In the Deep Deep Cave Review

How deep can you go into the Deep Deep Cave?

In the Deep Deep Cave Review

We will be looking at a new platformer today only released for on android so far. It is a simple platformer and nothing wild. You will need to maneuver through a Deep Deep Cave, wow this cave is really deep!
It is not just a normal cave though there is gold to find here and loads of snakes and bats! You will also encounter deathly booby traps and these will really hurt. Let’s explore this really Deep Deep Cave and see what lies in the end!
There is no real story except that you are lost, or venturing in a Deep Deep Cave? It is not made exactly clear in the game? I will not make a story section in this review.

What did I think of Deep Deep Cave before playing?
I got approached by Pavel the developer if I wanted to review his game on Android. I tried but I really disliked Android so Pavel was nice to port it to windows for me.
The game looked like a normal platformer and I saw nothing special to entice me but I do like platformers so I tried it out.
I booted up the game and rushed through it like there was no tomorrow, my initial feeling was the difficulty was a bit low and the game is unbalanced.
I did manage to collect some gold coins but there seems to be no reason why these coins exist?

In the Deep Deep Cave, you will need to find your way through many levels and solve some small puzzles to reach new areas. In every level, you will need to find the exit door that will either lead further into the cave or towards the exit.
When you die you will need to restart from the beginning of the level. You have three hearts and if you encounter a snake or a bat, these want to take the hearts away from you. Whatever you do don’t get hit because sometimes they take one heart but they can also take all of them at once! The same goes for the booby traps in the cave. The spikes will always kill you in one hit and the darts will sometimes take all your hearts and other times they don’t.
Other puzzles will need you to push some barrels around or jump on blocks that will fall if you stand on them too long. The bats move upwards and downwards to halt your progress and the snakes will slither from left to right to halt your progress. You will encounter many moving platforms that you will need to ride to get to the other side which usually leads to the next level. There will also be booby traps that come from the sealing to crush you instantly and these usually contain secrets on top of them. These also don’t run in sync and they will randomly come down, there is no pattern so these will just be a bothersome trap to you. There will also be levers for you to activate to open doors to the exit. You can collect coins in the cave but I have not found a single reason yet why you should collect them.
There is no high score or shop in sight that would make the coins useful. There are a few bugs here and there that bother the game but they don’t happen too often. Except for the jumping not working as intended.

Sound and Graphics
The graphics are 8-bit retro style but it does not look very polished except for the snakes and bats. I can’t make out all the details in the Deep Deep Cave. Even though it is not fully polished you can see well enough what to do in the game or what and who is going to kill you.
The sound and sound effects are okay but they are nothing too spectacular.

What Did I think of Deep Deep Cave after playing?
I did like the game but only for a one hour before I finished it, it has no replay value and the levels don’t change so you can easily memorize the layout from completing one run.
The snakes and bats move very un-creaturely but more like static robots that have no A.I to enact how an attacking snake or bat would look like. There are also no attack animations when the snake should be biting you.
There is also no second to reposition yourself because when you get hit you don’t get immunity to get away from the danger. Chances are you are going to get stuck and die, that is if for some unknown reason they do not take all three hearts at once. The game was to easy and lacks a challenge for me, it might be a bit challenging for a casual gamer. I always love to add another game to my beaten list but other than that this is a game I will soon forget.

My personal rating for this game is a 5.4

Pros and Cons

– I do love the 8-bit retro style that the in the Deep Deep Cave uses.
– The bats and snakes look like little moving robots, they made me chuckle.
– The game has more levels than I had thought.
– The game is available in the play store for free.

– The graphics are not very detailed in the game which is always a shame, this could have made the game leave more of an imprint.
– The snakes and bats are not a real threat since they move so predictable.
– There is no story in the Deep Deep Cave, it is also not clear if you are trying to escape the cave or venturing deeper into the Deep Deep cave.
– There is no ending in the Deep Deep Cave, at the end you will find a black screen. You won’t even get a thank you for playing the game message.
– The game is only on android, the controls are hard for a platformer when you need to react quickly on a mobile phone.
– There are wacky hitboxes
– Jumping sometimes does not work for no clear reason. This has led me to fall to my death many times.
– Some booby traps have no clear pattern but work randomly even though for the puzzle it is required to learn the pattern.

I would recommend this game to people that are looking for a small platformer to absorb your time but not if you are looking for a story in a game.
I give this game a …drumroll…


The game was fun for a short time to play but I was also glad when I could move on to my next game, this is a mediocre game for the android.
Don’t forget that it is free to play in the play store!
Leave your own thoughts in the comments.
I hope you liked reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review.

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