Super Mario World

I can see Yoshi"s everywhere!

Super Mario World

The second winner of the SNES poll has gained the spotlight for this review! Super Mario World is a game that launched in 1992 in the EU. This was 2 years before I was born, I played this game when I was around 5 years old.
I was of course unable to beat it back then but since then I have beaten the game several times. Yoshi was official introduced in this game and also revealed that he was a dinosaur as this adventure takes place on dinosaur island.
The game is still one of the most loved Mario games from that era. I think Mario is still quite aggressive in this game, blowing up castles and kicking them down!? In this game, you fight the koopalings while saving all the Yoshi’s on dinosaur island. The game is very small for this era but it is still very enjoyable.

What did I think of Super Mario World before playing this time?
I am of course already very familiar with the graphics and how the game plays. I already fully knew what to expect when playing this game.
I always love to revisit games that I have already played and this game is no exception.
I was wondering if I still knew where the three switches were and if I knew the secret exits to the rainbow road.
Super Mario World has of course the awesome meme of Yoshi being kicked into the abyss before the ending of the level, I would never do that or, did I do kick Yoshi into the abyss?

I rate Super Mario World with an 8.0 before playing.
I was very excited to once again play a classic SNES game as these always awake a good nostalgic feeling within me. This game is one of the best SNES games as it has sold almost the most copies of all SNES games!

A story that will never change in the coming 100 years, Super Mario visits a place and something terrible happens. You might think that Mario is cursed, he is never able to ever have a rest or a vacation.
When Mario and his friends visit dinosaur island the koopalings follow them and they steal all the Yoshi eggs! There is only one thing to do, of course, get those eggs back from those evil Koopa’s!
Can you help Mario and Luigi get back all the Yoshi eggs and defeat the koopalings?

I rate the story of Super Mario with a 7.0
The story is weaker than other Mario games but it is always the same idea. Mario goes somewhere and something happens. I wonder if Nintendo will ever do something different? Does anyone here remember Princess Peach from the DS?
The story works to give you the incentive to beat up the koopalings for a good reason.

Super Mario World is a platformer with co-op elements and a little bit of a choice of levels. You will be able to choose your own route here and there and multiple levels have different endings. Some of these endings lead to the next level and others might lead to a secret. These secrets can contain many different things, one of the most important things to do in Super Mario World is to find the three hidden switches. These will enable new blocks to spawn in previous levels. These blocks can help you get new power-ups in the levels or find the secret endings. Some of the weirder levels are the ghost houses, these ghost houses can be a real maze! You can gain extra lives by collecting 100 coins or doing one of the many 1-UP tricks in the game. You can find Koopa coins in the level, there are mostly five Koopa coins in one level but this can differ in some levels. These Koopa coins are mostly used for your high score, collecting all five Koopa coins in one level will also grant you a 1-UP.

In Super Mario World you can find multiple upgrades to help you in your journey, the cape will give you the ability to float. If you run long enough you are also able to fly small distances. The flower will give you the ability to shoot fireballs, these can even be fired underwater. Yoshi is the most helpful in this game as he can eat Koopas and gain new abilities from eating enemies. You can also eat berries and other items. You can also use Yoshi to get on ledges that are otherwise too high but you must leave Yoshi behind or throw him into the abyss. The goal is to defeat all koopalings and destroy their castles while saving the Yoshi eggs.

I rate the gameplay of Super Mario World with a 7.4.
The gameplay is very fun but there are not many options yet but back in the day this game was golden. I still love to play this game very much but I am always sad that I complete the game very quickly. Luckily there are many ROM hacked and fan games of Super Mario World if you are looking for another adventure.

Sound and Graphics
The graphics have aged very well, most of the SNES games have aged well and they still fit well in this era. Nintendo has of course polished this game very well back in the day.
The sound and sound effects are exactly what you would expect for a Mario game.

I rate the sound and graphics of Super Mario World with a 7.8
The graphics have aged well and the sound effects are still great for this day, get ready for some nostalgic feels.

What did I think of Super Mario World after playing?
The game was of course very to revisit but sadly the game is beaten very quickly. Super Mario World packed out this time once again just as I had expected.
Mario looks a bit weird in this game but I am okay with, this game gave us Yoshi’s after all, we all love Yoshi don’t we?
The game has not changed a bit compared with how I felt compared with when I played it for the first time.
I think this is a game that many people will revisit multiple times over the years, a great platformer that brought Super Mario even more into the screen.
It is too bad it took way longer for Luigi to really hit the big gaming screen.

I rate Super Mario World after playing with an 8.0.
If you want some nostalgic feels this is the game that you are looking for. Get ready to save those poor dinosaurs!

Personal Rating
I don’t have a lot to say here, I love this game but every time I start playing it ends very quickly. It seems every time I play it ends quicker.
This game is still one of my favorite games to revisit.

My personal rating for Super Mario World is an 8.5

Pros and Cons

– Introducing the game that brought you Yoshi’s!
– The game was very cutting edge when it released.
– The graphics in Super Mario World has aged very well over the years.
– Super Mario World has branching paths when completing levels.
– There is a co-op mode to enjoy the game together for some extra nostalgic feels!
– We get to see a more aggressive side of Mario as he demolishes all these castles.
– There are upgrades that help you clear the levels.
– There have been many ROM and fan games that have spawned from this game.

– I still have no reason why there are Koopa coins in this game.
– The game is shorter than you might think.

I would recommend this game to any Super Mario fan or people who love 2D platformer games. This game still holds up very nice after this many years.
The final rating of Super Mario World is


Don’t forget to leave your thoughts about this game in the comments.
I hope you liked reading the review, I hope to see you in the next review.


  1. Down the memory lane. Mario was one of the first games that i’ve played, kept me engaged for some good couple of hours.

    • Mario games were also one of my first games!


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