A Hat in Time Review

Everywhere where you can hang your hat is home.

A Hat in Time Review

This game is all about collecting timepieces, the game can be fully played in couch co-op. I have played this game with my wife in the long run. We played the whole game+DLC together and we had a blast.
There are many bugs in co-op but they are worth it. The story is all over the place, if you own the DLC you will need to collect 55-time pieces but there is a secret one. The game exists out of seven chapters and they all have their own story.
There are a lot of gameplay elements but the game reminded me of Super Mario Sunshine but with a smaller hub. Just like in Super Mario Sunshine (and other Super Mario games) you can select an act before entering. Depending on the act that you have chosen the game will show a small cutscene of the place where you need to look for the timepiece. The worlds are large and fun to explore, there are also time rifts that feature wall kicking with the same spinning blocks of Super Mario Sunshine that you need to complete without F.L.U.D.D.

The game has weird difficulty spikes, due to the fact that you can play chapter three before playing chapter two if you want to. This is no problem for the story as each chapter is a mini-story. You have certain elements in the game that you learn as you get further into the game. Your powers are linked to your hat, you can collect yarn to make new hats (we will delve deeper into this gameplay element in the gameplay section) You can also collect badges to upgrade your powers or alter them. One of the badges lets you use an awesome Hookshot!  There are many other gameplay elements that are fun and are integrated well into the gameplay. If you like platforming, puzzling, and collecting many items you will love this game. When you play it in co-op you get the ultimate experience even though you will encounter many bugs. You will also make a lot of friends and encounter many different nonplayable characters, for example, the snooping crows that want to know your personal information.

What did I think of A Hat in Time before playing?
This game was requested by Lucky and because of that, I bought this game on Steam for the requested review. I did not know what to expect before playing but I decided to just jump into A Hat in Time.
I saw on the steam page it features a lot of collecting items and I love collecting items!  The graphics looked very cute and I thought it would also be great for younger people.
I installed the game and quickly realized that game has couch co-op. I looked at my wife and told her about the couch co-op. Without hesitating, we decided to play the whole game together.
The idea of playing a game where we need to collect a lot of items took me back to our early days of playing co-op with my wife on the Wii. We played so much Super Mario Galaxy back then.
I was very excited to start the game.

A Hat in Time starts the story with all timepieces collected and your main character (from now on called Kid) getting ready to go home. We never get to see Kid’s home at the beginning or the end of the story.
Kid’s spaceship is hovering above a planet and somehow people in this world can breathe in space. Before Kid can go home someone knocks on her window, a bald man is slamming his fist on the window. Kid tries to get rid
of the bald man but something horrible happens. The vault opens and all timepieces get sucked through the window including the bald man and Kid. The story starts when Kid lands on the planet. I wonder how people can survive falling from space.

Chapter 1 Mafia Town
Kid quickly learns that the bald man is from the mafia and they have overrun the town and taken control. There is a girl with a mustache (I am not kidding) that wants to get the mafia out. Kid explores the town and finds the mafia everywhere.
The mafia smacks people around and has taken over all of the businesses. They kidnap the girl with the mustache and keep her hostage on top of a stacked barrel. Kid fights the mafia and rescues the girl with the mustache. Together they decide to take down the mafia and work on a plan. The girl with the mustache shows way too much interest in becoming a serial killer and killing mafia in the most horrible ways. Kid decides to just infiltrate the base and take down the leader.
Kid finds out that the girl with the mustache has been kidnapped once again. Kid finds her way to the boss of the mafia and fights with him. After defeating the boss of the mafia most of the other mafia members become nice and accept Kid as their friend. The girl with the mustache does not agree and wants to kill them all because if one of them is evil, they are all evil. Kid does not agree and starts putting away the timepiece that the mafia boss had collected but the girl with the mustache tries to take it away from Kid. The timepiece breaks and rewinds time to before it was broken. The girl with the mustache asks Kid if she wants to use this power to kill all baddies but Kid declines her offer. The girl with the mustache gets angry and swears she is going to collect them and kill all the bad guys.

Chapter 2 Dead Bird Studio
Kid falls out of the sky into a studio that makes movies, the studio is called dead bird studio. There are two competitors that want to duke it out in a movie match. DJ Grooves and the Conductor. One loves dancing movies and the other loves wild western action movies and this year they got special props for their movies, the timepieces. Kid decided to break into the dead bird studio, if they have some of the timepieces there should be more around. Kid sneaks around while breaking some movie props on the way. Kid finds a timepiece that is hidden inside the studio but DJ grooves comes in and he catches Kid red-handed. He wants to make Kid his star for in his new movie. Kid cannot refuse or she will need to pay for all the props she has destroyed.
When DJ Grooves leaves the Conductor appears and tells that Kid also needs to play in his movie. Kid can’t refuse, because she needs the timepieces to get back home.

Kid decides to help DJ Grooves out first, he wants to make Kid a diva. Kid needs to get attention from the moon penguins and gain more fans. Kid goes around making fans and finding moon penguins with cameras to gather more fans until DJ Grooves is satisfied. DJ Grooves gives Kid a timepiece and tells Kid to get ready for the parade. The parade starts and Kid has to parade around for her fans while she is being stalked by fans. Kid fires of some fireworks and throws around some decoration. In the end, the party ball pops and another timepiece comes out of the party ball, DJ Grooves tells Kid she can have it for all her help.

Kid visits the conductor next to get his movie rolling too and maybe get those other timepieces. Kid boards a train and walks inside to find the snooping crows that are waiting for her, they ask all kinds of personal information and Kid decides to just give it to the snooping crows. For example, what body part she is the most ashamed of. When Kid finds the front of the train the telephone rings telling Kid to go back to the place where she boarded the train. When Kid arrives, she finds a dead owl that has been stabbed. There has been a murder on the owl express! The snooping crows tell everyone that they are from C.A.W and they will find the murderer in one hour. Kid decides to go on her own hunt and find the murderer. Kid finds all the clues on the train and she points out the murderer (I won’t tell who in the review, evil laugh), the murderer confesses and Kid gets a timepiece from the conductor. The Conductor has another idea for a great movie and Kid decides to help the Conductor with his movie. Kid once again gets on the train but everything starts to explode! Kid needs to reach the end of the train before the whole train has exploded. Kid manages to get to the end of the train in time and collect another timepiece.

The award ceremony for the best movie director is happening now and DJ Grooves is the winner! He gives Kid another timepiece and it seems Kid can move on now to the next place on this strange planet to keep looking for timepieces.
Kid gets called once again by a suspicious person who tells Kid there is something fishy going on inside dead bird studios and that someone is going to use the timepiece for his own good. Kid cannot allow this, she needs to infiltrate dead bird studios once again and find the personal chambers to find out who is keeping the timepiece. Kid takes the elevator down and navigates through dead bird studios without getting noticed. She finds DJ Grooves with the timepiece. DJ Grooves wants to use the timepiece to reset time and create better movies to win more awards. Kid battles with DJ Grooves and in the middle of the battle they talk about the timepiece. DJ Grooves goes a bit insane and tries to blow up Kid but the Conductor defuses the bomb just in time. DJ Grooves sees he has been wrong after being defeated and he hands over the timepiece. Kid can now finally move on to the next place on this strange planet.

You can also let the Conductor win but we choose to let DJ Grooves win, I don’t know what happens if the Conductor wins.

Chapter 3 Subcon forest
Kid arrives in a dark scary forest but she is not scared at all. She finds a house but no one is home, who would live in a dark creepy forest anyway? As Kid is exploring the forest she suddenly gets trapped inside a bag! She manages to break free but she is teleported to a realm with a scary-looking monster! This monster is the Soul snatcher that rules this forest and he loves the souls of children! (This is kind of the moment I decided this game was not for children). Kid needs to sign a contract to work for the Soul snatcher or he will eat her soul but for now, he will just take it hostage! Suddenly Kid feels very empty inside like she does not care at all. (Supernatural flashback). To get her soul back she needs to get the foxes out of the forest by murdering them so the walls in the forest will disappear. Kid finds the village where they are hiding and are dancing around a fire. They just want to burn, to make the fire brighter Kid throws in some paintings until the fire grows so big it also consumes the foxes. The Soul snatcher is satisfied now that Kid has completed the contract but lo and behold! The Soul snatcher has more contracts ready. Kid needs to sign them if she ever wants to get her soul back.

Kid needs to clear out a well that has been clogged, the soul snatcher makes some lame jokes about being a plumber now.  Kid jumps into the well and decides to just clear the task that she has been ordered to complete, she needs to climb up the well once the water starts rising.
Kid manages to get out of the well safely and finds a timepiece. The Soul snatcher appears once again with a new contract. Kid now needs to deliver mail to the minions of the Soul Snatcher. Kid gets a rental mail scooter from the Soul snatcher to deliver the mail to his minions. Kid easily delivers all the mail and gains another timepiece but the Soul snatcher has a problem. Your soul has escaped into the toilet and it has now become evil! Kid fights the evil toilet and destroys it but she does not yet get her soul back. The Soul snatcher comes to her with another contract, she needs to infiltrate a mansion and find something in the attic. Kid finds her way to the mansion but once she is inside the mansion, she gets stalked by a creepy monster that wants to strangle her to death. (this really happens if you get caught). She sneaks around hoping to not get caught. Kid gets chased around by the monster as she is sneaking around, the monster keeps saying things like, I just want to talk to you. Want to have a cup of tea with me? Kid manages to get the key for the attic while the creepy monster is showering. She finds a timepiece in the attic, this must be what the Soul snatcher is looking for! There is no possible way that he can come up with a new contract, right?

Kid goes back to the Soul snatcher, he lets her know that his old assistant did not just disappear but he took care of him. Now that Kid has cleared all the tasks that the Soul snatcher needed to do but did not want to it is time to kill her.
First, he will get rid of your body, and then he will eat your soul! The Soul snatchers steal Kid’s hat and she loses her power. Usually, bosses show weakness but the Soul snatcher has no openings or weaknesses. He also uses cheats by warping attacks around to hit kid. Kid thinks this is not fair, he is like Neo in the matrix. If he can use cheats then Kid can as well! Kid picks up one of the attacks of the Soul snatcher and throws it back at him. This made the Soul snatcher go blue and vulnerable to attacks. After making the battle fair Kid manages to weaken the Soul snatcher enough. Now he wants to talk and make another contract! He just wants you to get out and never come back, Kid changes the contract. She gets her soul back and they become best friends forever and she gets to come back to the forest whenever she wants. The Soul snatcher has no choice but to accept this contract. Kid gets another timepiece and a new friend, of course, she also gets her soul back. She feels very warm inside and she feels happy once again. She quickly leaves to hunt down the other timepieces.

Chapter 4 Alpine Skyline
Kid travels to a new place on this planet and finds a large world that is filled with weird-looking people and big goats. They call the town where she is a goat town. Kid finds strange purple flowers and gets warned that they are dangerous.
When Kid looks around she can see four big places and they all radiate energies that could be from a timepiece. A giant windmill, a giant lava cake, a giant bell, and a birdhouse. Kid decides to go to the windmill first but the road is closed.
She finds a giant goat horn and blows on it to reveal new pathways that lead to her destinations. Kid uses the flag lines to traverse a lot of space quickly. There are a lot of dangers on the way to the windmill but Kid will not rest before she gets all the timepieces back in her possession.  She finds the windmill and now she needs to climb all the way to the top. Kid likes a challenge so she nimbly climbs up all the way to the timepiece.

Kid quickly finds herself back in Goat village after collecting the timepiece in the windmill and she is now going to travel to the twilight bell. She takes the flag line and travels to the land where the giant bell resides. She climbs all the way up to the huge bell but there is no timepiece in sight. She decides to ring the bell to see if the timepiece will fall out. Instead, she gets teleported to a twilight temple. The temple wants to test the skill of Kid before she can get the timepiece.
She needs to use all the skills and powers she has acquired so far to solve the puzzles that the twilight temple throws at her. It is not easy but Kid manages to get to the end of the twilight temple and collect the timepiece. The twilight bell is pleased with her and teleports her back to the Goat village.

Kid now has her eyes set on the lava cake, Kid does not know why it is called a cake. It is actually just a giant volcano with a lot of layers that are spewing lava around. Kid takes the flag line to her next destination. The path branches out but one path is a dead end and the other path leads to the lava cake. Kid starts climbing the lava cake and finds a giant knife that is stuck in the lava cake, a few questions arrive like how is this knife not yet melted but Kid quickly continues to the timepiece. Kid reaches the timepiece and now she only needs to get the one out of the birdhouse, Kid finds her way back to Goat village and now sets her sight on the last timepiece. Kid takes the flag line to the birdhouse. She finds a lot of angry chickens and eggs here as she walks through the houses of many baby chicks. She finds the giant mother chicken but she rolls over. Kid climbs all the way over to the giant mother chicken and takes back the timepiece.

Kid wants to leave the Alpine Skyline but suddenly everything turns purple and all the goats get infected. The sun disappears and cloud forms. It starts raining and lightning starts. Kid decides to stick around longer too find out what is going on.
The purple flowers have multiplied over time while Kid was gathering the timepieces and they have infected the wildlife. There seem to be a few purple flowers that have grown into plants and are leading the other purple flowers to attack everyone in sight. Kid travels around to familiar places in Alpine Skyline, near the windmill she finds one of the purple plants. (Feed me, Seymour)! She decides to whack the plant even though it is tossing lightning at her. The plant dies and some of the purple flowers seem to calm down. Kid uses the flag lines to travel to the other plants and give them a good whacking too. After Kid has whacked all the plants the purple flowers calm down. The sun comes back and Alpine Skyline has been restored to its former glory. The goat people reward Kid with a timepiece. Kid returns back to her ship for a little break.

Chapter 5 Time’s End
Before Kid arrives at the ship there is an intruder in her ship, the girl with the mustache! She has collected a few timepieces for herself and she is going to steal the ones that Kid has collected! The girl with the mustache unlocks the vault and finds all the timepieces that Kid has collected. She wants to rule the world and kill all the bad guys and now she has the power that she needs. The girl with the mustache creates an alternate reality where she rules and where she gets to choose who dies and who gets to live. Is it possible for the girl with the mustache has become evil? The girl with the mustache creates a huge castle with giant fireballs where people need to come to see if they get to live or not! Kid finds out what is happening and she hurries to the giant castle. There is a long line of people that are going to get judged by the girl with the mustache. Kid skips the line and goes to the front of the line. Kid also wonders why someone would create a castle this large with so many boobytraps.

Kid finds the girl with the mustache at her throne. She just judged one of the mafia guys to death when Kid walks in. Kid tells the girl with the mustache that she needs to undo the changes and create a normal reality. The girl with the mustache tells Kid that she can keep living if she leaves now. Kid attacks the girl with the mustache and starts a fight. The girl with the mustache now judges Kid to death and attacks Kid with attacks like Ka-me-ha-me-ha! Kid outsmarts her and knocks her to the ground. All the friends that Kid has made so far come in and shout at the girl with the mustache that she needs to get lost. The girl with the mustache has doubts for a moment but then she powers up and attacks Kid again. Kid gets teleported to another dimension with all her friends. Kid gets help from the other people like the Conductor and the Soul snatcher but the girl with the mustache is too powerful. If Kid had more life force, she could defeat the girl with the mustache. The people around her decision to make the ultimate sacrifice, they kill themselves and give their life force to Kid. As everyone is killing themselves and each other the girl with the mustache is looking around, did she cause this? The girl with the mustache blames Kid for this not being able to see that she has become pure evil. The girl with the mustache fully powers up and tries to kill Kid with a massive blast but Kid has become too strong with the life force of her friends. Kid takes the girl with the mustache down easily. Kid collects all the timepieces that the girl with the mustache had and resets the timeline, everyone comes back to life and the girl with the mustache is once again in mafia town, unaware of the timepieces power. Kid decides to lend her some power to fight the mafia.

Chapter 6 Arctic cruise (DLC)
Kid knows there are still some timepieces on the planet but she decides to take a vacation on this planet. She is going to get a cruise on a ship that has a close resemblance to the titanic. Kid encounters many friends that are also in for a vacation like the Soul Snatcher. She gets onboard the cruise ship and meets some new people like the seals. Everyone thinks the seals are very cute. They also have a huge garden on this ship! Kid senses the essence of a timepiece on the ship and starts to investigate. The seals have found a timepiece but they accidentally broke it! Kid can repair it but she first needs to find all the time shard pieces on the ship.  Kid manages to scrounge up all the shards and repair the timepiece!
Who would have guessed there would have been a timepiece on a cruise ship, and Kid senses another timepiece.

Kid decides to help the captain with some chores on the cruise ship to get information on where to find the next timepiece. The captain tells Kid that if she helps on the cruise ship, he can give her the next timepiece.
Kid needs to do the laundry and even bring clean some dishes but she can’t take too long or the captain gets angry. After completing enough chores the captain tells Kid that there is a timepiece in the lost and found box.
The cruise ship continues its course to Antarctica, Kid senses another timepiece and thinks she can take the wheel to steer the cruise ship to the timepiece but she fails and the cruise ship rams into an iceberg.
The cruise ship is sinking! Kid hears the screams of lost seal puppies that cannot swim yet. Kid dives back into the ship to rescue them and she succeeds but there are more people that need saving including the captain.
After Kid manages to save everyone, the captain mentions he found this timepiece on the iceberg very close to where the ship sank, how odd. Kid decides to go back to her ship. There might be one more place where there are some other timepieces left.

Chapter 7 Nyakuza Metro (DLC)
Kid visits a town that she has not been to before, it is filled with stations, trains, and a whole load of cats. She quickly finds a timepiece that is being stolen by a cat but she manages to knock him down and collect the timepiece.
Kid did not know there is a mafia here too but this is the cat mafia, the leader of the cat mafia takes the timepiece and hands Kid some money. The leader of the cat mafia tells Kid to meet her in the jewelry store.
The cat mafia wants more of the timepieces, and she wants Kid to collect them. Kid has no choice but to oblige at the moment.  Kid gets the clue to look at the yellow overpass first to gather some timepieces.

Kid finds her way to the yellow overpass and finds many trains with a kitten in front that is attached with a harness, yes indeed the trains are being pulled by kittens! Miaow! Kid climbs over the trains to collect the two timepieces in the yellow
overpass but each timepiece gets collected by the cat mafia. The leader of the cat mafia tells Kid that she can buy metro passes to reach new areas and that she needs to look at the green clean station. Kid manages to find two timepieces here as well but once again they get stolen by the cat mafia. Kid would be much happier with the timepieces than the money she gets for each timepiece. The leader of the cat mafia tells Kid once again where she needs to look for more timepieces, Bluefin tunnel is the next destination. Kid has gotten the hang of collecting timepieces by now and it does not take her much trouble but once again they get stolen by the cat mafia. Kid is thinking of a way to get them all back from the cat mafia but for now, she returns back to the leader of the cat mafia. There are only two pieces left in the pink paw section. Kid once again collects these timepieces and gives them to the cat mafia.

After the leader of the cat mafia has given Kid even more money, she leaves for the time being and Kid sees an opportunity. The leader of the cat mafia has left the door open to the vault because she trusts Kid after collecting the timepieces.
Kid sneaks inside and takes all the timepieces and tries to sneak out but the leader of the cat mafia catches her. She orders all cats to catch her alive so she can personally kill Kid. The reward for catching Kid is a million dollars! Kid runs for her life but at every corner, there are cats wanting to capture her. She decides to keep running but the leader of the cat mafia shows up and is aiming at her with a bazooka. Kid uses the rockets flying at her to open new paths to escape from the complete crowd. The leader of the cat mafia raises the bounty to two million dollars! Kid’s chances of escaping are getting really small but she sees an elevator that could lead her out of the Nyakuza Metro and back to her ship. When Kid enters the elevator, she encounters the leader of the cat mafia, everything seems to be going wrong but at the next elevator stop, two police cats enter the elevator. The leader of the cat mafia quickly runs away. One of the police cats gives Kid a timepiece, Kid decides to quickly get back to her ship.

The ending
This actually takes place after chapter five but for story purposes, I have put it after chapter seven since this seemed better to me.
Now that kid has gathered all the timepieces on this planet it is time to leave this strange planet, as she is getting ready to leave, she hears a sound at the window. Some of her friends are hanging on the window but she lets them know she really wants to go home before they all fall to the planet. No problem since we know people in this world always survive this. Kid activates the hyperdrive and enters the warp space with her ship. She will finally return home after her grand adventure.

There are a lot of gameplay elements in A Hat in Time, the most important thing in this game is to collect the timepieces. This is a 3D platformer with many puzzle aspects. You will have certain powers that can help you on your journey.
You can have six different hats, I will list them here and what ability they will give you. If you collect rift tokens that are scattered everywhere in A Hat in Time you can change their flair. They will look different but they will perform the same ability. Kid’s hat has a special flair that you can get for gaining all 56 timepieces. You can only craft a new hat after you have found one of the yarns that belong to that hat.
To make a new hat you will need enough yarn that you can find in all the chapters, for some yarn that is hidden in chapters you will need another hat power.

Kid’s hat
You will start with this hat and it has many different flairs, this is a hat that can give you a hint when you can’t find the timepiece in the level that you are currently playing.
When you use the ability of this hat a crosshair will zoom in through the walls towards timepiece, this will give you an idea of where the timepiece is hiding.
If you are at a level where you need to collect time shard pieces and you use your ability it will home into the closest shard.

Brewing hat
This hat will make you a mad alchemist that loves to throw potions that explode, this can be very useful to take down enemies.
You can also use this power to open certain crates or destroy objects. This power can help you collect many rift tokens or yarns.
You will need four yarns to craft this hat.

Sprinter hat
With the power of this hat, you can run and jump further. You can use this to reach places that are usually out of reach.
This power can be altered by using the scooter badge when you use this power when you have the scooter badge equipped to summon a scooter that you can ride.
You can’t jump very well with the scooter but it is the fastest means of normal traveling in A Hat in Time
You will need four yarns to craft this hat.

Ice hat
With this hate you will gain the power to ground pound, you will find certain platforms with a snowflake pattern on them.
When you use your power to ground pound on them you will reach a new area by flying away or going through the snowflake platform.
You will need to use this power a lot to collect all the items in this game.
You will need eight yarns to craft this hat.

Dweller mask
This mask is one of the most useful masks in the game, the game wants you to use this power a lot. When you use this power, you get an alternate vision that will make some walls disappear.
After the walls have disappeared you can walk through them to get to new areas. There are also some platforms that you can only see when using this power.
You will need twelve yarns to make this hat.

Time stop hat
This is the last hat that you will gain, this is used to stop time for a few seconds. If you need to make a jump but there is something dangerous in the way like a giant fireball you can use this power to slow the fireball down.
This hat is required to complete some races or to get to some collectibles. You will need 32 yarns to make this hat.

Other gameplay elements
You will also be able to equip weapons that you can use to smash enemies, there are only two weapons in the game, an umbrella and a baseball bat. The baseball bat can only be unlocked in the DLC.
There are also badges that can grant you new abilities like a Hookshot power. There are certain badges that you can unlock by continuing the story. To get other badges you will need to collect pons that is scattered around every world.
After you have collected enough pons you will need to find the shopkeeper, he looks very glitchy. You can also buy badges in Nyakuza Metro. Some badges are just bad, you can buy them for completing your collection.
You can only equip one badge but if you buy a badge pin you can equip more badges, the maximum badges you can equip at the same time is three.

When you have selected a chapter, you can select the act that you want to do but you can always just walk to another act. Beware not all acts are available from the beginning of a chapter. When you have completed enough acts, you can select the finale which is usually the last boss of that chapter. There are two open-world chapters, Alpine Skyline and Nyakuza Metro. You can complete them in one run without leaving if you don’t enter a time rift. The time rifts appear when you have completed enough acts but there are also hidden time rifts. To access the hidden time rifts you will need to complete a relic, you can find parts of a relic scattered in different chapters. When you think you have gathered all the relic pieces you will need a podium to build them. They are scattered in your hub the spaceship. You will need pons to activate them. If you are having trouble locating relics or rift tokens you can buy the special badge after gathering enough timepieces. There will be a new shop in your hub where you can buy the badge for 400 pons. If you equip this badge there will be an arrow that points you in the right direction. When you have collected enough rift tokens you can play a mini-game in your spaceship to gain new colors for your clothing and flairs for your hats.

Sound and Graphics
The graphics look cute and I thought at first this would be a great game for children but I soon learned that this game would give nightmares to children.
There where even a few levels that creeped me out, the sound really helps with this. There are many different soundtracks and sound effects.
The Subcon forest would literally scare every kid, especially the manor, living statues? Check! A dangerous monster that strangles you? Check! Something that eats your soul? Check!
I really love this game and the graphics; each chapter has something new to explore and nothing is rehashed.
I also love that you can relisten to music that you have won in the mini-game by collecting rift tokens.

What we thought of A Hat in Time after playing.
We really like couch co-op games, so when we learned this was a game like Super Mario Sunshine and there was co-op we started immediately.
We both liked the introduction of mafia town and that the game features different stories in each chapter. The powers have been handled very well also.
You can completely go out of sequence in this game, we played chapter four before chapter three! We both choose chapter three as our favorite because it was the creepiest.
We also liked the Soul snatcher as the most interesting non-playable character. Do you want to sign a contract? My wife tried to run away and not sign a contract but she got murdered by the Soul snatcher.
There might be a small chance we went insane playing this game, we planned a gaming marathon and played 12 hours straight (we did cook and might have had dinner somewhere along the road).
We hope there will be a new DLC in the future or A hat in Time 2. It would be pre-order worthy for us if it also has couch co-op.

We give this game a personal rating of 9.

Pros and Cons

– The game has couch co-op, I like most games that have the couch- co-op option.
– The graphics look amazing,  combined with the sound and sound effects this is a fun game to look at.
– The story is separated into many chapters but it all fits together.
– The characters that you meet are well designed, I like the snooping crows the most, no wait the Soul snatcher. Oh, dear.
– The upgrades of your hat and the badges that you collect add a whole lot to the game.
– There is a modding community if you can’t get enough of the game.
– There is a girl with a mustache, she is the antagonist, whoever thought of that is genius.

– There are a lot of bugs in this game but it is okay for how awesome this game is.
– Not everything is for casual players, also not everything in this game is for children.

I recommend this game to anyone that is looking for a fun game to play with someone else, did I mention there is an option in the DLC to play with 49 other people? Let the chaos reign supreme! (Do you even know 49 other people)? This is a really good platformer, it is not a Super Mario game but it is a fun game that awakens the completionist inside of you.
Thank you Lucky for requesting this game!
I give this game a…drumroll…


Leave your own thoughts in the comments or leave your own rating.
You can buy the game here: https://tinyurl.com/Buy-A-hat-in-Time
I hope you liked reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review.


  1. Didn’t know this game had many puzzle elements, so that’s cool. I also like the idea of being able to complete chapters out of order. NPCs sound really fun too, I love when games use them to make open environments feel lived in.

    Thanks for taking my request, I really appreciate it!

    • I really enjoyed this game a lot! Thank you so much for requesting this game. I and my wife loved it!


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