The Mims Beginning Review

Do you want to save you progress? Bad luck, this game has no save button!

The Mims Beginning Review

A god game has entered the fray but this one is honestly a really bad one. The graphics are quite a letdown and the gameplay is not really good as well. If that is not bad enough, you might think it will still be fun to try out this game!
There is no save button and the developers have mentioned the game is too far in development for creating a save button. In this game you will need to control your creatures called the Mims, you will need to use them to create your buildings and use them to gain new resources. I tried to really commit to this game and try to find out what the game offers in the end-game but I was unable to achieve this. Every time I shut the game down, I needed to restart the game, this was such a bad decision on the developer’s side.

What did I think of the Mims Beginning before playing?
This game was requested by Dimytro and I looked at this game, I  already had this game in my Steam library but what I saw let me down.
I did not yet know there was no save button but I thought maybe this game would surprise me with the gameplay.
The island where you need to build looked small and there was no real indication of how many Mims you are able to control.
I did not see any buildings or any weapons at all for the Mims so I was wondering how this would work as I did see caterpillars stealing food.
The game does not look very appealing and it mostly seems to scare people off to look for other games rather than to entice you to play the Mims Beginning.

The rating for playing the Mims Beginning before playing is a 5.0
I think this is a game that could have been great but it seems rushed, there is a bad layout and not many options with building for this god game.
It was very hard to know what the features would be before playing the game.

The Mims travel in two spaceships to a new planet since their old planet is dead but one of the spaceships crashes in a meteor storm. The Mims survive but most of them keep drifting in space.
The few Mims that make it to one of the islands decide to build a tower to pray to the gods, they hope the gods can give them fortune and help them save the other Mims.
Will you be a benevolent god and help the Mims save their friends? Only you can help the Mims get to the planet that they initially wanted to reach!

I rate the story with a 5.6.
The story is very weak and feels very rushed, there could have been a story that would have been more fitting with these kinds of games.

The gameplay was hard to pin down as I needed to restart each time and I cannot keep the game open forever, This takes down the gameplay rating by a lot. Compared to NES games that could be saved, I remember saving with Wario’s Woods or Earthbound on the NES. I did read that you might need to change the save battery after a few years in an NES game. It was a really strange decision to not add a way to save your progress in the Mims Beginning. I have trouble understanding why the developers did not listen to the feedback from the players and still add a save button, no matter how much time it would take.

I tried to play the game but it is really hard since the A.I is pretty bad, you can also dead-lock yourself if you spend too many gems without creating a spaceport and raising Chonos, the animals that you need to sell.
You will need to build a tower to concentrate your PSI energy, this is used to perform special skills. You need to make resources by throwing bananas into a blender, to get these bananas you will need to grow plants. This can be a tough task since most of my plants managed to throw the bananas into the abyss. Even when they were not standing near the edge. You cannot refund any structures, as far as I know, you will need to build a spaceport and a lab to try and earn gems, these are also needed to build things. To get things working you will also need a windmill that stands in an open area. These will also power the houses where the Mims can rest to gain more energy. The Mims will not go in these houses to actually gain energy, I tried controlling the Mims but it was really hard to do. The caterpillars are the worst, there is no easy way to kill them, you can use fire from the tower but it also kills your Mims and the plants around the caterpillars.
I tried to get deeper into the gameplay but I took a break and the game crashed and I had to restart once again. This was one of the worst gameplay I have ever seen in god games, this game would need a lot of fine-tuning and updates but this most likely not going to happen.

I rate this gameplay with a 4.0
The A.I is really bad and the Mims are dumb, there is no saving option which is also a big problem as I do have an occasional crash. I think the developers could have made this game much better if they had invested more time into this project.
There are not many building options but I could not unlock them all as I kept crashing and restarting the game over and over was really bad.

Sound and Graphics
The sound is mediocre and nothing too special, there is not much to mention here. The graphics are mediocre as well and the layout could have been much better.
I think the developers rushed this game too much and it could have a nice addition to the god-like games.

I rate the sound and graphics with a 6.0
Nothing much to build on here, the sound and graphics are mediocre and some extra attention from the developers would not have been bad.

What did I think of the Mims Beginning After playing?
I tried to get all the gameplay elements of the Mims Beginning for this review but I failed in this aspect since my game crashed too often. I won’t let the game run infinitely, my computer does not like that, (my electric bill would also not like this).
I encountered many problems in the game. The A.I was a big problem, the Mims did not do what they needed to do and the plants kept throwing the bananas into the abyss, I tried turning the plants but to no avail, most of the bananas still went directly into the abyss.
The main problem was of course that I could not save my progress, this made it so that I could not test everything that I wanted to for this review. This game was even worse than what I had expected when I looked it up on Steam.
I would not recommend this game very quickly to anyone but I would rather tell people to try and avoid it unless you can let your computer run Mims Beginning non-stop.

I rate this game after playing with a 4.0.
This seems like a rushed game that could have been very great but it is mostly wasted potential.

My personal rating
I do not have too much to say here, I did not enjoy the game one bit and it mostly made me frustrated. I can handle crashes but when you need to start over after every crash it is another story.
The animals that you need to grow also take very long to mature, this is not a problem but without a save button it should have been way faster!

My personal rating of the Mims beginning is a 2.0

Pros and Cons

– The concept of this god-game is a really good one.
– The music and sound effects are mediocre at best.

– There is no save button in this game, The developers do not intend to make a save button this far into the game.
– The developers have executed this game poorly.
– The A.I is very dumb and it fails to do the simplest tasks.
– It is very hard to progress in this game without a save button.
– The game feels very rushed and it seems like a lot of wasted potentials.
– The graphics and layout are very basic and could have been way better.

I would not recommend this game to anyone, I am sorry Dimytro but this game would not be worth your time. I tried my best to get into this game but having no save button is a real game killer!
The final rating of the Mims Beginning is…drumroll…


Let me know what you think of the Mims Beginning in the comments.
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review.

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