Our Hero! First Review

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Our Hero! First Review

Our Hero First is a role-playing game that puts you in the role of a simple peasant cat, while going to see the king a legendary artifact called the theoramas crystal gets stolen. Even though the king has many knights he chooses you to take back the theoramas crystal. The game consists of many different acts and every one of the acts has different themes and monsters. The game features a Zelda like battle system. Instead of encountering enemies and being transported to a battle screen, you will have to fight on the map by attacking the enemies. The enemies are very twitchy so you might need to try once or twice to hit them. In each act, you will find a different boss waiting for you at the end. Before you can enter the final boss castle you will need to free the four sages to break the spell and open the bridge. Does this seem familiar to anyone? You will find new equipment to increase your power or defense, leveling up will also increase your maximum health. You will be encountering hordes of enemies at once that you will need to dispatch. The game also features some puzzle elements and a few side quests to complete.

What did I think before playing Our Hero! First?
I discovered this game by accident, I look through my discovery queue from time to time and this game popped up! It looked amazing and the cats immediately attracted me.
The game features a hack and slash element and the art looked fun, I did not even recognize at first that the game is made in an RPG maker engine!
My guess is that the enemies and weapons are hand-drawn, without hesitation, I contacted the developer to see if they want their game reviewed by me.
I quickly received an answer, they also wanted a full video game walkthrough! You can find the link to the first part at the end of the review.
I installed the game and started recording the first part and I really loved making a recording while playing the game.

The story starts with you as a peasant going to see the king. When you visit the castle, you notice that the theoramas crystal has been stolen. You run towards the king so that you can notify him of this theft.
For some reason he makes you the hero that needs to retrieve the theoramas crystal, (does he not have knights for that)? The bandits are still in the castle and the King gives you a revolt sword with epic powers but for now, those powers are sealed.
You quickly rush to the bandits and start the fight. After defeating the bandits there is one cat that was leading them and he attacks you. After you manage to defeat him you decide to return to the king as it seems the castle is safe for now.
The king rewards you with a sword case that gives you the opportunity to switch swords. After leaving the castle you learn that you need to upgrade your revolt sword to get to the cemetery where the thief with the theoramas crystal went.
The smith offers to upgrade your revolt sword but he lost the manual to perform this task. You will need to head to the forest where the all eyed monster hides. You will learn a new skill in the forest that enables you to reach the all eyed monster. After fighting the all eyed monster, you gain the manual that the smith needs.

After returning to the village the smith upgrades your revolt sword, you are now able to reach the cemetery where the thief went with the theoramas crystal. You find out that the dead have come back to haunt you, since Ash of the evil dead is not around you will need to find a way to get rid of the zombies yourself. Your attacks do zero damage but after finding a new sword called the zombie’s bane you are able to defeat the zombies. After finding your way through the cemetery you manage to find the backyard of the castle. It is being attacked by the thief with the theoramas crystal. It seems the theoramas crystal has the ability to raise the dead, it can also animate objects that have never been alive. The thief summons a giant blob that attacks you. After you have defeated the giant blob it seems the thief has disappeared. You will need to chase after the thief, you will need to go through the water city to continue your journey. You find your way to the water city and enter the city without hesitation. You find a friendly cat that teaches you a secret about the theoramas crystal that lets you control a few of the weak undead. There is a cat that tries to stop you but he is immune to your sword. You control him and let him walk into a hole. You can now continue your way in the water city, it does not take long before you reach a new village.

In the new village, you can see the final boss’s castle but you can’t cross the bridge. There is one sage that explains that you will need the other four sages to cross the bridge. You are the hero of this story so there is only one thing that you can do. You will need to rescue the sages before you can continue your quest. Your first trip is to the volcano where you need to defeat the fire dragon, your second trip is to the desert where you need to defeat a magical monster. The third trip is to the ice fields where you learn after defeating the cousin of the all eyed monster that the sage was already free. In the dark forest, you will need to find the last sage. You find the thief that has stolen the theoramas crystal but he did not expect you yet, he summons a giant plant and then flees. After defeating the giant plant, you pursue him but you encounter the bandit that you have killed in the castle a long time ago. He is now a zombie! After putting him down once again you are able to free the last sage. With all the sages freed you can now enter the final bosses castle.

In the final boss’s castle, you find many undead cats that have been resurrected and you must fight hard to slay them once again. A whole army attacks you but there is no giving up now! After defeating the complete army of the final boss, you decide to face him. It seems it has come to this final duel! You battle the final boss and an epic duel is being fought between good and evil! Good prevails as our hero wins but he spares the final boss and lets him live. As you walk up to claim the theoramas crystal the king barges in and congratulates you on defeating the final boss. Before you can claim the theoramas crystal your goodness pays a price, the final boss jumps inside the theoramas crystal and transforms into a huge ugly monster. Another epic duel starts but evil has no chance to win. After defeating the final boss and killing him this time you finally take back the theoramas crystal. When you are back at the castle there is a party to celebrate your heroic deeds.

In Our Hero First, you will need to complete nine acts while making your character stronger to survive the onslaught of many enemies that want to kill you. There are many different swords and accessories that you can find, some of the equipment can be found in the acts and other equipment will need to be bought in the shops. The gold in this game is called Dindini. If you are lucky you might even find a sword as a drop from an enemy. The accessories are expensive and more for the end game. Your health points depend on the level that you are. Killing many enemies and completing side quests are a good way to level up your character. Increasing your level will also increase your attack and defense. Some of the swords that you will find have special powers that will give you an extra skill. You can only have one skill equipped when you have the right sword equipped. You will need to use energy to cast this special skill, when you run out of energy you can use a regenerator. If you are in need of health you can either level up or eat some meat. There are some obstacles that need to be destroyed with special skills or a special sword called the destroyer sword. The revolt sword can be upgraded multiple times.
When you are in combat you can jump over obstacles or enemies to try and dodge incoming attacks or to separate yourself from a group of enemies. When the combat ends you are not able to jump anymore, if you want to jump in the acts outside of the combat you will need to find puddles. These will launch you to new platforms. In some of the acts, you will also find puzzles where you will need to control some minions or avoid boulders. (These boulders are not friendly). Some bosses need a special way to be defeated, other bosses can be smashed into pieces. You can find a trophy hall in the castle where you can see what weapons you have collected and which non-playable characters you have met. When you have defeated the final boss, you can visit the arena to win more rewards and gain experience points.

Sound and Graphics
The graphics are the standard that I am used to with RPG maker but the hand-drawn cats really make the kingdom come alive.
There are many different soundtracks and sound effects, they were all enjoyable.

What did I think of Our Hero! First after playing?
I really enjoyed the drawing of the cats and that the game is made with RPG maker. The story is not complicated but it is very enjoyable. I liked the gameplay as well, the game is not too big but fun.
The story also reminded me of a lot of the Legend of Zelda the Ocarina of Time when I needed to find the sages to create a bridge to the final boss’s castle. I did enjoy every act and they all have different aesthetics and enemies.
The puzzles were very simple but it gave a nice change of pace to the constant combat as that is what makes the most of the game. The combat is done very nicely except for the twitching.
The video walkthrough was a very fun experience that I hope to be able to do these for more games in the future. The most important factor that attracted me to this game is off course, the cats.
In my opinion, this is a perfect game that you could finish in one Sunday, a small lovely role-playing game.

My personal rating for this game is 7.8

Pros and Cons

– The world is filled with cats and the graphics look good.
– The combat is the best part of Our Hero First, I enjoyed the combat in this game.
– The story is enjoyable and funny, there were not many grammatical errors.
– There are nine acts to explore and they all look different instead of them sharing the same tileset.
– You can keep track of the weapons you have collected, you can also see all the non-playable characters that you have met.
– There is post-game content to explore, the arena pits you against many enemies, you will need to defeat as many enemies as possible in a short time.
– Miaow!
– There are not many side quests to explore.
– The game is small but enjoyable.
– The enemies are sometimes very hard to hit, they keep twitching.

I really liked playing this game and it was a whole lot of fun making a video walkthrough of this game. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a small but fun role-playing game, also if you like cats you will love this game.
I give this game a …drumroll…


Leave your thoughts in the comments or leave your own rating.
You can begin the full video walkthrough here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCNkvsxqWHA&t=58s
You can purchase the game here
I hope you liked reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review.


  1. Thank you for the review, man!
    It's really helpful and well written :3

    • Thanks, I loved working with you!

  2. Thanks a lot for the review!


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