Pandemony Review

Create your own character and decide it's path in Pandemony

Pandemony Review

Get ready to travel back to the time when old-school graphics ruled the world and explore this new world of Pandemony. There are many side quests and things to do in Pandemony and you can create your own adventure and also choose your own starting class. You can find multiple quest lines that you can complete for rewards. There are some balancing issues in the game and there was a game-breaking bug at the end of the game but the developer was so kind to fix that particular bug. I have endured many crashes with this game and I had to start over twice with a completely new file due to a save file not working on another version of the game, this other version fixed the crashing of the game. There are some problems with the game that you will encounter, the game is fairly unbalanced and can be broken quite easily. You could get overpowered and destroy all enemies within thirty minutes of the game if you know what you are doing. You can choose multiple classes but you won’t get an information screen on what their skills are or what they get as a bonus item. This is quite a big oversight. Pandemony tries to create an open-world experience, it succeeds in this area but it is sometimes hard to find out what you need to do.

What did I think of Pandemony before playing?
I don’t remember exactly how I found this game anymore but I do remember that it looked very exciting. The idea of old school graphics with an open-world exploration system sounded good.
Pandemony allowed jumping which was also a great addition to a game like this. The game promised a lot of replay value by choosing one of the new classes or a different temple.
The game is also free to play for anyone who would like to try out Pandemony. I installed the game and started as a fighter and I did find some game-breaking bugs in the beginning but most of those are already fixed now!

You are the hero of the story and you need to save the world and defeat the villain. The villain is a dark elf named Zero and you will need to get the tri keys before Zero does. You can do this in any way that you like since this is an open-world game. Whatever you do, you will fail at collecting the tri-keys before Zero, after Zero has collected the tri keys he will travel to an island to awaken an evil deity. The evil deity is called Zephyr but he gets awakened too early and you will need to fight Zero. After fighting Zero you will obtain the tri-keys and learn that Zero was brainwashed by Zephyr. You will need to face the three aspects that sleep in the tri-temples. After you have defeated all the aspects of Zephyr you will need to face Zephyr himself but he is severely weakened. After defeating Zephyr, you get crowned to a Lord and you can rest on a new island for a nice vacation. Or will something else happen during your vacation?

You start Pandemony at the docks where you need to select a class before your character arrives in the beginning town, you cannot see what each character does or what they get for bonus items. I hope this will be made in a newer version of Pandemony. I choose the fighter class which gave me a bonus item called the crush ring, this allowed me to crush big boulders and reach some areas faster. You can visit any of the three castles that you need to visit for the main story first. You can choose a temple and this comes with an associated questline and a new character that joins your cause. You can have a maximum party of four characters but there are more characters that can join your party. You can store them at an inn or retrieve them. Levels up are really slow and by the end, I was level 10 but I did kill Zephyr. I used three characters and I crushed every enemy with ease! You can buy stat upgrades in one of the towns and they are very cheap but you gain a lot of gold in this game. Visiting the castles will net you a fair amount of gold to upgrade your main character quickly to godly status within the first fifteen minutes of playing. You can get strong enough to easily solo Zephyr.
I hope this exploit gets fixed in a newer version of the game. You can jump in this game to reach new areas or even jump on roofs. I found many places where you can jump out of the map or even create shortcuts by jumping over gates.

The battles are a front view and you will see the back of your party. You can choose if you want to attack or use magic to defeat your enemies. Magic works a bit different in this game, you will find the spells hidden in secret places but that does not mean you can use it yet! You will need to equip the spell and gain ability points to fully learn the spell. After you have learned the spell you can equip another spell to learn that one. With the exploit, you can easily make your fighter a mage!
The final boss is way too weak, I killed him before he could even touch me! I was able to paralyze, stun, and confuse him the whole fight. You will gain Zero as an ally in the endgame but I found this a bit cliché, to be honest. I let him tag along but I did not even bother to give him equipment. The items that you can equip are very cheap in the shop and you can get the strongest equipment at the beginning of the game. You will need to pay attention since new characters will always be naked.
The world felt a bit empty and I think it should have been a bit bigger or needed more villages or special events, something different than either a dungeon or a village/castle would be fine.

Sound and Graphics
The sound and sound effects were fine and I do not have anything special to say about them.
The graphics are indeed old-school and they look pleasant on the eye but that might be me being nostalgic.

What did I think of Pandemony after playing?
The premise of Pandemony is amazing but this game might have need some more beta testing before going live. There are many errors, bugs, and exploits in this game.
The game was fun to play but, in the beginning, it kept crashing and I needed to switch to a different version but the save file was not compatible so I had to start over. I also needed to start over another time because I got stuck in the walls and I accidentally saved when I wanted to load an older save file. Once I learned of the exploit, I could finish the game within an hour. This game has a great foundation but it needs a lot more polishing and fixes and then it could become a great game. The story was really cliché and bad but the humor was a nice touch. I would not play this game quickly anytime soon but rather wait until it had lots of updates.

My personal rating for this game is a 3.8
I would have given the game a higher personal rating but the game crashes make my personal rating drop a lot!

Pros and Cons

– An old-school open world game where you can do whatever you would like to do.
– You can create a custom party that is to your liking.
– You can jump in Pandemony which opens up new possibilities.
– There are many side quests to explore, these side quests are usually associated with the temples and guilds that you find in the game.
– The spell system is unique.

– The story is very cliché and badly written.
– There are many game-breaking bugs but luckily some of them have already been fixed.
– You can exploit the game and become a god within thirty minutes of playing the game.
– There are not many different equipment items to be found at the time of writing this review.
– The open-world feels a little bland.

This game can be very fun the first time around but I do not feel like replaying the game at all. I would recommend this game if you like old-school games.
I give this game a…drumroll…


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