Parkasaurus review

Is that dinosaur wearing an umbrella hat?

Parkasaurus review

I found this new game called Parkasaurus that is filled with dinosaurs that wear hats. In this game, you will need to build a huge park that is filled with dinosaurs but they can also escape. What would happen if your T-Rex escapes his exhibit? I hope you have hired some security guards to capture that T-Rex. This game is really fun but I have encountered many problems in this game but nonetheless, this game is still amazing. I hope these problems get fixed in future patches to make this one of the best dinosaur park builder games. You will need to get more dinosaur appeal to get more guests in your park. You also have two skill trees that will unlock new items to build. You will also unlock more hats for your dinosaurs!
There is a story in this game but I won’t feature the story in this review. I failed at completing the campaign as my save file got corrupted while playing the campaign. I did not feel the need to start over from the beginning, my rage at the corrupted save file needs to lessen first.

What did I think of Parkasaurus before playing?
The game got my attention with dinosaurs that wear hats, yes, the dinosaurs really wear hats! The fun part is that the guests will like your dinosaur, even more, when he/she is wearing a hat!
The graphics that I saw before playing looked very cute and the sound was great. They even showed a dinosaur that escaped and wanted to eat some guests!
I quickly learned that there are also herbivores in this dinosaur park building game but you don’t want these loose either. Imagine a brachiosaurus wandering around, there will be so many pancaked guests!
The premise of building a huge park with many dinosaurs seems amazing, you get to build the exhibits for your dinosaur and you will need to match their natural living area needs in their exhibits.
It was very clear beforehand what your goal is in this game. I was very excited about this game before playing, there is also a campaign.

I rate Parkasaurus with a 9.0 before playing.
If you love park building games and dinosaurs this game is a must-have, the trailer looks very appealing. I bought this game without thinking twice! Before I knew it, I had put 65 hours into this game!

You will have a campaign that features the dinosaurs crashing on earth and you will need to complete missions. I loved the campaign and I advise you to play the campaign. My campaign got wiped with a corrupted save but I will continue after waiting a little while. To build a park you will need to start hiring some people, the people that you need in this game are very important. Without these important people, your park will fail like a T-Rex trying to clap his hands. You can find out more about digging up bones and the skill trees later in the gameplay section. All these characters will be able to level up, when they level up you can distribute skill points. You can see what skills are needed for the activity that you want them to do. It is a good idea to have one team of these characters for your dinosaur park and another team for digging up bones. The team that will dig up bones can get their skill points distributed to more tool usage and their special skills.

The veterinarian is very important as they will take care of your dinosaurs. They will clean the dinosaurs and fill their feeders. It is advised to hire multiple veterinarians when your park grows. Don’t worry the carnivores won’t eat them! You can either lock them in the exhibit by removing the door or station them. I find locking them inside the exhibit more useful though. The veterinarian can also heal your sick dinosaurs, you can see how to heal a dinosaur in your office.
When you are going to hunt for more dinosaur bones to create eggs the veterinarian can increase the turns of the team that is trying to dig up dinosaur bones.

The scientist wants to work non-stop in your science building! This will generate science points for your skill tree. All you have to do is put the scientist inside the science building. When the science building is bigger you will need more scientists. To generate more science, you will need to give the scientist the ability and speed skill points.
When going to dig up bones the scientist is very important, their special skill will increase the amount of loot that you will be able to find. The maximum amount of loot when digging is 75, with a good enough team you can dig up all the loot.

No one wants a dirty park right? I hope you are ready for hiring loads of janitors as I have needed easily around 15 of them in my huge park. The guests like to throw a lot of junk around. You also don’t want some smelly toilets in your park, right? The janitor has a special skill that can decrease the time between digging for bones. I feel this is the latest special skill that you should aim for.

The security guards are needed for catching thieves and shooting dinosaurs that are loose. I usually end up only hiring two of these characters. One for security and one for digging up bones. The special skill of the security guard is very weak and I don’t use it in the end. His special skill will reduce the costs of digging but when you end up almost making 100k gold in one day it seems like he might need a different special skill in the future.

Continuation of gameplay
Now you have everyone that you need to get started but how do you get your first dinosaur? You can either start with the stegosaurus egg that you begin with or create a new dinosaur egg. To create a new dinosaur egg, you will first need to unlock the dinosaur by spending hearts and science. You will have enough science and hearts when beginning to unlock a tier 2 dinosaur. The higher tier your dinosaur is the more guests that will show up to look at your dinosaur. Tier 4 is the highest possible tier at the moment. Science points can be gained by putting the scientist at the science building, hearts can be gained by having happy dinosaurs. These two items are also needed to upgrade your skill tree. When you upgrade your skill trees you will unlock new items for your guests and your dinosaurs. When you have decided which dinosaur will be the first dinosaur you will need to build an exhibit.

To start making an exhibit you will just need to put down a fence but keep in mind that bigger dinosaurs need a bigger exhibit. You can see in the office in the dinopedia how many feet your dinosaur needs. Please keep in mind that when you put two dinosaurs that want 490 feet each that you will need at least 980 feet of the exhibit. You will also need to check what kind of ground your dinosaur wants, there are three different types of ground to choose from. These three ground types can all be morphed into three different biomes. This can be done by terraforming your exhibit. To complete exhibits for mud and savannah you will need to progress in the heart skill tree. You will also need privacy tiles for your dinosaur, you can use the private view to see which tiles need privacy the most, the best idea is to slam loads of privacy tiles in your exhibit. You can choose stronger fences later in the game when you have progressed in the heart tree. The science tree will unlock more items for making the guests happy. Guests still need some work, even though the premise is to build a big park, the bigger that your park is the less money you will earn. Guests will never reach the end of your park, I tried many ways to get them to reach the end of the park but this seems impossible. Getting your guests to have fun is also almost impossible. If you have a park with almost only fun activities they will still be bored. Not even 15 playgrounds and 10 photo boots in a small park is enough.

To create eggs you will need to dig up bones, you can create portals to certain time periods where you can dig up your desired bones. You can choose beforehand how deep you are going to dig, if you dig deeper you might also find gold, science, hearts, or even legendary hats. The deeper that you want to dig, the more gold it will cost you. It is very useful to have a team that has high tool usage and special skills. If you got a good running park you can let them dig automatically and gain 75 rewards after each run. There are a lot more mechanics in this wonderful game but this covers the basics that you need to start the game, good luck in letting your guests get eaten. I mean build a great park!

It was very hard to rate the gameplay of Parkasaurus, the game is marvelous but it has some big problems that bring it down big time.
I rate Parkasaurus with a 7.0 for gameplay.
If the problems are fixed, mainly the issues with the guests, then I would easily rate it with a 9.0 but for now, we need to wait for new updates.

Sound and Graphics
The graphics in Parkasaurus are perfect, they look cartoony and cheesy which makes the dinosaurs look super cute. In addition to that, they can wear cute hats! My T-Rex can wear some nice glasses!
The sound is a bit monotone and I am missing soundtracks but the sound effects are good.

I rate the sound and graphics of Parkasaurus with a 7.0
I hope that new soundtracks and sound effects will be added in the future.

What did I think of Parkasaurus after playing?
It is really hard to tell you what I think of Parkasaurus after playing, I have four corrupted parks that got deleted due to a bug. I have talked to a developer but he could not find out the reason why and how my save files got corrupted.
I hope this problem can be solved in the future, next to that my complete campaign progress got wiped. I did not have the energy to restart the campaign all over again, sadly this stopped me from getting platinum on Steam.
Despite having so many problems with the save files and having to make many backups while playing due to being afraid of losing my park again I still like the game very much.
Building your park and learning new skills is very fun, getting more dinosaurs is also amazing but I would love to make big parks but that is impossible in this game. The bigger your park is, the less money that you will earn, and the guests will complain more.
Creating a small one-way street surrounded by dinosaur exhibits seems to be the best strategy, it also does not matter how much you charge your guests since they will still come in huge numbers. Just rip off those guests and you will earn more money!
This game is a perfect lovely game but it has some major issues but despite those issues, I will continue playing this game and still recommend Parkasaurus.

I rate Parkasaurus after playing with a 7.5.
The game is very fun and there are loads to do, you can also make loads of different parks and do things differently each time.

My personal rating of Parkasaurus
This is a tough one, it all depends on which moment I take with my time with Parkasaurus, all my lost save files and campaign that I lost would make me really angry at this game.
When I look at how much fun I have when building a park and taking care of the dinosaurs, I am always having a great time with this game when it works. I really want to make a functional huge park but that is impossible in this game at the moment.

My personal rating of Parkasaurus is a 6.0
This is mostly due to all my lost save files, when a lot of the issues in Parkasaurus have been handled with coming updates I would easily rate this with an 8.5 or even higher.

Pros and Cons


– The park building is implemented well and you can upgrade your skill trees to unlock new items.
– The dinosaurs can wear hats.
– There are many different dinosaurs to choose from, some known and some more unknown dinosaurs.
– There is a campaign with a little story that gives you missions and challenges.
– Digging up bones is implemented well into Parkasaurus.
– There are many different biomes that you can terraform for your dinosaurs.

– When terraforming the water physics act very odd and might crash your game.
– The guests never walk through your complete park, they will ignore dinosaurs that are too far away.
– The guests will always complain about not having fun, putting many fun activities in your park does nothing to remedy this.
– You are forced to make a small park, creating bigger parks will earn less money despite having more guests.
– There are many minor bugs that you will encounter when playing.

Parkasaurus has its fair share of pros and cons but I would still recommend this game to all park builders and dinosaur lovers. I loved all my time with Parkasaurus no matter how frustrating it made me at some points of playing. When they address most of the issues in the future this game could become one of the best dinosaur park builder games.
Thank you for requesting this game Roman!
The final rating of Parkasaurus is…drumroll…


You can leave your own thoughts about the game in the comments.
I hope you liked reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review.

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