Reventure Review

Dying is cool, all the cool kids are doing it.

Reventure Review

Are you ready for your new quest to save the princess? In Reventure you will be tasked to save the Princess but that is not the point of this game. The point of this game is to die and try again. There are different endings to unlock, 100 to be exact.
Get ready to get crushed, eaten, fired into a wall, and even get killed by chickens. There are many routes to take to try and save the princess but many routes lead to your demise. Even getting a strawberry could result in your end!

You have multiple characters to unlock depending on how you die, getting flattened makes you a disgusting creature. You only have three health points but you can expand them to eight or even nine if you find the fairy fountain but what happens at ten health points?  You also have many items that you can find to help you on your quest to save the princess but what could possibly go wrong if you gather to much gear? If you don’t die in this game you are doing something wrong. I ended up totally forgetting about the princess and trying to unlock as many endings as possible! I even went on an infinite fishing trip and with that trip, I doomed the city! I even broke the space-time continuum. This game is indeed an adventure that you will never forget.

What did I think of Reventure before playing?
The game trailer looked really good and appealing, I did not know the whole concept was to keep on dying and find more endings.The graphics are pixilated but they look really nice, I saw many different characters in the trailer and the character was indeed dying.
The sound was really good and fun, I saw a dragon and much more interesting things when I looked at the trailer.
I thought this would be a good game for in the poll of the week, it took me a little bit by surprise that it won. It was a really close win against Guns gore and Cannoli!
I have a premonition that Guns Gore and Cannoli will be the next winner or is there some other game that is going to take the throne?
I installed the game and I immediately played the game and I walked outside of Tim’s house and I died, I tripped over a rock. That is how I got hooked on this game.
It reminded me of real-life when I was walking and I broke my ankle over nothing!

In Reventure you will travel across dangerous lands to save the princess, if you don’t want to save the princess you could also just kill the king and rule the kingdom. Yes, indeed you can kill the king and finish your story early.
If you do want to save the princess you will need to travel to the dark fortress and defeat the dark lord. Defeating the dark lord is no small feat, you could also cripple his retirement funds and steal those funds!
You could also destroy your own kingdom by destroying all the food supplies and letting everyone starve.
There are so many ways that you can end your story in Reventure that I cannot mention them all, I have managed to get over 40 endings in one week of playing Reventure. There are still a lot of endings to discover but they are getting harder and harder to find.
If you enjoy dying, you will enjoy Reventure.

The gameplay is very complex in Reventure. Have too many health points? You will die. Stand too close to a bomb? You will die. Wait that is actually not complex, everyone knows standing to close to bombs will get you killed. ( and yet that happens too often to me).
In Reventure you can choose many paths that lead to the dark fortress or other places.  You can find different kinds of equipment that will help you on your quest. like a hook shot or even a chicken. If you want to have a shotgun you will need to kill the shopkeeper. There is one problem though, the more gear you acquire when going through this adventure the heavier your character will become and your jumping height decreases. You will always need a sword to reach the dark fortress unless there would be some magical portal. If you cross the bridge to the dark fortress without a sword something horrible happens to you.
A good thing to know is that you do not keep playing with the same character, there will be more characters and if you re-visit the spot where you died you will see a blood pool. If you did not die violently you will see your character still fishing for example.

I still have not found a way to save the princess, one time I almost rescued her but the dark lord killed me in one hit! The second time I decided to escape a different way. This time I got fused with the princess becoming a hybrid, oh yeah did I mention I had become a dog? There are so many weird things that can happen in this game. You can also unlock new characters and special characters like Hornet, she is hiding in the sewers. Luckily there is no fall damage otherwise that would have been an ending to. There is also a battle royale trailer hidden somewhere in the sky that gives you an ending that resembles the super smash brothers game.
The chests can be hidden in the walls and you will need to look carefully for secrets.
The main thing that you need to know in Reventure is that you need to jump and fight minions and somehow save the princess. When I have saved the princess I will let you know how!

EDIT: I have managed to save the princess just before posting this review!
Look at the video and you will learn how to save the princess!

Sound and graphics
The graphics remind me of old school graphics and I really like them, the graphics can be quite graphic. (Pun intended). You will see much blood when you keep dying, I don’t really mind this but there might be some people that will not like this much blood.
I really like the idea of adventuring in the same area over and over again and rethinking how to play the game.
The sound is really good and the sound effects of dying are also done very nicely.

What did I think after playing Reventure?
I really liked scouting the world for endings and secret pathways that lead to other endings. Reventure is a unique concept that I have not seen before.
This game wants you to die and do it with style. I have found some ways to die I never thought possible. I even broke the space-time continuum and had Doctor who visit me to repair it.
This game also loves easter eggs, I really need to add a video here too that I am getting killed by chickens. No, I don’t have anything against chickens! I love chickens both alive and on my plate.
I would recommend this game to anyone who loves a unique concept in gaming. Everyone that is looking for a great game in which you can die for fun does not need to look any further.

My personal rating for this game is 8.2

Pros and cons

– Reventure has a unique gaming concept where you need to hunt down endings.
– There are many unlockable characters that you can find.
– You have the freedom to do whatever you want in this game, even killing Non-playable characters. There might be consequences.
– The game is really large with many endings to discover.

– Reventure can become repetitive if you play to long in one session.

I really liked this game and I recommend Reventure to everyone looking for a unique game.
I give this game a …drumroll…


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  1. I really enjoy this review and this game.

    • Great to hear that!

  2. Nice game

    • You should watch the video, this game is insane. There are really weird things going on in this game.


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