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Everyone who loves Bloodborne will love this game, this is a de-make of Bloodborne, we travel back to old school graphics with a Zelda like combat system.
The person who has made this game has recreated the Bloodborne style perfectly. All the items are of course the same and the mechanics also work the same as in Bloodborne.
I have fitted this in the demo category since the game is not fully completed. You only have two bosses in the game but this game would be awesome if it was completed.
You can download the game for free because these assets are copyrighted and selling them would be against the law.

What did I think of Yarntown before playing?
Before starting the game I did not know it was a demo, I thought the full game was featured so it was kind of a bummer that it was just a demo.
If this game would be the full game it would be really awesome. I jumped into this game and started out and my mental map for Bloodborne worked amazing.
The trailer showed some Zelda like battle system, I think it uses something along the likes of the automatic battle system. Nostalgia brew inside me!
I started the game and finished it in about 20 to 30 minutes but I did enjoy the game.

The story is the same as in Bloodborne but it only features the first two bosses. You can find the same places as in Bloodborne but Yarntown focuses more on gameplay.
This game is not made for the story or for the lore but you will find the same doll where you can spend echoes to level up your character. You will encounter the messengers from Bloodborne.
The workshop can also be interacted with to upgrade your weapons.

You have a sword and gun that you both can use to defeat the peasants that turned into monsters.  Dodging is key and finding the right timing. If you can dodge at the right moment you can easily dispatch many enemies without getting hit.
You also have a rally effect, when you hit an enemy you will gain some of your health back. You can collect bloodstones that you will need to upgrade your weapon. I managed to upgrade my weapon twice before I hit the ending of this game.
You can use your gun to shoot from far away but you can only carry 20 quicksilver bullets at a given time. If you want to refresh the bullets that you can carry you will need to rest at a lantern.  If you get injured you can carry up to 20 blood vials at once to heal your wounds if you have blood vials in your inventory. You can reset these blood vials by resting at the lantern as well. When you have rested at the lantern you will also respawn all the enemies that have been killed.
The battle system works really good, you will need to time your attacks and dodge away when the enemy attacks you. If you can see the pattern that enemies use in Yarntown you will go through this game easily.

When you kill enemies you will gain echoes that you can use to level up and the leveling up system works the same as in Bloodborne, after every level up you will need more echoes to level up. I think I leveled up around four or five times before fighting Father Gascoigne and beating him in one try. The monster on the bridge is also present but he is very easy to defeat. I like the effort that the developer put in Yarntown to look like Bloodborne.
If you ever need more vials to heal yourself you can buy these in the area called the hunters dream that you can visit in this game by entering the same building that you exit in the beginning. You can also find blood vials by defeating enemies or as loot scattered in the world. I tried to save but all attempts failed after each reboot I needed to create a new game.

Sound and Graphics
The graphics look really old school but they are nice and polished. The battle mechanics work fluently and the attack animations look perfect. You can also see an animation when using a blood vial.
The sounds and sound effects are placed nicely and I appreciate them.

Fighting the beast without leveling up or upgrades

What did I think of Yarntown after playing?
I really liked playing this game and I had a lot of fun playing it. The game was very short but if the game would be the full Bloodborne game this would be amazing. I think the difficulty could be a little bit harder for me since the game was very easy.
I like how the developer managed to recreate so many of the Bloodborne mechanics in this demo. If he would manage to add the rest of the game to Yarntown this would be an amazing adventure.
I loved how he made this demo. I recommend this to all fans playing Bloodborne and other souls like games.
I think this game deserves a lot of praise, this was not an easy feat to accomplish.

My personal rating of this game is a 7.5 but I would easily increase the rating if the game was complete.

Pros and Cons

– The Bloodborne de-make is good and I like the sound effects.
– The combat system works well in Yarntown.
– The recreation of the Bloodborne map is done nicely.
– If the complete game will be as good as the demo this could be a masterpiece.

– The game difficulty is too easy, it could have been a bit harder.
– I was unable to save my game.
– The demo is too small, I want more Yarntown!

I really liked this game and the battle system and I would really like it if this game got a full release. Everyone who loves Bloodborne will love this game as well. This may be a small adventure for now but is a really great adventure.
I believe the developer is not intending to make the game larger or recreate the full bloodborne experience.
I give this game a…drumroll…


Don’t forget to leave your own thoughts in the comments about this game.
You can download the game here for free: https://maxatrillionator.itch.io/yarntown
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review.

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