Alpaca Ball: Allstars review

Are you ready to break your neck?

Alpaca Ball: Allstars review

Are you ready for some silly football fun? Then this is the perfect game for you, during our co-op playthrough I cried from laughing and had water spit out of my nose. This game is the perfect remedy if you need some laughter in your life!
The ragdoll physics in this game is so insane, add to those alpaca angels that play football and you have the weirdest football game ever. There is even a good campaign with a decent story! As an alpaca, you will need to travel all over the world to become a world-class alpaca ballplayer. You can play the complete game in co-op but it is mentioned by the developer that the game still focuses on player one. You have multiple outfits and skins to choose from for your alpaca. When playing alpaca ball all alpacas smash everyone and the alpaca’s will fly all around but your goal is of course to score as many goals. There are multiple kinds of balls, one is not even a ball but a cube!

What did I think of Alpaca Ball Allstars before playing?
I am not a big football gamer but I have been thinking about what football game to review, a few have crossed my mind like Rocket League or Footlol.
Then suddenly an alpaca crossed my path, an alpaca with a football that is. Without further ado, I continued my investigation into this alpaca with a football.
Alpaca Ball Allstars looked extremely silly and insane, exactly the way that I like a football game. Swing your head alpaca! Hit that ball!
The trailer showed great graphics and silly music that is simple but it gets stuck inside your head. Alpaca Ball Allstars even has a story campaign.
When I saw it was co-op, I asked my wife if she was interested, this game seemed like a bunch of fun.  Footballing alpaca’s here we come!

I rate Alpaca Ball Allstars with a 9.0 before playing.
The footage you will see will certainly draw you in to play this game. Everybody that loves Alpaca’s and football will love this game. This is a must-have, I luckily received the key from the developer but otherwise, I would have bought the game!
It was clear what the game contains, the best is of course the co-op campaign! Are you ready for some flying alpacas!?

You are just a silly alpaca that loves his life and enjoys playing alpaca ball now and then with your friends. Your dad has already passed away buy you have a fun life with your mom and friends when suddenly something terrible happens!
A rich alpaca decides to buy all the land including that of your house, he wants to flatten the mountains and build a hotel. There is only one thing that you can do, you will need to train hard and win the world cup of alpaca ball and earn enough money to stop the rich alpaca from flattening your home! To become a world-class alpaca ball player you will need to travel the world while training for the world cup, can you save your home!? Many obstacles await you on your journey.

I rate the story of Alpaca Ball with a 7.0
I really enjoyed the story, it even has some great plot twists and makes full use of your friends and your dad that has passed away. Get ready for an epic alpaca journey.

I don’t know how to explain football to you, I think everyone knows how football is played but how does alpaca ball work? At every level, you will either be alone or have teammates. You will have up to 10 minutes to get more goals than the opposing team. Levels will have different timers depending on the challenge. You will need to protect your own goal while also trying to score a goal. There are a lot of different stages that you will encounter in your world trip. Next to new levels, you will also encounter different balls to play with. For example, you will need to play alpaca hockey with a puck or play alpaca volleyball, and more. In some levels there will be powerups to be collected, these can be mind control of the ball, use the force alpaca! You can also grow a longer neck and some other upgrades. I already mentioned alpaca’s will not be able to use their hoofs to kick the ball instead they use their head! The swinging motion is very graceful of course (no it is not!).
You can also try to use a power shot or bash your opponent, you will see many alpaca’s hurdled in a corner knocked out or flying alpacas. The ragdoll physics makes this game even more wonderful. If you need laughter in your life this is the perfect game.

I rate the gameplay of Alpaca Ball Allstars with a 9.1.
The game might be shorter than I had hoped but we had so much fun in this game. We are going to play this more, of course, we need more flying alpaca’s in our life.
The gameplay is simple but it is a perfect football game, I rather play this all day than FIFA. Humans are overrated in video games, alpaca’s will eventually rule the world.

Sound and Graphics
In this game the graphics are amazing, they are specially made to make you laugh and go insane, I love to see flying alpacas and it never gets tiring to see them fly. The overworld maps look nice and I have never seen an alpaca row a boat before.
The music in Alpaca Ball Allstars is great, it is very simple but you will certainly get an earworm! The hardest level was beating alpaca angels, they made a nice level of something that is supposed to be a dream in heaven!

I rate the sound and graphics with an 8.2 for Alpaca Ball Allstars.
There is nothing wrong with the sound and graphics in this game.

What did I think of Alpaca Ball All-Stars After playing?
We had such a blast we decided to platinum the game after completing the campaign, sadly it took us a bit over six hours but it was six amazing hours!
The levels are good and there are many worlds to explore, the last levels in a world are more difficult of course. Once we got our tactics down on how to play alpaca ball, we got pretty good.
We laughed a lot while playing this game and that is exactly what a game should do. I had a lovely rainbow alpaca with a party hat and my wife had a tiger alpaca with funky hair.
The skins are used perfectly in the game as you will meet new alpacas. They also have their own personality as they all talk differently. I loved the silly one the most!
There is also another mode to create your own matches for Alpaca Ball Allstars, this modus is needed for platinum on Steam.
If you are looking for a football game this is the one that you will need to play! The game was even better than we had expected before playing!

I rate Alpaca Ball Allstars with a 9.2 after playing.
There are not many games that make me laugh so hard that I spit water out of my nose. Enough said.

Personal Rating
I can only add that I really love this game, the style that this game was made in is perfect. I liked the campaign a lot. They added a co-op mode, this is great since football is a team sport.

My personal rating of Alpaca Ball All-Stars is 9.3

Pros and Cons

– You will see flying alpaca’s, the ragdoll physics are amazing.
– The campaign is really good, the story is better than I had expected.
– There are many different levels that you will play alpaca ball in.
– There are many different balls(cubes and pucks are not balls though) that you can use to play alpaca ball.
– You will also have power-ups to try and defeat your opponents.
– You can play the Alpaca Ball Allstars campaign completely in co-op.
– You can platinum this game easier than you might expect.
– The sound and graphics are very good in Alpaca Ball Allstars

– The game is way too short, there should have been more Alpaca Ball All-Stars

I would recommend this game to everyone that is looking for a wonderful football game. If you are not sold by football then get sold by flying alpacas!
The final rating of Alpaca Ball Allstars is…drumroll…


Leave your thoughts about the game in the comments or leave your own rating.
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!

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