Into the Timeverse review

Can you conquer this challenging game?

Into the Timeverse review

Into the Timeverse is a simple game but it looks amazing and it is a really challenging game. You are a ball character that needs to traverse through multiple worlds. The game mechanics seem simple at first, just jump over to the next platform and keep on rolling.
That is not as simple as it seems, you will need to change your color depending on the platform that is coming in front of you. You can alternate between the colors green and red.  The game starts simple so you can learn the game mechanics. Eventually, there will be platforms that you only roll on with the right color. The developer is working really hard on getting more features into the game. Anyone that is looking for a challenge will enjoy Into the Timeverse. For the more hardcore players, there is also an infinite mode that is very difficult, this mode is truly a challenge.
I won’t make a story section for this game, Into the Timeverse is purely made to test your skills in reflex and to see if you can control your emotions after dying over 300 times!

What did I think of into the Timeverse before playing?
The game looked very good and challenging. I looked at some footage and I really liked the graphics.
The sound was a bit more upbeat than I would have expected for a relaxing platformer. Little did I know this game was far from a relaxing platformer.
I installed and entered the game and I soon found out why but this game is very doable if you practice a lot!
I quickly learned that this was not a game you could just complete in a few hours but it would take a lot of effort to unlock the final skin for your ball character.

In into the Timeverse, you will need to complete multiple difficult levels by jumping over and through obstacles. You can complete different difficulties and you will need to complete nightmare to unlock the last skin for your ball character.
It is important to change your color in time but it can be hard to do sometimes.  The game mechanic sounds quite simple but it is very complex and hard to master and you have to stay focused. Don’t look ahead! You will collect orbs in a level, the blue ones are for a mechanic called time reversal. When you die with the time-reversal bar full, you will reset the time and then you will be able to try the part where you died again.
The easy mode is already hard to complete. I suggest you complete easy first to learn the game and the levels. After you have completed easy mode you can go on with normal and then nightmare. In nightmare, you are 25% faster thus increasing the difficulty. There are separate modes to play. The main story is not the only mode you can play. After playing through the first world you unlock two new modes. You will unlock the challenge mode, in this modus you can unlock new skins for your ball character but you have to complete six challenges to unlock a new skin for your ball character. The challenges are short but very hard to complete. After completing all challenges you will unlock the new skin for your ball character and you can equip it.
You will also unlock infinite mode where you will need to complete as much of the level as you can but each time you die the level resets. Infinite mode is one of the most difficult modes in the game. It can go for on for hours or even just a second

Sound and Graphics
The graphics look really pretty but I would recommend putting your graphic settings to medium or low to avoid lag spikes. One lag spikes means your ball will roll into the abyss or getting crushed by anything in your way.
The sound is very good but it can be a bit distracting if you are trying to focus. I did like that the music changes in the different worlds.
All in all, it is a nice combination of gameplay and music for into the Timeverse.

What did I think of into the Timeverse after playing?
I really loved the challenge this game gave me and I also liked making the video review of this game.
The game may seem simple but the mechanics have been implemented very well, I thought first that this was going to be easy but I soon learned how difficult this truly is.
I think in time I could complete this game on nightmare but time is something I am usually running short on.
I would recommend this game to anyone that is looking for a challenge and a good platformer.
I am really excited to see what Imperial-Dynamics is going to add more to into the Timeverse. I am curious about what the extra world function will be that is blanked out at the moment.
Time to get rolling and jumping over those mean and nasty obstacles, can you complete this game?

I give into the Timeverse a personal rating of 7.5

I enjoyed playing into the Timeverse a lot more than I had expected because it is a game that challenges me, this does not happen a lot.

The pros and cons


–  Three difficulties to play and complete to gain the final skin for your ball character.
–  There are many skins to unlock that will change your ball character.
– The mechanics are simple but very well implemented.
– I really like the color-changing that you need to go through the obstacles.
– Get ready to roll into a difficult platformer that will test your skills.

– The game might be too difficult for some people even on easy.
– The infinite mode might be too difficult for people.

I really like this game and the difficulty is good for me but it might be too much for other people. I really enjoyed the game and the graphics, the music is also really good. I am glad that they used worlds and not just separate levels. I am looking forward to the new features that will be coming in the future. I recommend this game to everyone that is looking for a good challenge like in the old school games from the NES and Snes.
I give this game a …drumroll…


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I hope that you enjoyed reading this review and also the video review I made for into the Timeverse.
You can buy the game here:
I hope to see you in the next review!


  1. I love ball rolling platformer games!!! I have so many of them in my Steam library.

  2. Could be fun.

    • supersven

      Hahaha, it is indeed fun and challenging.


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