Newsletter Week 44

Newsletter Week 44

Hello gamer family,

Welcome to the Halloween newsletter of week 44 in 2020. In this newsletter, we will update you on all progress, delays, and more.  Let’s go to the winner of the website giveaway’ The winner of this week’s website giveaway of the Sunless Bundle is Javier! Congratulations! The winner has received an email with instructions on how to claim the key.

This week’s giveaway is the steam key of Tropico! Good luck to all participants!
You can join this giveaway until November 7thP.M. CET.

The pre-order Cyberpunk 2077 (GOG key) is still on the website but due to the delay in the release the giveaway is extended to December 10th, The winner will get his or her key on December 11th.

– New reviews have been posted on reviews by supersven; Paladin Dream and Costume Kingdom.

Planned Reviews
– The planned written reviews for this next week are New Super Lucky’s Tale, Bounty Battle, and Alpaca Ball: Allstars. 

Poll results
Our first monthly poll has come to an end!  It wasn’t a big surprise but the winner of this poll is Demon Souls – PS3! A review can be expected in the first week of December!

Too bad for Medival Resurrection – PSP, Chocobo Dungeon 2 – PS1, and Megaman X Command Mission. Maybe we will see them back in a new poll? (If you really want one of these games to be reviewed, you can request one of them when you enter the latest website giveaway)

The poll of November is going to be a competition between four popular requested reviews;
– Doom Eternal, requested by Aj, Anette Estelle, Axj, Gary, Javier del R. and Juam M. M. M.
– Temtem, requested by Facundo, Milena, and Stormsonic
– Monster Hunter World requested by Mayor, DD, Raven, and Jimi
– Red Dead Redemption 2 requested by Arthur, Damjan, Marcel, and Mikk
May the best game win!

Social Media
Remember to invite your friends, co-workers, and family to our Facebook page to unlock the giveaway of Resident Evil 2!
– Join our discord channel via this link
– Watch gameplay video’s, (co-op) gameplay video, and walkthroughs on our You-tube channel;
–  Or join our steam group; if you have joined the steam group, you will have access to exclusive daily giveaways on steamgifts. A couple of this week’s steam member-only giveaways on steam gifts are;  CHAOS CODE -NEW SIGN OF CATASTROPHE- , 2Dark, Fae Tactics and more! The end times of these steamgifts giveaways differ because there is one giveaway each day!
New on our YouTube Channel:
Costume Kingdom: the showcasing of the battle tower with the legendary Hallowmon

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to be the first to watch new videos!

– Our recording device for the Playstation 2 has broken down, it has been sent to be repaired/replaced (whatever the store decides). Due to this event, we are not able to post the Halloween special.
Though – for whom is curious – it is a PlayStation 2 game! Oh, and it also has something to do with Halloween. The video footage and pictures are missing, to upload the review without these does not feel right. We will upload the complete review as soon as possible in an addition to the weekly schedule.

Did you know that you can support us by purchasing your games through the buy now button in the featured reviews?  Or purchase for example this Halloween special bundle?

We hope to see you on the website again!
If you have feedback, suggestions, or questions you can reply to this e-mail, contact reviews by Supersven through Facebook, YouTube, Steam, Discord, or the website.

Happy Halloween!

Kind regards from team Supersven

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