New Super Lucky’s Tale Review

Watch out! Cute creatures galore, don't hurt them!

New Super Lucky’s Tale Review

Another 3D platformer game enters the reviewing fray, A New Super Lucky’s Tale is a very cute looking platformer with loads of collectibles! There is also a neat story that keeps you engaged and there are many different playing styles when entering levels. There are also secret collectibles in this game. In every level you will need to complete missions to open up new levels in that world, there are multiple worlds that act as hubs. In every world, you will need to fight a boss to enter the next world. There are levels that are very linear but you will also encounter levels where you get to explore. Beating the game unlocks a secret world with very difficult levels. Despite being on Epic this game has achievements which was a big plus for me! I hope you are not scared of big chickens, otherwise, you might need to find a different game! All the coins that you collect in the game can be used to buy different costumes for Lucky.

What did I think before playing New Super Lucky’s Tale?
The game looked very promising when I found it on the Epic game store, 3D platformers are always very fun when the game mechanics seem top-notch.
The story looked important and I saw a lot of collectibles and different worlds in the trailer, one of the moves that Lucky performed made me want the game!
Lucky is able to burrow through the ground to reach new areas or attack unsuspecting enemies, Lucky is able to perform more moves but this one is a neat feature.

Don’t forget about the giant chicken eggs rolling about in the trailer or the evil dungeon looking levels, I reached out to the developer if they were interested in having their game reviewed.
Luckily the developers would like me to review their game and I got the key for epic, I immediately jumped into this new adventure that was waiting for me!
I had high expectations when starting this game, 3D platformers are and have always been a favorite genre of mine!

I rate New Super Lucky’s Tale with an 8.0 before playing.
In the trailer, there is a lot of stuff happening but it sells the game well, you can see many different environments and skills that are being used by Lucky. It took me back to old school platformers like Gex the Gecko on the N64!

The guardians and a group of cats led by Jinx have been at war for a long time and the guardians have been cut off from their home, they are on the run from Jinx to hide the magical book that allows travel to other worlds. When the guardians get ambushed by Jinx and his group of cats the magical book activates and transports Lucky and Jinx and his group of cats. Can you help Lucky find all the lost pages and restore the magical book to return home? The cats will be hunting you with every step that you take as they want the magical book for themselves.

I rate the story of New Super Lucky’s Tale with a 7.8.
I liked the story a lot, the ending was expected but the twist that set up the next game came unexpectedly! I am eagerly waiting for the next adventure!

Your goal in this game is to collect all the pages of the magical book to open new worlds, you need to reunite with your family. Lucky is not yet a full-fledged guardian but he is the only one that can stop Jinx. At every level you will be met with different challenges, there are levels that you need to explore and look in every nook and cranny. You will also find levels that make you automatically run, this means that you need to time your jumps. On every level, you will also need to collect a hidden page of the book. These are often hidden by puzzles hidden inside the level. These puzzles consist of many different things. You can also find puzzles in each hub, these puzzles change depending on the world that you are in.
You will also need to collect the letters L.U.C.K.Y on each level to gain another page.

In the levels you will need to reach the ending, this also depends on what kind of level you are in. In the maze levels, you will need to find the exit but in an open-world level, you need to clear the objectives. You can use different skills to try and find all the items that you need in a level.  The most useful skills are the tail swipe and burrowing under the ground, using the tail swipe you can defeat those very cute looking enemies. You can also use the tail swipe to get a little more air time when jumping to another platform. Burrowing can also be used to defeat enemies, you will also need the skill in some levels to avoid spotlights or even giant chickens. At the end of every world, you will need to fight with a boss, these are usually not to difficult but they might need a specific strategy.

I rate the gameplay of New Super Lucky’s Tale with a 7.7.
The game has many different levels and mechanics, the diversity is a fun mechanic. There are six different worlds that you can play in. Buying some new costumes is also a good addition. There are many puzzles that keep you engaged. There are loads of collectibles to collect, don’t forget about the secret collectibles

Sound and Graphics
The graphics are very pleasant to look at, it is almost sad to kill those cute looking enemies. Their eyes are begging me to surrender but alas I need to collect those coins! You can see that the developers put a lot of effort into making New Super Lucky’s Tale, I like the different themed worlds. The various enemies and characters that you meet have been well thought out and usually leads to funny encounters.
There are many different soundtracks and sound effects in New Super Lucky’s Tale, the worlds are very vibrant and alive. The enemies also have great sound effects, why do I need to kill them, why!!?

I rate the Sound and Graphics of New Super Lucky’s Tale with an 8.5.
The enemies are too cute, they begged me for this wonderful rating, I mean look at this little creature below!

What did I think about New Super Lucky’s Tale after playing?
I did not complete all the achievements that Epic had but I did manage to complete New Super Lucky’s Tale with 100%. Oh no, I missed a hotdog!
I had a lot of fun while playing this game, I would recommend this game over Yooka-Laylee, there are many different puzzles for you to complete.
The different themed worlds are perfect and it is not a copy-paste of another world, the enemies and inhabitants of the world also look different.
The game has some difficult challenges but most of them are good to do for casual gamers, this game grants fun without to much stress.
I liked the story more than I had expected, the way that the game ends has to mean there will be a second game( I am 99.9% sure!), I am eagerly awaiting the next adventure of Lucky.
This game was a lot more fun than I had anticipated, a great game that offers only fun and no stress!

I rate New Super Lucky’s Tale with an 8.2 after playing.
There are many collectibles and puzzles in this game and none of them are too hard for casual gamers, you can see an increase in difficulty in the secret world but nothing too hard for casual gamers.
I am glad this game gives you loads of fun but no stress at all, it may have been too easy for me but I enjoyed the whole ride including the unexpected twist at the end of the game…

Personal Rating
I had a lot of fun while playing this game, This game was easy for me but I had so much fun to play a 3D platformer once that did not give insane challenges but caters more to the medium tier gamers.
The secret world has more difficult missions with secret collectibles and different collectibles than the normal game, I like the attention to detail that the developers gave to the difficulty of the game.

My personal rating for New Super Lucky’s Tale is an 8.0

Pros and Cons

– The graphics are really cute, the enemies even beg you to not kill them with their cuteness.
– New Super Lucky’s Tale is catered more to the causal gamers while also giving a fun ride to hardcore gamers.
– The soundtracks and sound effects make the game feel alive and vibrant.
– There are many collectibles in this game, including some secret collectibles in the form of hotdogs!
– You can purchase new costumes to change the look of Lucky.
– There are many puzzles for you to complete.
– The boss battles are very fun and need a specific strategy.

– Did you just kill that enemy? How dare you!
– This game also makes use of pages as collectible.

I recommend this game to anyone looking for a fun 3D platformer ride, this game does not offer many challenges for a hardcore gamer but nonetheless, this game is very fun. There will be only a few challenging levels in this game.
The final rating of New Super Lucky’s Tale is …Drumroll…


Let me know what you think about this game in the comments sections
I hope you liked reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!


  1. i played this game too. i liked and i want to play again.

    • I would also like to revisit this game but I wish the difficulty bar was higher for me.


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