Toybox Turbos Review

Race your way to the top in this micro racing game!

Toybox Turbos Review

In this racing game, you will need to race against different opponents to earn the trophies for each section. In each section, you can unlock different cars and many have a different theme. All cars are tiny sized and the items in the levels are huge. All the cars that you unlock can only be used in their own trophy section and not in other trophy sections. This game is not too long since you could finish it in around three hours but the game was very fun! You can earn up to three stars in each mission, the higher that your star ranking the more gold that you will earn.

Your gold will carry on to the next section There is one car that you will unlock from defeating the boss from that section. Using the car from the section boss can help you in getting a three-star ranking. There are different modes that you will need to play to complete this game. In the gameplay section, we will go over all the different modes that are playable. There is no story in this game, you race to win and not to lose! There is no plot involved or any cut scenes for you to watch thus I will not feature a story section in this review.

What did I think before playing Toybox Turbo?
I got this game in a humble bundle that I paid only €1 for! I bought it for this game since the trailer looked amazing. Normally racing is not my strongest suit in gaming but the game looked very good. The levels that I saw in the trailer enticed me to start the game. I did not expect I would be able to complete this game in one Sunday afternoon but I had a really great time while playing Toybox Turbos. The music was not too exciting but good enough and the sound effects were also a bit shabby when looking at the trailer. The graphics looked good and the gameplay looked really awesome so I decided to buy it. Buying Toybox Turbos was a good idea and I did not regret my decision.

I rate Toybox Turbo before playing with a 7.5.
The trailer looks great and it gives you a realistic sense of what the game has to offer. If you like racing or any of the micro kart games you would love this game.

This Is where Toybox Turbos shines in quality! You will be able to choose from many cars that you will need to unlock with the gold that you have earned from completing a race. Winning a trophy means you will get an extra car that you can use for racing in that trophy section. Each trophy has its own set of cars that you will need to unlock. There are many different levels that you will need to race in. Controlling the car feels very fluent and braking goes smooth. I did not have too much trouble with steering the cars but getting the three-star ranking was hard in some of the levels. Becoming the champion and winning the trophy car makes getting a three-star ranking easier in that trophy section.

There is only one level that I did not manage to get a three-star ranking in. I really liked the gameplay of Toybox Turbos and it had me biting my lip as I was reaching the end of a race while another computer racer was on my tail. In the racing levels, you are able to gather power-ups that can help you win the race but the computer-controlled opponents can also use them to try and stop you from winning. Another way to win the race is looking for shortcuts in the levels. There are many different gameplay modes that you will come across in Toybox Turbos.  

Classic mode
 In this mode, you will need to race against three different computer-controlled opponents, to reach the three-star ranking you will need to finish first in the race. There will be many different levels and opponents that you will come across. You will need to practice sometimes before you are able to win the race depending on how well you are able to deal with the obstacles in the levels. Knowing the shortcuts in a level will help you win.  

Time trial mode
You will need to finish this level as fast as possible to earn a three-star ranking. You will need a fast car that can also steer well, winning the car from the trophy holder can be very useful in winning the time trial. These can be very hard to complete sometimes, you will need to pay close attention to all the possible shortcuts otherwise you will fail. Some of the time trials need a perfect run, making one error will cause you to fail the time trial.  

EDIT: I am finally going to post this review and I have decided to retry the challenge that eluded me from getting all the golden stars in Toybox Turbos. I have finally managed to beat the time trial! I have even recorded the victory!

Overtake mode
You will start in the last position in this mode, you will be tasked to overtake other cars. The number of cars that you have to overtake successfully will be specified before you begin the mission. Depending on the cars that you need to overtake this can either be hard or easy. For example, having to overtake 30 busses can be really hard but overtaking 20 cars will be easily done.

Escape mode
What would you do if a giant volcano erupts? Drive as fast as you can and as far away as possible. If you drive too slow or use the brake too often, the lava will engulf you and you will need to start over again. To get the three-star ranking you will need to escape around 2000 meters but the conditions for a three-star ranking will increase with the higher difficulties. This was one of the most difficult modes available.  

Countdown mode
Countdown is a different form of the time trial mode. You will need to collect clocks and finish the level as fast as possible. Fast and furious! The time that you need to have leftover depends on the difficulty of the level.

Elimination mode
Time to take on the trophy holder and earn yourself some large amounts of cash and an awesome new car! You will need to race against someone with a much faster car but you can win by outsmarting your opponent. When the trophy holder is out of sight you will gain one point. When you have enough points, you will win the race but if the trophy holder loses you out of sight you lose one point. These races can be hard depending on if you know the level you are racing in.  

I rate Toybox Turbos with an 8.0 for gameplay, this game has got many flaws but the gameplay is at least good!

Sound and Graphics
As I had seen in the trailer the graphics amazed me for this small game. One of the more amazing things was that I could paint my car to my style. Seeing all the things in the world being huge made me laugh and it looked really good. The huge objects reminded me of Katamari Damacy.
The soundtrack kept repeating itself and the sound effects were mediocre at best, these could have been much better along with different soundtracks.

I rate the sound and graphics of Toybox Turbos with a 6.5.
The graphics looked a lot better than I had expected but the soundtracks could have been much better.

What did I think after playing Toybox Turbo?
I really loved trying to get the three-star rankings in all of the missions. Some missions were difficult to achieve a three-star ranking in. I completed all of the trophies and earned the championship including the final car. I collected all cars and still had loads of gold remaining at the end of the game. I did try to beat the time trial again now and then but I failed in doing so. I liked this game more than BeamNG.Drive but this game was smaller. If this game had more levels and cars this would have been a really long and cool game. Too bad I was able to finish it in a few hours.  

I rate Toybox Turbos after playing with a 7.5.
The gameplay was very good but there were just too many other flaws in this game, mostly that the game is way too short.

My personal rating
I don’t have anything to add for my personal rating, the game was fun and good but mostly too short.

My  personal rating for Toybox Turbos is a 6.9

Pros and cons  

-You can unlock many different cars in Toybox Turbos.
-There are many different missions to complete in Toybox Turbos.
– This game will take you back to the old days when these small games were still on the internet.
– You can play this game for a long time without Toybox Turbos getting boring.  

– You cannot take cars from other sections to another trophy and defeat the lower-ranked opponents (this might be a good thing).
–  The game is too short.
– Some time trials are hard to get a three-star ranking in.

I liked this game and I think people who like racing will enjoy this too. This game took me by surprise with how fun it was.
The Final Rating of Toybox Turbos is…drumroll…  


Let me know what you think about Toybox Turbos in the comments.
I hope you liked reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review

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