Super Smash Flash 2 Fan Game Review

Walugi did not get passed over and he intends to destroy the assist trophy that captured him!

Super Smash Flash 2 Fan Game Review

Another fan game is entering the fray, have you ever wanted to play Super Smash Brothers with Sora or Goku? Maybe you are more a fan of Isaac or Ichigo? There is of course one character that everyone needs in their Smash game!
Waluigi is back and this time he destroys the assist trophy, no longer is he captured and uses his tennis racket to beat up other characters! Waluigi also likes to use a Mario Party dice to throw his enemies off-balance.
Super Smash Flash 2 has another great thing going, this complete game is made with the flash engine, that is correct! Super Smash Flash 2 shows the ultimate work that a flash engine can push out!

This game keeps getting more updates and other characters to join the battle, as of writing the latest character added is Ganondorf. The game has a lot of fun characters and activities and you are able to play together but not in the classic and all-star mode. Hook up multiple controllers to your PC and get ready for smashing each other to itty witty bits! There are levels from other Super Smash games but there are also some new and original levels, I love playing as Sora and choosing the Twilight Town level! The Sandbag is finally able to exact his revenge for getting pounded on with a baseball bat for years, the Sandbag is playable and his final smash is to exact revenge on the nearest character!

There is no story in Super Smash Flash 2 so I will not feature a story section in this review.

What did I think before playing Super Smash Flash 2?
This is one of the fan games that have been on my radar for a while and I have been playing this game on and off, this game has also entered the poll of the week a long time ago.
Even though this game did not take the win, I am still working on Pokémon Uranium and it is taking longer than I expected, Don’t Worry the Pokémon Uranium review will still come along with the Super Smash Bros Crusade review!
Finally I got around to reviewing this marvelous game, I went to look for trailers and some information, there were some announcement videos and it did attract me.

There is not much information to find on this game but you can visit the developers’ website to find more information about the Super Smash Flash, I quickly learned that this Super Smash Brothers is more difficult and created with the flash engine.
I have great respect for the developer as it seems very hard to create this with the flash engine, you can even play this game in the browser as long as flash is supported in browsers!
I found out that Waluigi was in the game and that was the deciding factor for me to review this game, I needed to play with Waluigi, the main reason that I am still waiting to review Super Smash Brothers on the Switch, I dislike that Waluigi keeps getting skipped!
I am hoping one of the last characters announced will be Waluigi but we are going off-track here, is Waluigi a fun character in Super Smash Flash 2? This is what the main drive was when I started to review this game!

I rate Super Smash Flash 2 before playing 7.3.
There was not too much information on Super Smash Flash 2 but I did discover that Waluigi was a playable character, nonetheless, beating up other characters in a smash game is always fun!

Sound and Graphics
Before we are going to get into the gameplay of Super Smash Flash 2, we are going to see how the graphics and sound hold up.
The graphics are much better than I had expected, you can clearly see that the developer put a lot of effort into the graphics, you can clearly see what the characters are doing.
The animations are important for a game like Super Smash Flash 2, the attacks are very varied and fitting for each character, the final smashes are also very well crafted. I think these are the best possible graphics that you can accomplish with the flash engine!

Sora is able to summon Donald and Goofy to perform a trinity limit, you see the exact menu of the Kingdom Hearts series, Sora is also able to scroll through the menu while attacking.
Sora’s voice is perfect and does not sound fake, it sounds right as if he comes out of the Kingdom Hearts games, it is more fun than you expect to beat up Yoshi with a keyblade!
Goku has agreed to keep his transformations to a limit, otherwise, he would just use a giant spirit bomb and blow the whole cast away, there might be a chance he breaks this agreement if you make him very angry.
In Goku’s final smash he will transform into a Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan God, Ultra Instinct( only for a very small time, blink and you will miss it), ending with Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan and a giant spirit bomb.

The animations in this game are very well created with some unique final smashes but these two were the ones that I liked the best, I wonder what poor Yoshi did to deserver that spirit bomb in his face.

The sound and sound effects are also performed amazingly in this game, you can hear the right tunes for each level and the sound effects like the characters talking sound exactly like they should.
For example, the Twilight Town level has the song Don’t Think Twice from Kingdom Hearts, this was very important for me. It would not feel right if they added a random soundtrack in this level.

I rate the sound and graphics of Super Smash Flash 2 with a 9.8
This is the best possible result when creating something with the flash engine, I don’t see Nintendo recreating this.

The gameplay is very straightforward in Super Smash Flash 2, before you get to playing it might be wise to hook up your controller as using a keyboard is not advised. You can choose multiple modes to play from, in each mode you need to beat up other characters or perform a certain task, for example, beating up a number of crystals. The best way to defeat another opponent is to beat them up with a nice combo until their percentage rises through the roof and then finish them off with a smash attack! Goku can also cast a small Kamehameha!!!!! These are the most important modes in Super Smash Flash 2, there are some other modes with mini-games and creating special rules but you can test those out for yourself!

Group Smash
If you have two or more controllers hooked up you can choose this mode, you are able to play with multiple players or fight against computer-controlled characters. There are special rules that you can adjust or even find some mini-games.
You can choose how many lives everyone has, how much time you will have, and much more. After you have selected a character you can choose a level or select the random level.
There are a few unlockable stages but most of them have already been unlocked.

In this modus, you will select a character and you will need to fight through an adventure to reach the master hand and try to defeat him, there are no unlockable characters or trophies, this mode seems to be more just for fun. I did enjoy the scenes that you are granted after beating the master hand, we can see Waluigi destroy the assist trophy at the end of the video!

In this modus, you will need to fight against everyone with only one live! You do get three healing items but I found this challenge very hard! I suggest that you practice before taking on this challenge, I have not yet won this challenge as I usually get beaten by the two last characters! One mistake will cost you your life, why did I try to pick up that bomb just as it started walking?

In this modus you get some events that need to be handled by a certain character, there is usually a goal that you need to achieve. Depending on how well you completed the event you will get a ranking, my highest rank is an S rank but I do not know if the ranking goes higher.

This mode is for practicing moves and checking what kind of awesome moves your character is able to perform.

In the stadium you can choose from a selection of different challenges, one of them is defeating the multi-man challenge but you can also find the target and crystal practice in this mode. You can also beat up a sandbag with a sandbag! How messed up is that?

I rate the gameplay for Super Smash Flash 2 with a 7.5
The gameplay is very good but I wish there would have been unlockable characters, it would give you more surprise and incentive to play the game but the modes and the characters available are great!

What did I think of Super Smash Flash 2 after playing?
I had a lot of fun trying characters to see what all their different moves are and how they look and act, I tried to complete all-stars but so far no success.
The classic mode was very well crafted and I liked the battle with the master hand a lot, the battle was very close to the original master hand battle on the N64.

It is fun to beat up other characters but the fun quickly fades because you already know all characters are available, I was missing the unlockable characters.
I did enjoy watching all the animations and final smashes since they are very pretty and well made, the characters are also very balanced and there is no huge power gap.
Super Smash Flash 2 turned out exactly what I expected when I started playing this game, depending on the person playing this game your fun can fade quickly but you can also keep playing this game for a long time.

I rate Super Smash Flash 2 with a 7.3 after playing.
The biggest problem with Super Smash Flash 2 is that the fun can fade quickly because there are barely unlockable stages and no characters in the game.

My personal rating
I had a lot of fun with Super Smash Flash 2 but I wish they had added more co-op support instead of just teaming up in group mode to beat up some silly computer-controlled characters.
I think the moves that Goku and other characters use are very inspirational, the developers did a great job in creating this game with the flash engine!

My personal rating of Super Smash Flash 2 is a 7.7

Pros and cons

– There are many playable characters that you won’t have in the original Super Smash Brothers like Waluigi or Sora.
– There are many playable modes in Super Smash Flash 2 like the classic mode.
– The animations and graphics are crafted very well, the complete game is made with the flash engine!
– There are many fun levels to choose from.
– You can use a controller to play Super Smash Flash 2.
– You can play group mode with two or more players to beat up each other or computer-controlled characters.
– Super Smash Flash 2 is balanced and there is no huge power gap between characters.
– This game is free to download!

– The controller can be very sensitive, you need to be very careful when walking left or right.
– There are not enough unlockable items or characters, this means that the fun can fade quickly.
– Using a keyboard is not recommended.

I would recommend this game even though the fun can fade quickly, it is free after all! I had a great time with Super Smash Flash 2, I will most certainly keep trying to beat the all-stars mode!
The final rating of Super Smash Flash 2 is …drumroll….


Let me know what you think about the game in the comments!
I hope that you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!
All rights belong to Nintendo, I did not make this game, I only wrote a review about Super Smash Flash 2!

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