Mr. Cheesy review

Can you escape your fate?

Mr. Cheesy review

Get ready for the longest retro grater slide ever! There is one tiny problem with sliding down this infinite grater, you are a piece of cheese and they want to serve you in a pasta dish! You must be an Emmentaler cheese if you are good for pasta!
If that does not make you shiver while trying to escape ending up in a pasta dish there is a hungry mouse army on the loose. Squeak, a yummy piece of cheese is escaping! Can you escape the army of mice and escape your fate of being used to make a pasta dish delicious?

You will encounter power-ups to stop the mice from eating you and some other power-ups! The game was created fairly quickly for a game jam called the Ludum Dare 46, this game was made by a solo developer within 72 hours! I have played the game both on Android and on the computer, I advise you to play the Android version, it will cost you one euro though! The android version has more upgrades and different mice! Are you ready to slide forever in this adventure to escape your final destiny?
Mr. Cheesy will not feature a story section as there is no story to be found in this game except for trying to escape your destiny of ending up in a pasta dish!

What did I think before playing Mr. Cheesy?
I received an e-mail from the developer of Mr. Cheesy if I might be interested in reviewing his game.
I take all these requests very seriously so I immediately checked out what kind of game Mr. Cheesy is.
I saw a piece of cheese sliding down a long grater being chased by a mouse and eventually, the mouse looked very happy, the cheese did not.
It looked very retro and the graphics looked very good for someone that only had 72 hours to create the game, there is also a powerup to defeat the mouse.
I was very interested to review Mr. Cheesy but it was on Android so I needed to think about it first.
Despite my personal lack of interest in Android games I decided to review Mr. Cheesy and I received a code for the game from the developer.
I gave the game high expectations otherwise I would not have accepted this offer.

I give this game a rating of 7.0 based on the graphics and gameplay that I have seen before playing the game.
I was really interested to see if the game held up to my expectations or not.

You will need to slide to the left or right to escape the grating, being grated also slows you down. The mouse will keep chasing you and when you slow down, he will try to eat you! You don’t want to end up as mouse food, right? The idea in Mr. Cheesy is to gain as many points as possible before getting grated or eaten alive. Almost everything you do will grant you more points, as of writing I managed to end up on place five in the leaderboard!

You will need to look forward as much as possible to see which way you need to choose, there are also fire plates that will burn you. Being burned does not slow you down but you will lose more health points compared to being grated. You can see your health points in the top right of the screen. The mouse will always defeat you in one hit, there is no escape possible! If you get burned or grated you will need to find little pieces of cheese to refill your health points. In the beginning, you will have more time to slide to the right side but as you get further down the grater slide you will go faster and have less time to decide which side you are going to slide to. When you get further down the grater slide you will sometimes notice one of the three lanes is missing, if you slide to one of the missing lanes you will fall off the grater slide.

You can find power-ups while sliding down the grater, there are two kinds of power-ups available at the moment of writing. One power-up makes you immune to being grated for five seconds, this is very effective in a pinch. The other power-up is a mousetrap, three guesses what this will do! If you place the mousetrap you can kill the mouse and finally be free from the mouse but lo and behold another mouse appears! The mouse will even have a different color, the mouse is usually also faster compared to the last mouse you have encountered. When the pink mouse is defeated the first mouse will come back, he has escaped from the mousetrap and wants revenge! If you misplace the mousetrap the mouse might dodge the trap. After you have been defeated you will need to restart again and try to do better!

I rate the gameplay a 7.1.
The gameplay is good and it has something addictive to it, just one more try to get a better high score! I did not find a button to pause the game which was a con for me.

Sound and Graphics
The graphics are retro but they are very good, you can clearly see that the mouse wants to eat you! The developer did a good job of creating this game within 72 hours for the Ludum Dare. The sound has a nice retro ring to it and the sound effects even made me chuckle! The mouse makes a wonderful sound when you trap it in the mousetrap. The cheese piece looks very funny and does not like being burned, this was an extra touch to the graphics that I liked.

I rate the sound and graphics of Mr. Cheesy an 8.
You can see the developer put a lot of effort into the sound and graphics, it makes the game more fun.

What did I think after playing Mr. Cheesy after playing?
I was really interested n playing this game as I usually never play games on my cellphone, the game surprised me with how fun and well crafted it is.
My wife also liked the game and we both agree it sounds great when the mouse is captured by the mousetrap.
My high score at the moment is over 6100! I really wanted it to be over 9000 for some reason.
The game is perfect for when you have a small break or are waiting for the bus and it is still going to take ages before the bus arrives.

I rate the game after playing a 7.0
The game was exactly what I expected it to be, I was very glad that I got it right with what I expected from the game when I accepted the offer from the developer.

My personal rating
I don’t have anything big to say for my personal rating, the game is pretty small but I did enjoy trying to get a nice high score for the game and I even managed to rank in the top 10!
I did try to get a higher score but the mouse always gets me at the end!

My personal rating is a 7.2

Pros and Cons

– A fun game that you can play on the go on your cellphone.
– You won’t need  WI-FI to play the game.
– The game has good retro graphics to keep you entertained.
– The sound and sound effects fit the game well.
– The mouse is a very nice extra touch to the game and I hope more different mice will be added in the future.

– The game has no pause button, this means you might need to sacrifice your run when you see the bus coming.
– The version on the PC is outdated.

I would recommend this game to anyone that is looking for a game to pass the time while waiting for something or someone.
My final rating is a…drumroll…


Leave your thoughts about the game in the comment section, I am very interested to hear your feedback on the review or the game!
I hope you enjoyed the review, I hope to see you in the next review!

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