Newsletter Week 42+ poll results

Newsletter Week 42+ poll results

Hello there everybody

The winner of this week’s website giveaway of The Suicide of Rachel Foster is Aelsolo! Congratulations! The winner has received an email with instructions on how to claim the key.

This week’s updates!

– New reviews have been posted on reviews by supersven; Foregone, The Untitled Goose Game: Double Trouble and Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair.

Planned Reviews
– The planned written reviews for this next week are;  Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door+ modern version (ROMhack), Tools Up and Spore: Hero Arena.

Social Media
– Our Facebook page has grown to 3.900+ followers! The next giveaway will be unlocked at 4.000+ followers! This will be Resident Evil 2: standard edition. Please keep on inviting your friends. We are so close!!
– Join our discord channel!
– Watch gameplay video’s, (co-op) gameplay video and walkthroughs on our You-tube channel;
– Join our steam group; if you have joined the steam group, you will have access to exclusive giveaways on steamgifts.

Poll results
The results of the “What game would you like to be reviewed next week poll” are;  The first place goes to Spore Hero Arena, with a close second: Wario Ware. In third came Lost in Blue. Unfortunately Drawn to Life gained the least votes in this poll. The winner; Spore Hero Arena will be reviewed and uploaded to the website on October 24th

Now the second week of the monthly poll has come to an end! Let’s go to the interim score, the score of the first and second week are combined.
Last place goes to Medival Resurrection– PSP, with only 5 votes. The second place goes to both Chocobo Dungeon 2 – PS1 and the Megamen X Command Mission – PS 2. They both have 6 votes! Demon Souls – PS3 still has the lead with a total of 31 votes!  

This week’s giveaway is a steam key of Iron Danger. Good luck to all participants!
You can join this giveaway until October 24th 8 P.M. CET.

The pre order giveaway of Cyberpunk 2077 (GOG key) is still on the website and the winner will get his or her key on November 19th. You can join this giveaway until November 18th 2020 8 P.M. CET.

When we hit 4.000 followers on Facebook we will also host a giveaway with a copy of Resident Evil 2 as planned. It will no longer be the deluxe edition.  Invite everybody that you know, only a couple more likes/followers are needed to unlock this giveaway!

A couple of this week’s steam member only giveaways on steamgifts are Evoland, Skybolt Zack, Xblaze Lost: Memories, Alien Rage and more! The end times of these steamgifts giveaways differ.

New on our YouTube Channel:
– a full video walkthrough with all secrets and bosses in Foregone;
– a full co-op gameplay session of Untitled Goose Game: double trouble;

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Become a patron on patreon and gain exclusive access! Be the first one to read reviews, watch YouTube footage or see the recent updates in the game of Edgeroad developers!

– There has been a change in the schedule. We have tried to reduce the workload and still be able to air 3-4 reviews a week. You can check the news section for the future reviews. Since we are still new we are trying to find a good balance between work/free time/family&friends/datenight/alonetime/workouts/more
– Did you know that you can order up to 3 times the wrong cable! Yes we can! – always safe the retour information!
–  Starting this week, there will no longer be a weekly poll, it will only be a monthly poll or maybe a special but not every week.

Did you know that you can support us by purchasing your games through the buy now button in the featured reviews?  Or purchase for example this new Worms Special Bundle;

I hope to see you on the website again!
If you have feedback, suggestions or questions you can reply to this e-mail, contact reviews by Supersven through Facebook, YouTube, Steam, Discord or the website.

Kind regards, team Supersven

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