Forager Review

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Forager Review

If you are looking for the perfect game to play when you want to grind and keep on grinding this is the perfect game. Forager will let you grind long while upgrading your weapons and lets you build your own base. While playing you will unlock new islands to discover, the islands usually have a puzzle or maybe even a dungeon. The game features many fun things to do like fishing, mining, and much more. You even get to fight dangerous bosses and if you are strong enough you will get to face 10 bosses or more at the same time. This game will suck up all of your time while you make furnaces that craft item while you keep mining more materials. I played this game for around 140 hours while I was sick and managed to get a platinum status on Steam. You have a lot of freedom to do whatever you want to the world, you can even destroy everything if you feel like it but make sure you have collected all the treasure chests first. You will also find a museum where you need to bring collected items. You will also find new artifacts that will give you new powers but don’t forget about leveling up and investing in your skill tree!
I won’t feature a story in the Forager review as there is no story in this game, you create your own grinding path!

What did I think of Forager before playing?
I got this game on the humble choice a while ago but I did not immediately play the game, the premise looked great.
I think it is very odd that I think the premise of hours upon hours of grinding seems great, there must be something wrong with me, nonetheless, I think many people want to grind in Forager as this game is very loved by many people.
I only thought about playing this game when my wife started her own file, my eyebrow started doing that weird twitching thing, this could only mean that I wanted to play that game as soon as possible as well.
I quickly installed the game and went to the steam page to see what it has to say, the Steam page looks perfect and tells you what to expect in this game.
Many people that are looking for a fun grinding game where you will be rewarded for your endeavors will see immediately that Forager is the game where you need to be.
It was not long until I got sick and went insane on a non-stop Forager gaming spree, I played Forager almost non stop for three different complete files.

I rate Forager with a 9.0 before playing.
If you see this game before playing you will be immediately urged to buy this game, Forager looks perfect before playing and it is only 20 compared to some much more expensive games.

The gameplay is huge as there is so much to do in Forager but you start as a little newbie with only three hearts and a sword that can barely defeat a slimy monster. You will need to defeat monsters and collect materials for experience points to level up. Leveling up will give you the ability to choose from four different paths but at max level, you can fill all the skills in the skill tree, next to gathering materials you will also need to collect gold to start buying new islands. When you have new islands, you can find different biomes depending on which way you are building. There are five different biomes and they all hold different materials that you need for building new buildings. Some of the buildings that you need are furnaces and sewing stations, as you will level up more items will become available at buildings. You will also need to upgrade your weapons to become stronger but you can also upgrade items like your shovel or a wallet. Upgrading your shovel will let you find more items buried that are buried in the ground and with a water shovel you can even water the ground for plants! Your wallet will let you find more gold but having a necklace will let you find more rewards!

You will have to solve many puzzles in Forager as you keep expanding your world and upgrading yourself to fight the stronger monsters. Some puzzles will be very easy to complete while others may have you whacked out of your mind. Completing these puzzles will give you artifacts that grant you new powers to help you grind some more. There are a lot of buildings to build that can help ease the grind like banks that will generate money automatically. You will also have defensive options, for example, the ballista building will protect your buildings from monsters that want to destroy your buildings. You will have three hearts in Forager but completing dungeons will grant you a new heart, you can also create spirit orbs to upgrade your health. These spirit orbs can also upgrade your hunger bar, the hunger bar is very important because if it is empty you will lose a heart. You can eat to refill your hunger bar. The spirit orb can also increase your damage per second. You will find a chest that will eat your hearts but you will gain powerful rewards like droids that can help you in mining materials. Droids can also increase how fast a building will produce material for you. You will also find quests that can give you rare rewards. If you want to store items you can build vaults to store your items in.

When you think you are powerful enough you can create sigils to summon bosses who you can challenge, these will drop good rewards. When you have enough droids you can try to tackle the void, these will give you new rewards. You can use these to turn your items into nuclear items, this is the strongest tier of many items. Some buildings can also be turned nuclear but you will need nuclear fuel cells to power these buildings. There is much more to find and do in Forager, go and grind!

I rate the gameplay of Forager with an 8.5
The game is a really fun grind and starting a new file is never a bad idea. I really like how much effort the developer went through to make this a fun grinding experience! There is a lot more content coming that I am waiting for, next up is the multiplayer update.

Sound and Graphics
The graphics in this game look fun and pretty, the developer has put much effort into the graphics, you can also change your costume and your character.
The sound is good but I don’t have anything special to mention about the soundtracks or sound effects other than that it is fitting to this game.

I rate the sound and graphics of Forager with an 8.0

What did I think after playing Forager?
Forager has a really addictive element that keeps you enticed to keep grinding and getting stronger, I tried both the classic mode and the hard mode.
There are many tiers for your weapons and utility items to keep upgrading, your base also needs a lot of upgrading.
I really liked how they added many puzzles and dungeons to keep you gunning to get stronger, the endgame content is the void which can be completed easily if you grind enough.
The lighthouses are way to overpowered and lets you gain trillions of gold and materials at once, I hope the lighthouses get nerfed and a reasonable way to grind gets added.
If you are looking for a fun game to waste a lot of your time, Forager is the perfect game for you!
Forager exceeded my expectations with how fun it was, even though I was sick, Forager made it a lot more bearable as I watched all my buildings create items.

I rate Forager with a 9.1 after playing.
Forager is a game that already has a huge community and the developer is still actively working on the game with new updates to come, you can even use mod support to add mods to Forager!
This is the perfect game for anyone that is looking for a grindy game that is fun.

Personal Rating
I don’t have anything to add for my personal rating, this game was just extremely fun otherwise I would not have gotten Platinum on Steam

I rate Forager with a  personal rating of 8.7

Pros and Cons

–  You can level up in Forager and choose your own path while grinding.
– There are many activities to undertake in Forager.
– You can choose your own path when purchasing new islands to discover.
– The game has high replay value and playing a new file will let you experience a whole new grinding adventure.
– There are multiple game modes to experience.
– You can explore dungeons in Forager and upgrade your stats.
– The game has well thought out mechanics that will keep you entertained for a long time.

– The official mod that the developer sponsors called Forager Evolved needs some more updates ad fixes but otherwise, this mod is great.
– The lighthouses are too overpowered and they need to be nerfed but a new grinding option needs to be introduced.

I would truly recommend you to play this game, the price is not very high but you can gain a lot of fun while playing this game.
The final rating of Forager is…drumroll…


You can leave your own thoughts in the comments.
I hope you liked reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!


  1. Nice timekiller!

  2. Cool review! Kind of a Vanilla stardew valley game haha

    • supersven

      It does use a lot of elements from other games!

  3. Simone Krijgsman

    Bad news everybody, unfortunately, the multiplayer update for Forager is canceled 🙁 but also a bit of good news: Forager 2 will be built from the ground up with multiplayer built-in. And another, Forager-related game is in the making! You can read the details here


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