E.V.O Search for Eden

Get ready to evolve from a fish all the way to a mermaid!

E.V.O Search for Eden

Get ready to evolve but what creature will you become? This SNES game works both as an evolving game and a role-playing game. You will gain evolve points that you can use to make your own creature.
In each age, you will lose all evolve points and get new options to evolve into. You will start as a fish and can evolve all the way up to a human! You will need to fight to survive this difficult trial.
You will need to help Gaia and get to the garden of Eden but something is wrong with the evolution chain and you are the chosen one. You will fight sharks, amphibians, dinosaurs, mammoths, and monkey humans. There are many more different enemies that will fight you. There are bosses that can destroy you within seconds and the difficulty sometimes exceeds that of Dark Souls. You will die and need to learn patterns of the boss but there are tricks for healing if you know how to. This game is one of the few videogames that use the evolution theory and makes it into a wonderful game.
I will not feature a story section as this game will just follow the evolution chain and you will make sure it happens as it supposed to go. The gameplay and story will be fused together as this game is very story-driven in the gameplay.

What did I think of E.V.O search for Eden?
This game won first place along with super Mario World which was kind of surprising to have two winners! It has happened before but it was a neck on neck race all through the poll.
I was really interested in both games so I was glad I could review them both but the chance is high that this game would have come in the future anyway but I was really glad to see other people wanted E.V.O search for Eden reviewed as well.
I started up the game and my wife came towards me and looked at the screen and saw the beautiful fish I needed to play with and she looked at me and I knew what she wanted immediately. I passed on the other half of the keyboard and just told here A was for attacking and thus a co-op challenge started. I got control of the walking buttons that also included aiming, my wife would control the attack and jump buttons but jumping came later when we got on land.
We were on one line with how we wanted to evolve our creature and our teamwork made quick work of the first chapter but on land, things got more challenging!

In E.V.O search for Eden, you are the chosen one by Gaia to evolve into a land creature and restore every era as something is going wrong with evolution. In every era, you will need to evolve and solve the problems that arise.
You will start as a fish-based creature that needs to defeat a giant shark that wants to rule the sea! You will gain experience points when defeating other creatures like the trilobite and more. These experience points are called evolution points and you can use these to level up but not in the normal way, you will need to choose what body part you are going to upgrade and in which form. This will make you a hideous Frankenstein monster to either get the best buffs or just a pretty face that gets eaten quickly. You will find special crystals that can give you super transform powers, these will turn you into different creatures like a ray. You will have an overworld map where you can select which mission you are going to try but you can’t swap from one era to another era. Make sure you have done everything you want to do before you continue to the next era.

In the second era, you can finally walk on land but you lose your evolution powers of the previous era. You can now become an amphibian, the first to walk the earth. You will be in a new overworld map with new routes to take. You will also encounter new enemies and friends. You will be guided by Gaia on what to do in this era and that is to find the insect that is messing with the evolution chain. Something is going wrong but who could possibly have the power to mess with evolution? After you have evolved enough and defeated the king and queen bee you can move on as this era has been saved. In the third era, you will encounter the giant lizards that roam the earth, the dinosaurs are among us! You are also a dinosaur, will you have four legs or two legs? Are you going to learn to fly or will you keep walking the land? There is a fierce T-rex that needs to be defeated but you are just a lowly slow lizard. You will need to evolve and walk through this giant map to finally save this era. I and my wife have recorded playing this whole era with a webcam for you to watch! It took us about 3 hours of gaming and lots of challenges awaited us.

When you have finally defeated the T-rex something horrible happens! The asteroids are coming down from the skies and meteors are coming down to earth. Gaia helps you escape into the next era but you will see a brutal cutscene that gave me goosebumps. It was really hard to see this cutscene, you saw all these dinosaurs mean and friendly getting crushed by asteroids and their dead babies or live partners next to them. No, I am not kidding. After this cutscene, you will continue to the fourth era, the ice age.
You will once again lose all your evolution points and then you will become a new creature. You will now become a mammal that has to grow to fight the yeti. You will go through the ice age with difficult fights but after you have grown enough you will have to fight the yeti family. When you have killed the yeti mom and dad you will see a yeti baby screaming. He is screaming Mommy, Daddy!!! Yes, this game is brutal and it will smash hard things in your face.

You will start in the last era where you will stay a mammal but you can evolve into a human if you want to. There is something wrong in this era and you have now learned there is an entity that has been messing with the evolution chain and that the creature is close.
You will find many things from other eras but also some new ones. There are a few dinosaurs left but most of them have gone extinct. After journeying a lot, you find Bolblox, he wants to be the strongest creature and wants to rule with Gaia. You will need to defeat Bolblox. After defeating him you will get led into a new era with a new ability, Intelligence.

Sound and Graphics
We liked the music and sound effects a lot, we can both still hear the music from the Bronto level when we close our eyes.
The graphics are very nostalgic and look very good for the SNES. We loved to create new parts for our creature as it slowly turned into a hideous Franken monster.

What did we think of E.V.O search for Eden after playing?
We added a lot of difficulty by doing a co-op challenge and playing together but we had a lot of fun in doing so.
We liked the game a lot and the dinosaur age was the best of them all except for the ending scene.
E.V. O. search for Eden has a unique gameplay element with all the evolving and the exploration of the new eras.
My wife and I do more co-op together than you could ever imagine we have been doing games together for more than 11 years!
This comes in real handy when playing together when you both control the same creature. This was a lovely experience and I wish there were more modern games like this but alas they are rare.
We would really recommend this game to many people who love Spore or evolving games.

Our personal rating is 8.

Pros and Cons

– The graphics look stunning for the SNES.
– The evolving system and traveling through eras is very unique.
– The game has more gameplay hours than you might think.
– The difficulty is higher than Dark Souls, prepare for death as this is a SNES game and it will beat your behind many times over.
– There are loads of enemies and different bosses to fight.

– The fifth era has no new evolution upgrade path.
– There are some brutal cutscenes that are truly grueling.

We recommend this game to everyone that loves evolution games, this is a really difficult game but we had so much joy in playing this game.
We give this game a …drumroll…


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I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review.

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