take this opportunity.

Pros and cons

– More Duke Nukem for you to play including a new episode.
– More enemies and guns for you to find.
– You get to smoke some weed in Amsterdam.

– There is a automatically playback feature but you are able to disable it.
– In my opinion, this game is a cash grab.
– There is no DLC in this version of Duke Nukem 3D.

I really liked playing another Duke Nukem game but I was glad when it was finished. I recommend this to everyone who loves Duke Nukem and wants to experience the new episode.

I give this game a…drumroll…


I hope you liked reading this review, leave your thoughts in the comments section. You can rate this game with your own rating!
You can purchase the game here: https://tinyurl.com/Buy-Duke-Nukem
I hope you liked reading the review. I hope to see you in the next review!


  1. Great review of a remastered classic. Hail to the king baby!

  2. hello!

    we are a small team called adventure gaming. we are currently working on a mod called "darkscrolls: update"
    could you review it when it comes out?


    • supersven

      I will need to talk with tuxeggo for this. If tuxeggo approves this I would love to review it.
      I know there is something going on between you 2 but I believe he had set up a mode sections so mods would not be a big deal.

  3. hello!

    we have just launched a website. if you would like to know more about darkscrolls: update go here:


    • supersven

      I indeed heard from Tuxxego that it is a mod.


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