Paradise Killer Review

Can you find the Paradise killer and solve this crime!?

Paradise Killer Review

There has been a murder on paradise 24, wait hold up paradise 24? The council members from the syndicate have been murdered in a private room that has been sealed by four holy seals, no one but the council members can enter so who could have murdered them!? Paradise 25 has already been made since a demon possession ten years ago has killed paradise 24 but the murder needs to be solved before the rest of the people can go to paradise 25. Paradise 25 is also called the perfect 25. What happened to all the other islands? They all died after a long sequence which usually ended in catastrophic ways. Who committed this murder and why? What is the reason someone would want to kill council members of the syndicate? If only there was an investigator that could solve this crime called the paradise killer! The judge summons you, Lady Love Dies to solve the crime. Lady Love Dies has been in exile since Paradise 13 when she was seduced by a god to end the Paradises forever. Many, and I really want to say many years have passed since then. You will need to investigate the murder and find out why and maybe you can even get back to paradise 25 and out of exile.
I will not make a story section since this game is an open-world adventure where you can craft your own story, you will find your own facts to see if you can find the murderer. You will even need to do the trial in your own way! You need to be careful since the person that you accuse will be executed if found guilty by the judge. You will need to gather enough evidence to also back up your case!

What did I think of Paradise Killer before playing? 
I was just approved to request keys for reviewing on a big website where I had just gotten the key for Mortal Shell when a news message popped up.
Paradise Killer was announced and you could request a steam key. I checked on the game and it looked great, open-world exploring while solving a murder?
The characters look like Japanese anime characters and the names also fit, there are characters with names like Witness to the End.
The graphics are unique and stunning but the open-world seemed very empty and not many non-playable characters. I soon learned many people already moved to Perfect 25 and the civilians have been sacrificed.
Yes, you read that right, all civilians got sacrificed. The world suddenly just clicked and made sense, of course, it would be a bit emptier!
I was one of the first people to play the game before it even launched and it made me feel special that I was one of the chosen ones to review Paradise Killer.
I was glad the developers liked my coverage plan and I downloaded and installed the game immediately.

I booted up the game and started the game, I set the adult modifier off. Luckily this was the wise choice because When I began the game, I encountered a demon that had a smiley face on where his genitals are supposed to be. Glad I did not have to see that! My wife really liked the murder mystery aspect of the game and she watched me play the game every time I started playing.
The rude language will be covered with * signs. I quickly found a computer named Starlight and got started on investigating the murder.

I will of course not tell you who has committed the crime! That would be way to easy and even if you knew it you would still need to find evidence. I highly suggest that you don’t look up anything on the internet or in the reviews that will appear online more and more as time goes on. This game is much better if you go in blind and start the investigation without help. I will go into detail on how about the game works so you can get started on your investigation, I hope you accuse the right person or an innocent person will die and the guilty person will slip away!

You play as Lady Love Dies(Henceforth called Lady) who comes out of exile and you will need Starlight to record all your findings. Starlight will record what people say and it can also analyze evidence. Starlight can also hack into computers, this will lead you into areas that you are not supposed to be but what evidence will await you there? In the beginning, Starlight will have only one hacking set called, Goat. You can find more upgrades on Paradise 24. There is a total of four upgrades that you will need to access all the areas on the island. You will need to complete side quests to gain the other upgrades and one can be found in the shop. I won’t give any hints you will need to figure this out yourself it feels much better!
Once you have collected Starlight you can go back to Paradise 24 and start your investigation. You cannot reach the council members that have been murdered since they are behind four holy seals. In your investigation, you will need to find out how to get through the holy seals to scan the crime scene. You can talk to people on the island to get more leads on anything that you are investigating. If you cannot find some people you can use a special skill that tells you exactly where people are and how far away they are. Some characters won’t show up like the ghosts on the island.

There are many people on the island and you will need to interrogate them all but whenever a new lead turns up you might need to revisit some people. Who is guilty and who is innocent? You will find much evidence on the island and you will need to use your smarts to figure it out. There are many puzzles on the island that you will need to solve to either reach new leads or new characters to interrogate. There are many different places to investigate but luckily you also have a map.
Next to leads you will find many different items on the island that can help you with your investigation or just for other items like blood crystals. Blood crystals are the currency that you will need on Paradise 24, there is a shop where you can buy secrets and an upgrade for Starlight. You can also buy some Starlight skins to alter the look of your menu. There are many Starlight skins to collect but the shop is not the only place where you can get the skins. You can also get the starlight skins at payphones which are the most important feature in Paradise Killer. The game does not use an autosave feature so you will need to save at a payphone each time. You can also unlock fast travel points at payphones but you will need to pay one blood crystal. You will also get Starlight skins with each fast travel point unlocked. Blood crystals can be found all over the island. You will also find relics of the citizens that have been sacrificed, some of the ghosts even linger around and have side quests for you.

You will also find keys that can be inserted into special slots to gain new items. These crests are usually region bound and this can be identified by colors. There are many and I do mean many items to find all over Paradise 24 but some of them are unreachable in the beginning even though it is an open-world game and you can visit all areas immediately. You will need some blood crystals and then find a footbath, yes indeed, a footbath. These footbaths are very important as these will learn you new skills when you pay them five blood crystals. You can learn to double jump to get on roofs or other high places that you otherwise cannot reach. If you wish there was an easier way to find all the items scattered on Paradise 24 but you don’t want to look up information to get spoiled, this game has the perfect answer. One of the hidden footbaths can learn you to meditate, meditating will show you all the items that want to be collected. You might be a bit in shock if you get the skill early on and use this skill. You will also find the demon called Shinji all over the island but usually, he mutters some nonsense but sometimes some important information comes out of him.

Can you get all the information to build a good case and find the guilty person for the murders? It is a life you hold in the balance but just finding the person and accusing him/her /it won’t be the end of the game. You will need to go through a trial and use your evidence against the person that murdered the council.  In the trial the judge will ask you questions and what evidence you have found. You will need to go through all evidence and find the guilty person. You get one last chance to interrogate the suspects and make Perfect 25 a safe place for all people and the syndicate. When the judge agrees with your case you will need to execute the person that committed the crime. There is a lot more to Paradise Killer but I won’t spoil anything more for you, these hints on how mechanics work will get you started with your investigation!

Sound and Graphics
The graphic style is anime/manga and you will see this in all characters. The environment is gorgeous and the world looks stunning. There are so many places to explore and it took me a little bit before I learned the complete map out of my head.  I really liked exploring the world and finding new places even when I almost was at the end. I was almost ready to accuse someone after collecting all relics on the island and then I even found a new area to explore!
The sound is really good but the characters don’t read what they say so I hope you are ready for a lot of reading work! If you don’t read what the characters say you will mess up the case. The sound was good, you can find new music on the island, and the music changes per zone that you are in but you can also swap this yourself in the Starlight menu. It fits into the game well and you can select the one that you want.

What did I think of Paradise Killer after playing?
I enjoyed the game a lot and I got sucked into the case in a whirlwind of leads and my wife was also helping me and she was like, that person has something to do with it I know for sure!
So we talked a lot about who could have done it and why. I liked exploring the island and finding new upgrades to get to new areas where I found more leads to interrogate people.
It feels realistic when people slip up and tries to hide things and you realize they are lying so you are going to snoop around more. There are enough people on the island that could have been up to something!
When I found out I could gain new skills I was amazed at how wonderful this game is crafted. There are so many event triggers that make the game feel realistic. I worked really hard on figuring out how everything is connected.
When I finally found all items on the island and thought I had all the leads I went in to accuse the person I thought it was, my wife dropped literally everything and came sit next to me. She was glad when I picked the person, she thought it was.
That person was really shady and he got executed for his/her/its crimes. I was so shocked when I learned I also need to present the case and defend my evidence but luckily the judge ruled in my favor! It felt epic when I concluded this story!
This was one rollercoaster ride and I would not miss this If I were you!

My personal rating is a 9.7
This was such an epic game, I have done a few murder mystery games but I always knew who did it in within an hour. This game had me twisting and turning from suspect to suspect. You should really play this game if you like a murder mystery or solving a difficult mystery.

Pros and Cons

– You get to investigate a brutal murder and find out which sick person did it.
– You can explore a huge open world on Paradise 24, the world does not feel empty but instead, it just feels right.
– There are skills and upgrades to gain to access new areas.
– Finding new leads feels great when you think you have things figured out and this new lead turns everything upside down.
– There are many people to interrogate and Starlight records the most important things people mention.
– You can hack cameras to check people’s alibis or even trace their phones!
– There are also puzzles for you to solve which can be hard sometimes but it feels great when you solve them.

– You will need to read a lot in Paradise Killer, if you are not interested in reading a lot this is not the game for you.

This game is perfect, I do not play much of these games since most of them feel weak or very clear who committed the crime. This game took me by surprise on how amazing it is. I recommend this to everyone that is looking to solve a murder mystery or explore a giant abandoned island.
I give this game a…drumroll…


Leave your own thoughts in the comments or leave your own rating.
You can buy the game here
I hope you liked reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review.


  1. Nice big island

    • supersven

      There is a lot to explore, including some secret facilities where evidence resides!

  2. Javier del Ríos

    It looks really interesting.

  3. I didn't know this game exist. Thanks for the review.

  4. Ray -

    Open World Murder Mystery? You have my attention 🤣

    • supersven

      Can you find the real killer!?

  5. Graphics are so cool, although I think amotion blur is too blurry.

    • supersven

      I might have had to disable that, sometimes I forget to turn off the motion blur!

  6. After watching the gameplay and review I think I'll add this game to my wishlist, it looks really cool :0

  7. Samet Yalçın

    Your pc has repaired i guess. Have a good day!

    • supersven

      I received it today, thanks for asking!

  8. jett cameron

    "You will need to read a lot in Paradise Killer"

    not a problem, this quick save and load flawless L.A Noire detective is on the case

    • supersven

      Glad to hear that you are interested in text games!

  9. Getting Danganronpa vibes from this game. looks fun!

  10. Vaclav Slavetinsky

    I actually love text heavy games - Disco Elysium I am looking at you 🙂

    • supersven

      I never played that game, what is it about?

  11. I've never played a murder mystery game before, but this one looks really interesting.

    • supersven

      I hope you buy the game and have a great time!

  12. yes i though it is interesting game and this review confirm this!

  13. Looks very nice. I've had it on my wishlist ever since it released on Steam.

  14. Roman

    Nice review!

  15. Nice review

  16. Nice review, it looks like the developers took their inspiration from Danganronpa.

  17. Nice review I guess I should check out this game

    • supersven

      You will not be disappointed!

  18. like the name paradise killer, sounds cool

  19. Looks great


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