Super Mario 64 Switch

Face your worst enemy, the camera!

Super Mario 64 Switch

An old game has come to the switch but Nintendo did not do too much to upgrade Super Mario 64, the game runs on an emulator on the switch. The graphics have been spruced up a little bit but most of the bugs and glitches are still here.
In this review, we are going to look at the Super Mario 64 Switch port to see if playing the game is worth your time! Once again, we will need to save princess peach by diving into paintings and recovering the power stars. Nintendo really messed with us, they did not upgrade the graphics for the plaque in the backyard, I still want to know if Luigi is real. They should have really made this plaque readable with some nice textures! If you know how the game works and have played it before, it won’t take too long to finish the whole game including the collecting of all the stars. I hope you are ready for a rainbow ride, can you still collect those 100 nasty coins?

What did I think before playing Super Mario 64 on the switch?
Naturally, I was very excited to play this game and hoped Nintendo would add much better graphics and especially fix the camera issues.
I was looking forward to some of my favorite levels like Jolly Roger Bay, another level that I like is the Clockwork Tower.
I did not look forward to playing rainbow ride and the dry-wet world, these are very annoying levels but luckily I have completed this game over 10 times!
The price was a bit steep for three remastered games and I only found out later these were only ports but nonetheless, I really wanted to play this game.
My wife was also very interested in this game so we decided to split the cost and play it together taking turns, my wife soon find out that cameras back in the day were mean.
This game will always be fun and I will always look forward to playing this golden gem that took the leap to go into the 3D realm.

I rate Super Mario 64 for the switch with a 9.0 before playing.
Everyone pre-ordered these three games to play Super Mario 64 on the go, I think that is enough reason to rate this with a 9.0 before playing!

The story is nothing too special and I won’t make this a long-winded story. Super Mario (is the super just added or is that his real name?) gets a letter from Princess Peach to eat some yummy cake in the castle.
Super Mario missed the pipe ride and arrives too late for the tea party and by the time he arrives Princess Peach has already been kidnapped along with all the power stars. Can you help Jump Man, I mean Super Mario help collect all the power stars and throw Bowser into a spiky ball?

The story is weak sauce but that has always been a problem for Super Mario games, it all comes down to the same old scheme. Bowser or another antagonist needs to be stopped and Princess Peach needs to be saved.
I rate the story of Super Mario 64 for the switch with a 7.0

Super Mario 64 is a game with heavy platforming and many timed jumps, can you master the long jump? I think they removed the stairs glitch in this version though. You will need to find all the paintings in the castle, each painting will lead you to a new world.  In every world there are different challenges to face, you will need to face water, lava, sand, and much more. Every time that you enter a level you can choose which power star you are going to pursue but you can also pursue different stars when you enter the painting. There are also hidden paintings and hidden secrets, these are the secret castle stars. You might need to talk to all the toads to find these secret stars. There are three different power-ups that can help you on your journey to collect all the power stars. Don’t forget to collect 100 coins in all levels!

Flying Mario
I wonder if you can guess what this power-up will do, to use the flying Mario powerup you will need to find the red ! boxes that are scattered throughout the castle. When you have this powerup you can soar to the skies but you need height to fly. To start flying you will need to perform a triple jump or shoot yourself away with a cannon.
Where to unlock: You can unlock the red boxes by looking into the beam of light in the main room after gathering enough power stars, you can also collect a hidden star in this level.

Metal Mario
Are you ready to drown, I mean become metal and walk on the bottom of lakes? With this power-up, you can press switches underwater and avoid being blown away by the current. This power-up also makes sure that you cannot be sucked up by whirlpools. After pressing the green switch you can find green ! boxes throughout the levels to become Metal Mario
Where to unlock: In the level metal cavern you need to use Lapras (the sea creature that looks like the Pokémon Lapras) to get to a high platform that leads you down to a metal portal. You will need to press the green switch here, you can also collect a hidden star at this level.

Invisible Mario
Peeping Mario can be used to go through gates with tiny holes, for some reason you cannot walk through walls. Yes, Boo’s use cheats. This powerup is the least used one but you will need this powerup to collect all 120 power stars. After pressing the blue switch you can find blue ! boxes to become Peeping Mario.
Where to unlock: After draining the castle moat you can find a hole in the ground, complete this level to find the switch. You can also unlock a hidden power star on this level.

Continuation of Gameplay
The worst part of the gameplay is the camera, the camera will annoy you to the bones and switch randomly. The camera will be your biggest problem in this game, when you have collected all power-ups and you have learned how to use the camera it won’t take too long to complete this amazing game. You will need to face Bowser three times, after beating him the first two times you can access new paintings for more power stars.

I rate the gameplay of Super Mario 64 for the switch with an 8.0
I know the camera is really annoying but just think how cameras have evolved since then, we needed this experience to have better camera features in the future.

Sound and Graphic
The graphics are not much different than those of the Nintendo 64 but they are still lovely, I can still remember Unagi the eel scaring me when I was a tiny kid.
The soundtracks and sound effects are still perfect, we are talking about Super Mario here even though it is the first 3D experience!

I rate the sound and graphics of Super Mario 64 for the switch with an 8.5
I don’t have anything else to say about the sound and the graphics.

What did I think of Super Mario 64 for the switch after playing?
I really liked re-playing this game once again, Rainbow Ride was indeed one heck of a ride again.
I almost knew where all power stars were from the beginning and I liked revisiting locations that I love. My wife disliked some of the platforming in the game due to the annoying camera.
My wife made the funniest comment ever, she told me I was so good at platforming because I grew up with games with impossible cameras!
My wife did not even want to try levels like the Rainbow Ride or the Clockwork Tower, she got pretty frustrated at the game!
Only play this game if you can handle the worst camera ever but we did have a great time playing this game and collecting all the power stars!
This is a game that I will most likely replay many times in the years to come

I rate Super Mario 64 for the switch after playing with a 9.0

My Personal Rating

I don’t have anything to add to my personal rating.

My personal rating for this game is 9.0.

Pros and Cons

– Super Mario 64 can now be played on the go on your Nintendo Switch.
– Revisit one of the greatest games of Peeping Mario!
– The graphics have held up pretty well since the era of Nintendo 64 even though they are very blocky.
– The gameplay of this game is still amazing.
– The soundtracks and sound effects of this game are good.
– Unagi the eel still tries to scare you but it has no effect anymore on me.

– The camera is super annoying.
– There are not enough chain chomps in the game.
– Rainbow Ride

I would recommend this game to everyone that can handle the annoying camera, you will also get Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy on the go.
The final rating of Super Mario 64 is …drumroll…


Leave your thoughts about the game in the comments.
I hope you liked reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!


  1. This is such a classic game!

  2. No! The camera! The HORROR!


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