Mega Dimension Neptunia Version 2 Review

How many dimensions are there?

Mega Dimension Neptunia Version 2 Review

WARNING, This review contains pictures of partial nudity.

Megadimension Neptunia Version 2 is an anime Japanese role-playing game. I have never played another Megadimension Neptunia game from the franchise before, this is my first Mega Dimension Neptunia game but I understood the story quite well but it was hard to wrap my head around the story at some points.
The game is very long, if you are looking for a long-time commitment in the gaming world this might be the game you are looking for. It took me 18 hours to rush through the story without completing side quests, I intend to do another playthrough sometime with all the side quests and more!

If I would have played the complete game including the new game+ I could have ended up playing at least 200 hours. There is a lot to do in this game including upgrading cities and exploring optional dungeons. The game is for 18+, there is partial nudity in Megadimension Neptunia. The nipples and genitals will not be shown but you will see naked anime lady characters with soap bubbles in front of them or wearing towels a lot. The game uses a three-disk storyline, just like when I bought Final Fantasy 7 back in 1997 but you get to keep the items and levels that you have gained in the previous storyline.

When you complete the first section of the game you will see the fake credits roll and then the game will continue. As in many other Role-playing games, you will have the main party but I will warn you, don’t invest too many credits (Credits are the gold currency in this game) or grinding one character to a higher level! The game will switch party members often with new characters. The protagonist called Neptunia will also be missing from your party from time to time, meaning I made a mistake investing in her as my main heavy hitter character.

You can buy extra DLC characters to help you in the game, The DLC characters need to be unlocked but they can be missed if you don’t pay close attention. Most of the DLC characters require that you complete a specific side quest.
The three sections are one whole story, the first will play out in the Zero Dimension. The second one will play out in the hyper dimension and the last story section will play out in the Zero and Hyper dimensions but there will also be a new dimension called the Heart Dimension. You have three endings in this game. I have achieved both the normal ending and the bad ending. Getting the secret ending will take a lot of time and achieve this I will most likely need to start a new game+.  

You will face many dangerous enemies and gain many friends in this adventure but for me, the biggest enemy was the large walls of text that you will face. One cut scene where the characters are talking can take up to thirty minutes of reading. The game breaks many things including the fourth, fifth, and sixth wall*(Check the footnote for an explanation on how the fourth, fifth, and sixth wall breaking works in a video game). The game uses turn-based combat but you can set up combos to deal more damage in one turn. I had a lot of fun playing this game and when I have the time I will restart the game and play a new game+ by completing all side quests. Fun side notes: You are going to fight a Nintendo 2DS in a dungeon called Maryo Land.

Spoilers ahead.
I have only completed the normal ending but I have used the secret ending for the story, my friend who recommend this game has completed the game with the secret ending. He shared the secret ending information for my review, thanks for sharing!

* The fourth wall breaking means that the characters know that they are in a video game. For example, Neptunia will talk about being the protagonist of the game and telling you to look for non-playable characters as that is what you are supposed to do in a video game. Another example is: Telling you that you can’t die against a tutorial boss.

*The fifth wall breaking means that the characters in the game not only know that they are in a video game, they also know they have been in different video games and they know there will be a next part of the video game that they are in. For example, Neptunia encounters a villain from another game and says: Look it’s Arfoire we defeated her in the previous video game we were in. Don’t worry we are the protagonist and we can’t die unless there is a cut scene. Although I got to admit that line was very funny.

* The breaking of the sixth wall is very elusive and won’t be mentioned quickly. Breaking the fourth wall happens more often than you think, breaking the fifth wall is rare and happens only now and then but breaking the sixth wall is like finding a golden antelope in Antarctica. The sixth wall can be broken if the characters are talking about events that are going to happen in the next game or possible events that might occur. Now the sixth wall has been scratched.

The characters will outright tell you that it is a game and how the game works with words like meta in the gameplay. The sixth wall is now almost broken. One last thing that is left to do is smash the wall into pieces. When completing the game in the normal mode the person that died in the cut scene starts talking to you! She will tell you that you messed up and only got the normal ending, you will need to play a new game+ so she doesn’t die. I think this is the first time I have seen the sixth wall being broken in a video game. It does not just break the game it outright destroy all the immersion that the game had.

What did I think of Mega Dimension Version 2 before playing?
My friend kept recommending me this game but I had not yet found the time to play this game yet until it came on sale in a new bundle.
I finally decided to take the plunge and buy the bundle that also had some of the DLC characters for, in the game, one of the DLC characters was apparently a fish.
I decided to look up some trailers and visit the steam page to see how it looked before starting Mega Dimension Neptunia Version 2
I found out that it was just a huge anime role-playing game, it had been some time since I invested my time in a good old-fashioned role-playing game.

The steam page looked very welcoming and the trailer attracted me to play the game but I did not see that the game featured partial nudity otherwise I would not have bought the game.
My friend told me it did not matter if I start with part 7 of the franchise, apparently, you can all just play them separately without having any idea what is going on.
I expected a great adventure that would take up some time, I soon learned this game likes to mock everything game-related in a fun way.

I rate Mega Dimension Neptunia Version 2 before playing with an 8.2 before playing.
The trailer looks very attractive and the game has overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam, who would not want to start playing an awesome anime role-playing game?


Zero dimension
The story of Megadimension Neptunia starts with something called the change of CPUS in four countries. The CPUS need to get followers and shares to gain power and start ruling the country. Neptunia is one of the candidates in the city called planeptune. The cities together are called the Game industry. Neptunia finds a game console in the alleyway and she decides to take it home. She meets her oracle called Histoire who tells her that she needs to be working on getting followers and shares of the people. Histoire tells Neptunia that there will be a shift change and people will rethink their actions and loyalty. Neptunia ignores the warning and meets up with her sister Nepgear. She tells her that she found a console and wants to play on the console with her. They boot up the console and suddenly a wormhole opens up! They get sucked into another dimension called the Zero Dimension. Instead of panicking Neptunia tells Nepgear that they need to find a non-playable character to explain what is going.


Neptunia and Nepgear talk about that being sucked into another dimension happen to them frequently like in the past game Megadimension Neptunia six. The Zero Dimension is a ruined world where life is scarce and monsters roam the lands. Neptunia and Nepgear manage to find a survivor named Uzume. Surprisingly she is also a CPU from this ruined world. CPUS are able to transform into powered-up forms

if they have enough shares and followers, faith from the people that they will lead the land into an era of peace. Nepgear and Neptunia have been cut off from their dimension and cannot transform into their powered-up form. Uzume is able to transform using a share crystal that embodies the hope of people that have died in the cataclysmic event leading to the destruction of this Dimension.  Neptune and Nepgear head to the base that Uzume live in where they also meet Umio. Umio is a fish monster that is sentient and has a human face. Neptunia and Nepgear learn that Uzume has amnesia and has special abilities unknown to other CPUS. There is no clue what exactly happened to the Zero Dimension.

There is a giant called the dark purple that is walking across the lands of this ruined world. She is a dark CPU who embodies hate and war, she holds immense power. Uzume thinks the dark CPU destroyed the world and Uzume wants to stop the dark CPU for good. The only way to stop the dark CPU is to put her in a pocket dimension where her powers will be diminished because there are fewer embodiments of destruction and hate as she will be cut off from the Zero Dimension. The party travels the land in search of share crystals to create this pocket dimension. Nepgear is working on a device to transport Neptunia and herself back to the Hyper Dimension after the dark CPU has been defeated.

After collecting enough share crystals, Nepgear, Neptune, and Uzume face the dark CPU and are able to trap the dark CPU into the pocket dimension. Because there are friendly monsters in this dimension they regain hope seeing the CPUS fight for their destroyed land. They share their hope and friendship with Neptunia and Nepgear so they can transform into their powered-up state. They manage to defeat the dark CPU saving the Zero Dimension or so they thought.

The party heads back to the dimensional teleporter so Neptunia and Nepgear can return home. While getting ready to teleport to their own dimension, Uzume’s base is attacked by Arfoire. Nepgear jumps out of the teleporter to help Uzume fight the invasion and Neptunia gets teleported back to the Hyper Dimension. When Neptune arrives in the Hyper Dimension, she finds Histoire who is knocked out cold. Helping with the teleporter from the Hyper Dimension has drained Histoire of her energy. Neptune sets out to find an artifact belonging to an ancient CPU. After traversing the dungeon, she finds the artifact and brings it back to Histoire and she inserts the floppy-like disk into Histoire’s mouth.

Meanwhile in the Zero Dimension Uzume and Nepgear are fighting off monsters that have been sent by Arfoire to destroy the teleporter. There are simply too many monsters for Uzume and Nepgear to fight and they decide to flee for now and head to the main base of Uzume where the survivors of the Zero Dimension are trying to rebuild., Uzume and Nepgear decide to travel through the cave since this way is shorter but Arfoire has set a trap for Uzume and Nepgear. They fight with Arfoire and manage to overpower her but Arfoire transforms into a giant bug, somehow increasing her power.

When Uzume and Nepgear think it is the end for them a wormhole opens up and Neptune appears but it is not Neptune! It is a Neptune from another dimension called the Ultra Dimension. This other Neptune from the Ultra Dimension helps Uzume and Nepgear by trapping Arfoire inside a book that is filled with living bugs. Neptune tells them that she has the ticket home for Nepgear in the form of a dimension hopper creature called Croire but he has escaped during the dimension ride.

The newly formed party of three travel together to the main base of Uzume and meet the survivors. Arfoire manages to escape by tricking the party and she flees. She meets up with Croire and together they form a powerful alliance. The party consisting of older Neptune, Nepgear, and Uzume face Arfoire but are unable to defeat her with the power she has gained from Croire.  The party retreats to the main base to tend their wounds. Arfoire fuses with the dark CPU that the party defeated earlier and brings her back to life. The party confronts Arfoire again even though she is even more powerful. The survivors of this dimension grant all their hope and power to Uzume, Nepgear, and older Neptunia. With this power, Uzume is able to trap Arfoire who is fused with the dark CPU in the pocket dimension that links two dimensions together. Younger Neptune shows up before the fight with the dark CPU. Histoire has woken up again and send Younger Neptunia through the dimensional portal back to the Zero Dimension. By working together, they defeat Arfoire and save the Zero Dimension. Nepgear and younger Neptunia return to the Hyper Dimension. Uzume stays in the Zero Dimension and vows to rebuild this world. The fate of older Neptune is unknown.
This is the end of section one, the credits will roll and you will think the game has ended. Surprise! The game continues in the Hyper Dimension.

Hyper dimension
The hyper dimension is split into four parts, we will look at all four parts starting with Neptune. From now on Neptunia will be referred to by her new nickname Neptune.


Neptune and Nepgear return to the Hyper Dimension thinking that their latest adventure is finally over and that they can continue their lazy life playing video games. Histoire tells them that the CPU shift is starting to happen and that Neptune shares and followers are dropping fast but Neptune is not worried. She and the other CPUS decide to band together and unite the world. They are going to host a festival for the people. The people are really enjoying the festival and everything is going according to plan. At the end of the festival, an unknown group appears calling themselves the Golden Third even though they have four members. The CPUS team up and fight the golden third but they get defeated very quickly.

The CPUS suddenly gets teleported and wakes up a few days later. Neptune finds out everyone has forgotten that she even exists. She finds Iffy the guild agent who was a close friend but even she does not remember Neptune or that CPUS exists. Iffy Goes out on a mission and Neptune follows her, when Iffy gets attacked by Arfoire who apparently escaped the Zero Dimension, Neptune jumps in to help her but Arfoire is too strong. Suddenly a ninja robot called Steamax appears and saves Iffy and Neptune. After returning back to the city a few citizens have regained their memories about the CPUS. The new leader called B-sha is very bad at ruling the city and is also scared of the monsters! Histoire wants them to work together to rule Planeptune.

The party consisting of Neptune, Iffy, and a nurse called Compa manages to capture warechu, a mascot mouse who has joined a new group called the AffimaX. Warechu reveals Steamax is also a member of the new evil group called AffimaX. While the party was interrogating Warechu, Steamax has stolen the console that warped Neptune and Nepgear to the Zero Dimension. The party chases after Steamax when they finally catch up Steamax needs to team up with the party since Warechu has been brainwashed and turned into a giant monster. B-sha has also been brainwashed and needs to be stopped. After the battle, Steamax manages to disappear with the console.


After waking up Noire reunites with her sister Uni and they return back to Lastation, the city that they rule together. Unlike Neptune, they did not forget Noire at all but they think she is a war criminal! Noire decides to leave Uni behind and shake off their pursuers. She collapses in the capital and gets rescued by a mysterious woman. She reveals her name is K-sha and the golden third has resigned their reign over Lastation. The order is now ruling over Lastation. Noire helps Lastation by defeating the increasing monster threat but risks being captured since she needs to be in public. K-sha is tracked down in her house, they expect to find Noire but the order finds K-sha instead and they take her captive. K-sha gets interrogated to extract information about Noire. Noire can’t stand seeing her friend get hurt and she surrenders herself to the order.

Uni arrives at Lastation and learns that Noire is captured and breaks her out of jail.  K-sha is jealous of Uni and challenges her to a duel to the death in the golden tower. K-sha reveals she is a member of the golden third and is in love with Noire.  Noire decides to take the place of Uni and fight K-sha. Noire wins the battle and spares K-sha’s live. They all decide to become friends.
The order attacks the golden tower in hopes of cutting of the power of K-sha, the crystal in the tower is where her power comes from. Working together the party consisting of K-sha, Uni and Noire manage to stop the order but Uni get hits by something poisonous. K-sha saves Uni’s life but using so much power corrupts her. Uni and Noire manage to subdue her rage, K-sha destroys the crystal herself and returns to normal. The three of them decide to be friends again.

Blanc wakes up in Lowee and gets attack by a monster but is saved by C-sha who is a member of the golden third. She has no memory of the battle at the festival.  Blanc and C-sha travel the lands of Lowee to find Rom and Ram the sisters of Blanc.  While traveling C-Sha and Blanc helps the citizens in need. C-Sha is approached by a politician named Azna and orders C-sha to assassinate blanc but she refuses. Blanc is on a rescue mission and finds Rom and Ram. Blanc is also approached by Azna and she asks Blanc to investigate C-sha. Blanc asks C-sha what is going on and she finds out that C-sha is a member of the golden third. C-sha is arrested by Azna and ordered to be executed.  Blanc keeps telling everyone C-sha is innocent but no one believes her.

C-sha releases red mist summoning monsters to attack Lowee that allows C-sha to escape.  Rom and Ram try to evacuate the citizens while Blanc is holding off the monsters. The hunter’s guild and C-sha arrive to help stop the monsters from destroying Lowee. C-sha arrests Azna who was left in charge and throws her in jail. C-sha returns to the golden tower to destroy the crystal that corrupted her but gets possessed by the crystal instead. Rom, Ram, and Blanc come to help C-sha and defeat her to break the crystal’s power. Afterward, the four members return to their duties in Lowee.

Vert wakes up and realizes quickly time has passed by but she has no knowledge of this. She returns home to learn a new leader has taken over Leanbox. Vert joins the military and learns the country is under attack by invaders as well as an army of demons. The entire army gets wiped because they are being turned into pigs. Vert is dispatched to defeat an invader and encounters Nepgear. Together they defeat the invader, a battle robot thought to be sent from Lastation. Nepgear investigates the parts and learns it is indeed built from Lastation parts but It is built inside Leanbox. They return to S-sha to tell her about a possible rebellion but S-sha does not believe them.

Later on Vert is contacted by another woman who calls herself E-sha who begs Vert to shop S-sha. S-sha promises Vert that she can have the leadership of Leanbox back after defeating the Demon King. Together with Nepgear, she manages to defeat the demon king but S-sha has disappeared. Nepgear and Vert travel to the golden tower to try and find S-sha but they encounter the older Neptune from the Ultra Dimension. She tells them that she has joined the group AffimaX. After defeating the older Neptune, Vert and Nepgear continue climbing the tower and find S-sha. E-sha manifests as an alternate personality in S-sha. S-sha wants to get rid of E-sha by making a new vessel for E-sha by sacrificing the cursed army that is now pigs rolling in the mud. Older Neptune causes the ritual to fail by misplacing one of the pigs, Nepgear and Vert are able to convince S-sha and E-sha to live in harmony with each other after defeating her in battle.

Peace in the nations
The nations are once again at peace but the group AffimaX is still active. Neptune decides to attack the group head-on but first, she visits all nations and bands, everyone, together. After everyone has joined together, they plan to attack AffimaX.
They learn the location of the AffimaX base of operation which is in an aerial fortress. They successfully infiltrate the base but AffimaX has fallen apart slowly since Steamax has been sent away after Affimojas the leader has learned of his feelings towards humans. He wants to keep the console for himself and does not want to hand it over to Arfoire. Steamax stays behind and battles the CPUS but is defeated. The CPUS battle Affimojas but he uses negative energy to defeat the CPUS and stop their transformations.
The golden third jumps in to help the CPUS defeat Affimojas. They share the energy of all people and their hopes with the CPUS.

With this shared energy, the CPUS are able to transform into a new form called the next form. In this new form, they easily defeat Affimojas and take back the console. Once again fake credits will roll but there is one more chapter before this story is truly over.


The heart dimension
The CPUS return to Planeptune with Steamax and Affimojas captured and the console back in safe hands. Suddenly, a giant wormhole opens up above the planet, Neptune, Noire, Blanc, and Vert go to the wormhole and enter it to explore. Nepgear and Uni follow them from a safe distance to keep an eye on them. A monster hoard appears from the Zero Dimension which Neptune recognizes. She decides to block off the passage to stop them from entering the Hyper Dimension. Suddenly Uzume appears but it turns out that she is not the real Uzume and she summons a dark CPU to capture Neptune, Noire, Blanc, and Vert by surprise even though they can now transform into the next form. Nepgear and Uni quickly return to planeptune to inform the rest of the party. They decide to ask the golden third for help in rescuing the CPUS.

When the party is ready to rescue the CPUS they ask Histoire for help to get to the Zero Dimension. Using the console the whole party teleports to the Zero Dimension and finds Uzume to ask for an explanation.  Uzume tells them that she has no idea what has happened but wants to work together to save the CPUS. The party explores the Zero Dimension and finds a copy of Uzume called Kurome and older Neptune. She tells them she is going to fuse the Zero and hyper dimension together which is the beginning of the Zero Dimension (Are you still following the story or are you just as mind whacked as me at this moment?).  Kurome leaves through a dimensional portal to yet another dimension called the Heart Dimension, this dimension is filled with dreams and memories, Kurome uses these memories and dreams to corrupt people. Older Neptune was apparently working from the shadows to help you and left the portal open. The party saves Older Neptune and defeats Arfoire. They learn of the CPUS dreams in the Heart Dimension.
Neptune wants praise and that her nation is happy. Noire wants to be a successful voice actress. Blanc wants bigger breasts and Vert wants younger sisters that are clones of herself.

The party tracks down Kurome who reveals she is a spirit of the real Uzume, one of the oldest CPUS of planeptune. She volunteered to be sealed in the Heart Dimension after harming her people by accident by failing to control her powers. Kurome came to resent humankind and wants to destroy them for good. A lost fragment of her power took on a new form in the real Uzume without memories since the Heart and Zero Dimensions are connected. She releases Neptune, Noire, Blanc, and Vert but they have been corrupted and attack the party. Uzume uses her share energy to release them from the grip of Kurome.
Kurome flees from the scene, the party splits into two fragments and meet up when they find Kurome. Kurome fuses with all the Dark CPUS and becomes the ultra-strong Dark orange CPU. Uzume can’t open a pocket dimension to contain her!

Uzume finds a way to reopen the pocket dimension by draining power from the original share crystal, her and Kurome’s life force will be drained if she uses this share crystal. With Dark orange now in the pocket dimension they defeat her but before her defeat, she summons a monster hoard to attack the Hyper Dimension. Uzume orders Nepgear to destroy the share crystal and flee back to the Hyper Dimension to close the portal. Neptune helps Nepgear and they quickly return to the Hyper Dimension.  After returning home they find a way to revive Uzume but there is a chance that Kurome will be brought back to life instead. They decide to take the chance. During the revival process, the two CPUS struggle to decide who will be revived and Uzume comes out victorious. In reviving Uzume the Zero and Heart Dimension are restored.

I rate the story of Mega Dimension Neptunia Version 2 with a 7.6
The story is quite action-packed and a lot of things happen but it felt like it started dragging after a bit, to be honest, I really thought the game ended after the Zero Dimension. The story was hard to understand at some points and it was clear I needed to use my brain more than I had anticipated. The story uses a lot of gaming terms which was fun though but breaking the sixth wall was a bit weird. All in all, the story was pretty good but it was a bit too mind-bending for me.

Megadimension Neptunia 7 is an anime role-playing game that follows the traditional recipe to create a good role-playing game. You will face many monsters that you will need to defeat. All your party members have different skills and attack ranges.
The party will keep changing throughout the story, getting attached to one character is not a good thing to do in this game. Buying weapons and armor is not really necessary, you will find enough weapons and items in the dungeons. The overworld map can be used to travel to different cities and dungeons. When traveling on the overworld map you can encounter monsters on the way. The monsters that you encounter on the overworld map are usually not strong. Dungeons are split up into different sections with hidden treasures. Some hidden treasures are hidden behind wooden or metal blocks.

You will need to continue the story far enough to get a special item to break these boxes. For different hidden treasures, you will need to send scouts. Scouts will be unlocked when you reach the Hyper Dimension. The scouts can find hidden treasures or look for a certain monster and much more. Learning how to use the scouts is important as you will need them.

In this role-playing game, you will need to grind a lot, reaching the maximum level is very hard to do, the maximum level is 999. The best way to level up is to kill a certain monster called the metal doggo. Earning credits is important but not for the weapons or armor. You will need to upgrade the cities to their former state you will need to invest a lot of credit in restoring the cities. These will unlock special events and earn more items that you can make in development. You can find recipes in dungeons to develop more items. To develop items, you need to have finished the Zero Dimension.

You will need to collect monster parts to develop items, if you want to have more chance of getting certain monster parts you will need to break the parts that you need. Credits will also be used to build new routes to dungeons and secret areas. You can also unlock the coliseum to fight enemies. You can create disks to enhance your characters, you will need to find a disk first and an E-book item that you can burn on the disc. For example, a rom disk and an RPG manual will make a disc that can be equipped. You can accept quests in the cities for extra credits and rewards. You start with E rank quests but if you complete all of them you can gain access to S rank quests with huge rewards.

All characters have Health points and special points. You can refill either health points or special points with magic or items, if your health point reaches zero you can use another character to revive the one with zero health points. All the different characters have been classified as either offense or defense. With the DLC characters included you will have over 20 characters in the endgame section, good luck creating the party that you want!
Battles are turn-based combat, you can walk towards the enemy and select your attack. There are three types of attacks, standard, rush, and power. You will need to set combos in the main menu, this way you can attack multiple times in one turn. The more power you have, the higher the combo count will be.

When you level up you will learn new combos to set up your attacks. All characters will learn different combo attacks. You are able to use special skills in battle using special points. You will need to carefully look at what the range of skills is, certain sills can hit multiple enemies. When exploring dungeons, you will see the enemies walk around, when they spot you, they will try and attack you. You can attack them first to gain the upper hand. When you are exploring the dungeons for loot and you have defeated the enemies, some of the enemies will respawn. The gameplay can be very repetitive but that is to be expected in a role-playing game. I was not bothered by this at all.  You can change the formation of your party on the menu. Setting the magic and ranged users in the back and the tank in the front. When you have more than four party members you can set the other party members in the second row of the party slot. If the two-party members have a good relationship with each other they can gain special skills. You can increase the relationship by using the same two characters in battle.

In battle you have a special bar called the gauge which is used for incredible powerful attacks. You can build up the gauge by attacking enemies or getting hit. For most of these attacks, you will need to corner or sandwich your enemy to perform this attack. The further you get in the game, the more attacks will be unlocked. You will need specific characters for drive.exe attacks otherwise it won’t work. When your characters are high enough level they will learn attacks that they can use alone. You can also use the gauge to transform certain CPUS into a powered-up form. All stats will be increased while you are transformed. When you complete the Hyper Dimension the four main CPUS can transform into the next form. This is a very strong form but it will cost more gauge. All four members of the golden third can transform into an upgraded form. You have to learn which character combines best with other characters to perform the best gauge attacks.

I rate the gameplay of Mega Dimension Version 2 with an 8.6
The core of any role-playing game is of course the gameplay, There is plenty to do in this game and it gives you a lot of incentive to keep grinding and exploring. Anyone that likes role-playing games will have an amazing time with this game.

Sound and Graphics
The graphics are exactly what you would expect from an anime role-playing game, there is nothing to complain about here.
There are many different soundtracks and sound effects, enough to keep you engaged with your gaming experience.

I rate the sound and graphics of Mega Dimension Neptunia Version 2 with 8.0.
Even though I disliked the graphics mostly due to the partial nudity, I cannot speak for other people. Next to the partial nudity, I liked the graphics in the game.

What did I think of Mega Dimension Neptunia Version 2 after playing?
I still want to invest more time into this game but there were some things that I did dislike while playing this game but there were also some fun times.
The greater moments of this game were when I had to beat up a Nintendo 2DS and while exploring dungeons. The party system was also very good and there are many combinations.
There is plenty to do in this game that will eat your time, there are also a lot of bonus dungeons and optional things to do.
One of the major problems for me was the partial nudity in the game, I also disliked the huge walls of text that appeared too frequently.
If you are looking for a good anime role-playing game and don’t mind partial nudity, this is a perfect game that I would recommend to you.

I rate Mega Dimension Neptunia Version 2 with a 7.9 after playing.
The game was really awesome and I would definitely recommend everyone to play this game since there is nothing wrong with this game however this game did just not click with me for some unknown reason.

Personal Rating
It is very hard to give my personal rating, I did like the story and the gameplay very much but the partial nudity bugs me out. I do want the secret ending but I would put it down further down on my to-play list.
There is nothing else I would like to add for my personal rating, I have mentioned everything that I want.

My personal rating for Mega Dimension Neptunia Version 2 is a 6.0

Pros and Cons


– Many characters that you will unlock when going through the story.
– A large anime role-playing game adventure.
– Sometimes breaking the fourth wall is very fun in this game. For example: beating up a Nintendo 2DS
– There are a lot of optimization options for combat in the game.
– There are a lot of mechanics that flesh out the game.
– The graphics are great for an anime role-playing game.
– The story is insane but that also adds some fun, the story was harder to follow than the story of Kingdom Hearts.


– Sixth wall breaking is not fun in a game, it completely breaks the immersion.
– You are going to face large walls of text, this is not fun for everyone.
– There is partial nudity in this game, not everybody can appreciate this.
– You don’t have a consistent party to use in the game.

If you are interested in Japanese role-playing games, this game is for you! I only played for about 20 hours to get the bad and the normal ending. If I would do everything in this game it will easily take over 200 hours.
The final rating of Mega Dimension Neptunia Version 2 is…drumroll…


Leave your own thoughts about this game in the comments.
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review.


  1. partial nudity? no problem here 🙂

    • supersven

      Good to hear that you don't mind, I did not know before I started playing the game. The gameplay is really good!

      • well, it is one of those good things in anime games 😉


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