Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie’s Revenge review

I am Jack, The Pumpkin King and I am ready to set things right!

Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie’s Revenge review

Today is Halloween, the most special time of the year for us! We love Halloween very much and always celebrate it. We wanted to air a special review that would be amazing in every way! There is only one game that came to our mind that is
Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie’s revenge! Have you ever wanted to see how Nightmare Before Christmas would continue? Well, Disney fans and Halloween lovers, this is the game sequel of Nightmare Before Christmas, and boy, it delivers the most epic journey I have ever encountered in a game!

Nightmare Before Christmas stays extremely true to the story in the movie while also considering character growth that has happened in the movie. How would Jack Skellington work in a game you wonder? Get ready for the most epic boss fights that I have ever encountered. Jack is armed with the soul robber, a whip that the Doctor created. Jack needs the soul robber to fight Oogie once again but that is not staying true to the movie, right? Boss fights take place in an epic dance-off where you need to push buttons on the beat, Jack will sing and dance! The new songs stay true to the original by using many of the same beats but it features 9 new songs! This game is perfect!

What did I think of Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie’s Revenge before playing
This is actually the reason we saved up to buy a Playstation2, we wanted to expand our gaming list for the reviews but this game started the idea of expanding our console army.
This game is on the Playstation2 and the footage that I saw was exactly the graphics that belong to the Playstation2. Tim Burton is most likely very proud of this game otherwise this game would never have been released!
The new songs caught my attention immediately, I kept re-watching the footage because I was so drawn into the game already. The songs were amazing, the story is awesome. Oogie is coming back for some payback and with a new plan!

I was very curious about what Oogie would be up to this time and how he would come back. The game features all our favorite characters.
The gameplay enticed me very much, the voice acting of Jack was just perfect, it was a different voice actor as in the movies but the voice was exactly the same as in the movies. I saw Jack swinging a giant club while screaming, I am Jack the Pumpkin King!
I got goosebumps as it all seemed like a perfect picture, finally I get to see what happens if Oogie would come back! I read that there are many items to collect and secret places to find. The game has 24 chapters and the game would be about 30 hours longs. This was very good for a Playstation2 game. As I am typing this review, I am actually listening to the playlist that I made to relisten the songs!

I rate the Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie’s Revenge with a 10
This game tingled my spine and gave me goosebumps before playing, this does not happen often, this game had to be perfect. The footage would sell anyone that loves Nightmare Before Christmas. Finally, after watching the movie over 100 times (this is not an exaggeration) I would see it continue. There are also songs with Jack and Sally singing together! I get to explore Halloween Town with Jack while looking for secrets and beating up some evil skeletons? I also noticed that the game uses a combo meter, the higher your combo the more souls you would receive from the evil skeletons and ghouls. I was very curious about how the boss fights would work and if it would stay true to the movie. I knew that if Tim Burton would not like Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie’s revenge it would never have been released.

Once again a Halloween has passed, one year after the events of the movie but Jack is still not satisfied with how Halloween went. Jack wants to find more inspiration to achieve the best Halloween ever, Jack starts planning to take a trip outside Halloween Town for new inspiration. Jack visits the Doctor to ask him to create new items and props for next Halloween while he is on his trip. The Doctor hands Jack the soul robber, this is the Doctors latest creation. The Doctor tells Jack that he is going to make new creations and that he can use the soul robber to protect himself on his trip. Before Jack leaves, he entrusts the safety of Halloween Town to his special person, Sally. When Jack leaves the people of Halloween Town are not scared this time of Jack not returning as they have learned that Jack will always be back with brand new ideas.

Jack has also learned to not mess with the holiday doors from his previous adventures with Sandy Claws. Everything seems to go according to plan as Jack leaves for new inspirations for the next Halloween but Lock, Shock, and Barrel seems to have a bad idea now that Jack has left. Lock Shock and Barrel resurrect Oogie! Oogie manages to deceive the town and take over Halloween Town but Sally manages to get a message out to Jack. When Jack gets the message, he hurries back to Halloween Town to stop Oogie, Jack arrives on December 24th, the night before Christmas! Oogie has more in store and there is only one person that can stop Oogie, Jack Skellington!
You are the last hope of Halloween Town, can you help Jack stop Oogie’s scheme and take back Halloween Town?

I rate the story of Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie’s Revenge with a 10.
The story is just perfect, it was even better than I could have anticipated. The developers have thought of every little detail, from the character growth from the movie to how Jack would stop Oogie. The end-game boss fight was the most epic fight that I have ever encountered in a game. It all just fits perfectly, it is as if I was playing in a movie! Everyone who loves Nightmare Before Christmas would love to see this story come to fruition. I and my wife took turns playing this game and we both agree the story was perfect. Jack keeps showing his good nature throughout the game but you can also see what happens when he gets enraged, he fights for the people that he loves. The story makes it very clear that Jack cares about Sally even more and that he needs her near, Jack even mentions that he cannot fail with Sally near. The story also makes use of Jack’s true form as the Pumpkin King, you will also gain the Sandy Claws outfit from the movie!

In Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie’s revenge, you get to beat up skeletons and ghosts! These are booby traps made by Oogie to try and seal Jack’s fate. This game is an action game with some light platforming but you will find yourself exploring areas a lot for all the secrets and goodies that are hidden. Jack is made from much more than Oogie would ever think, Jack, deals with these skeletons and ghosts with his new soul robber! You can perform combos with your soul robber, you can either beat them up or pick them up with the soul robber. When you have picked up a skeleton or a ghost there are multiple actions to perform. You can either throw them around or smash them into the ground multiple times. If you performed a combo by scaring the ghosts out of their skin you can perform a spin attack that will also hit all the other enemies in range.

If you wonder how someone can scare a ghost, remember Jack is the Pumpkin King! You can also charge your soul robber for even stronger attacks! You can use blue souls that can be found by defeating enemies to temporarily upgrade your soul robber for even more devastating attacks. Jack has pumpkins for health, you start with five pumpkins but if you find all the secrets you can get a maximum of 15 pumpkins! When you defeat enemies, you will gain souls that you can spend in the shop. Before we are going to talk about the shop we are going to take a look at the other forms that Jack can use to fight Oogie’s army!

The true form of the Pumpkin King
When you have saved Sally in Chapter 5 you will gain access to a new form for Jack, the true form of the Pumpkin King! In this form, Jack can use fire to defeat Oogie’s army.
Jack will also be able to solve more puzzles that need fire, some of the wooden items can be burned down for secret paths! When you are in this form you can use two special attacks.
Using these strong attacks will cost red souls to use, you can find these by defeating enemies. The weaker attack will let you breathe fire, there are also ice enemies in the game! Three guesses what their weakness is!
When you use a strong attack you will also use more red souls, this attack can vaporize many enemies at once! You will use a firebomb that annihilates many enemies at once!
If you collect all collectible figurines in the game you will unlock infinite red souls, spam those firebombs, no mercy for Oogie’s army!
In my video of gaining a true S rank, you can see me use this power on the evil train that wants to kill Sandy Claws!

Sandy Claws outfit
This is an outfit that Jack still has from the movie, Sally has repaired it for Jack. You have access to different gifts to give your enemies. You will get this outfit after saving the Doctor from Oogie’s clutches in chapter 8
These do not contain presents at all! Jack-in-the-box! Jack is the master of terror, after all, those poor enemies did not know what just happened to them.
You will encounter possessed enemies in the game but you can scare the possession out of them, this weakens the enemy a lot.
Later in the story, you will gain access to new presents to give to your enemies but these are different than the Jack-in-the-box.
One of the presents will not only scare the enemies but literally freeze them in their tracks! The other present will stun the enemies after they have been scared.

Continuation of Gameplay
The shop is very important in the Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie’s Revenge, you can buy those new presents in the shop and upgrade them. You will also be able to use your souls to upgrade your soul robber and the true form of the Pumpkin King. When you upgrade the true form of the Pumpkin King, Jack you will be able to hold more red souls and you will be able to deal more damage. The range of your fire attacks will also increase. When you upgrade your soul robber the range will increase along with your damage. The max level for all upgrades is 3 but this will cost you a lot of souls! You can also buy two golden pumpkins in the shop and a crystal skull. What does this crystal skull do you wonder? In this game you will be able to carry potions with you, you can fill these at the fountain in Halloween Town. When you have found four crystal skulls you will gain a new potion. You will need to find 12 crystal skulls in total, there are 18 hidden places but checking them out more than once might be a good idea!

How do you fight bosses you wonder? This would not be the Nightmare Before Christmas without singing or dancing! When facing off with a boss you will gain music notes that will fill a bar. When fighting a boss, you will also hear a song, this is just amazing! When the bar is full the game will choose a good moment in the song for when it is your turn. Jack will start to sing and dance and you will need to push buttons on the controller on the beat! This was very hard in the beginning but as I learned how this works in the game, I actually started to enjoy the rhythmic button-pushing. The further you get in the game, the longer the sing and dance section will be. The last boss has 124 buttons, you need to hit all the buttons correctly for an S rank in the last chapter! Doing these sing and dance sections correctly will also let you hear some extra lyrics from the song. No worries if you want to hear it without doing the sing and dance you can also listen to these songs on YouTube or Spotify!

In every chapter, you will receive a rank based on your time, combo, exclamation count, and the damage that you have taken. It is insanely hard to even get an S rank for all of these at once. Luckily the game tracks your best score for each one when you complete the chapter. This means that you can try the chapter multiple times to get that elusive S rank. There are also two secret chapters but these don’t have rankings. At the end of the game, you will get an overall ranking, the higher your ranking is at the end of the game, the more costumes that you unlock. It was a very difficult task to get an S rank in all chapters but we managed to achieve this! These costumes don’t do anything special but they show how good you are at the game. When completing the game with an overall S rank you will gain a costume of Phantom Jack. The cape is amazing! I also managed to get a few chapters with an S rank for all stats tracked! I don’t think I will ever encounter a boss fight that was more epic than the last one in the Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie’s revenge.

To collect all the figurines you will at least need to get an A ranking on all chapters. The figurines are also hidden in many secret places. These can be hidden in places where you can climb up by using the soul robber. When you see a hook with a green glow, this means you can use the soul robber to climb up. This can either lead further into the game or lead you into a hidden place. In these hidden places, you will usually need to fight certain enemies before you will gain your reward. Depending on where you are in the game, the enemies will change and so will the reward from the hidden place! You can also find souls, crystal skulls, golden pumpkins, or a random reward. You can also buy blue or red souls in the shop if you need blue or red souls.

I rate the gameplay of the Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie’s Revenge with a 10.
The gameplay is perfect, they showed the character growth perfectly. There are many different enemies to encounter and they will also respawn when you are exploring. There are tons of hidden collectibles and secret collectibles. The combat feels perfect and the controls are top-notch. Performing a combo and then spinning around and scaring all other enemies while yelling, I am Jack the Pumpkin King, filled me with pure joy. There are many chapters to explore and they reward you for good rankings with alternate costumes for Jack. The boss fights are handled exactly how they should be, with an epic dance-off just like in the movies! Jack is a kind-hearted and friendly Pumpkin King but if you get on his wrong side you will feel his rage. They managed to balance this just as perfectly as in the movies. One other amazing detail that they might forget in other games is in the last boss fight. When fighting the end-game boss with the dance-off you will see Jack also using his true form and his Sandy Claws outfit! This was just the cherry on top of the cake for me! This game would be amazing for many people, if you love action games this is a perfect choice. If you love Halloween or Nightmare before Christmas this would even be better for you!

Sound and Graphics
This might be an older game as it is for the Playstation2 but the graphics are wonderful, they might be dark and missing lots of color but that is exactly how it should be! I am glad they decided to keep it that way. There is one place where there is a lot of colors though, you will also visit Christmas town in this game!! You will also see items from the other holidays and the other holiday leaders are included in this story. The boss fight arenas look beautiful especially for the era of Playstation2
The sound is amazing, there are many soundtracks and different sound effects. The songs that they sing are great as they fit the movie and the game perfectly but they are handmade for the game. The voice acting sounds like it came straight out of the movies. The singing is also done perfectly just like in the movies. It is like watching a Disney movie unfold but you play the star, Jack Skellington.

I rate the sound and graphics of Nightmare Before Christmas with a 10
The new songs are a perfect joy for my ears, there is a reason I am still listening to all the songs non-stop on my Spotify list. You will visit many areas from the movie in this game and they are captured perfectly.
Always wanted to see the inside of the giant pumpkin that is looming over the pumpkin patch? This is your chance!
The singing is the same as in the Disney movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, there is just nothing more to add or a possibility to make it even better. Be warned, you will get some earworms when playing this game, both I and my wife keep singing the songs over and over. I hope the neighbors don’t hear us.

What did I think of The Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie’s Revenge after playing?
We actually completed the game twice, the first time we took our sweet time exploring all the areas that were presented to us in the game. We went for every nook and cranny to try and get all the secrets.
It was very fun to explore and it felt truly as if we exploring the second movie in the franchise. The second time around we went for all S ranks which were very tough! At the boss levels, it was easier to not get hit than to try and get all the dancing buttons right. It was easy to do but then they added the joystick arrows to the mix, it was very hard for both of us but we practiced a lot. Some of the S ranks took us over an hour but eventually, we got really good at the dancing part.
I even started to sing along with the songs to make sure I got the beat but usually, I ended up making one or two mistakes which led to an A rank. We managed to unlock the S rank costume and it felt amazing! It took us well over 25 hours to complete the game. I don’t have much more to say, everyone who is going to play this game will love it!

I rate the Nightmare before Christmas Oogie’s Revenge after playing with a 10.
The game is just perfect, in my mind this will be canon as to how the movie continues until there will be a new movie. We can all dream, right? The gameplay was just perfect, the story was perfect. There is nothing wrong I can say about this game. Don’t forget, save it now, or risk doing it again!

My personal rating of the Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie’s Revenge?
This game is perfect, worth every penny we spend on this game. I think it will be a long time before there is another game that will my make spine tingle before playing! I am still listening to music and savoring the story. This will be a game that I will revisit many times in the future. I would choose this game over many other games.
I recommend this to everyone that loves Jack Skellington and Halloween. I have been a fan of Jack for a long time, I have been watching the movie since I was young. This was the first Disney film that I got hooked on!
There are also comic books of Jack Skellington, I got many items from the Nightmare Before Christmas in our home.

My personal rating of the Nightmare Before Christmas is an 11.
No that is not a typo, I literally give this game a personal rating of 11!

Pros and Cons

– We finally get to see how the adventure of Jack Skellington continues!
– The gameplay has been created perfectly, beating up ghouls and skeletons feels well crafted.
– The graphics are top-notch for the Playstation2 and they are in sync with the movie.
– The game stays true to the movie, you can see this in the characters and how they have grown from their past experiences.
– There are 9 new songs for you to listen to and they are perfectly in tune with how they would play out in a movie.
– The sound effects and soundtracks fit perfectly for Nightmare Before Christmas.
– The game uses the true form of the Pumpkin King and the Sandy Claws outfit from the movie.
– There is a lot of hours of gameplay, you will be rewarded with new costumes based on your overall rank of the chapters.
– You can upgrade your weapons and your alternate forms in the shop.
– There are a lot of hidden collectibles in the game along with hidden places to discover.
– This game has one of the best epic final boss fights I have ever seen.
– In the final boss fight cut scene the Nightmare Before Christmas sees Jack also use other powers that you have acquired in the game like the true form of Jack.
– I am Jack the pumpkin King, ruler of Halloween Town!

– You will get an earworm for the coming weeks.

You will really need to play this game, this is one of the best games I have ever played. I don’t think I will find another game like this very quickly. Everything in this game is just perfect, a gem from the past.
My final rating for The Nightmare Before Christmas is…drumroll…


Leave your own rating or tell me what you thought about this game in the comments!
I hope you liked reading this review, I hope to see you in the review!
Happy Halloween!


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