Monster Hunter World + Iceborne Review

Puny humans killing giant monsters? That sounds like a blast!

Monster Hunter World +  Iceborne Review

Watch out for this roaring review, in this game giant monsters roam the land and you need to kill them (this totally does not upset the life balance at all!). To play the complete game you will need the expansion pack Iceborne, I recommend you to buy the complete set! There are many improvements in this game that make Monster Hunter World one of the best entries in the Monster Hunter series so far but another Monster Hunter game is on the rise this year!

You can choose from a plethora of weapons to hunt down these monsters, it all depends on your playstyle but they are all viable in the game. You need to hunt down monsters and create armor from them and weapons, as you complete quests you will meet different monsters. Some of the strongest and hardest monsters will be found in the master rank quests, I despise you Furious Rajang! Fighting Furious Rajang is like trying to hit Super Saiyan Goku with a tiny stick. Quests can take up to 50 minutes but if you play well you can complete some quests within five minutes. Monster Hunter World is a game that you can play for many hours, grind as if your life depends on it!

What did I think of Monster Hunter World before playing?
I jumped on the Monster Hunter World bandwagon long after the hype has left the station and the online community has shrunk quite a bit.
I finally decided to buy and play this game when Monster Hunter World won the poll of the month, now the review is finally here but what will the verdict be?
Before I started the game I looked up some information and trailers, it reminded me a lot of the older games of Monster Hunter that I played but with improvements and new monsters.
I wanted to know if my favorite weapon was still around. luckily the switch ax is still here and it was certain this weapon will be the one that this would be for the monster hunting.

There are a lot of new monsters and places to visit, expeditions make a comeback, and G rank quests are replaced with master rank quests.
The main feature that is being promoted is that there are no longer loading screens when entering a different area on the map, finally! It seems that there will also be a story in Monster Hunter World.
There is also a new feature to track the giant monsters that flee, you can use scout flies to track them down, I was very curious as to how this would work!

I rate Monster Hunter World + Iceborne with a 9.0 before playing.
This game builds great expectations before playing and it is obvious that there are a lot of quality-of-life improvements that were much needed in this franchise. I was very curious as to how they would implement the story in Monster Hunter World.

You are a hunter that has been invited to join the fifth fleet, this fleet sets course for the new world where the elder crossing takes place. Your goal is to find out what the elder crossing is and why it keeps happening every decade.
Can you finally figure out what the elder crossing is while you are hunting giant monsters? Don’t forget to pick up some mushrooms along the way!

I rate the story of Monster Hunter World with a 7.0
The story was fun but it was not extremely good, I liked that Monster Hunter World gives you an incentive to continue to find out the rest of the story. I wonder how those puny humans can slay those big monsters.

The gameplay is not very difficult to explain, instead of leveling up and gaining more stats this game will rely more heavily on your skill. The goal is that you increase your skill with fighting to keep getting further in the game. It might still be useful to get some good equipment. Defense does help but you should be able to do a naked run with monsters without too much trouble. You need to learn how to dodge and then counter with your own attack, the pattern relies on what weapon you are using. Someone with a slow weapon can only get of one-hit before needing to dodge again but someone with a dual sword can complete a whole combo before getting out of attack range. If you feel like you hit a wall when fighting a certain monster, you might need to get some new equipment or keep on trying to get the pattern down of that specific monster. You can take one Palicoe with you (a cat) that can help you fight the monsters. You can also send an SOS flare, other hunters can react to your flare and help you defeat the monster.
Sending an SOS flare is an online feature only. You can also react to an SOS flare and help someone with fighting a monster. There is no way to pause Monster Hunter World as far that I know, this is very unhandy when you have a busy life like me.

In Monster Hunter World you have a new tool, the clutch claw. This tool is a great way to handle monsters that have tough skin. You can fire the clutch claw when you have your weapon drawn or not. When you attack the monster, you might sometimes see it drooling, this is the opening for the clutch claw. You can use the clutch claw on any desired part that has the toughest skin or a part that you want to break. If you attack when using the clutch claw, you will soften the hide, this part is now more vulnerable to attacks. If you clutch onto the head of the monster and you have ammo like for example stones, you can smash the monster. When you smash the monster, you can let it look at a wall or obstacle, if you release all your ammo the monster will be forced into the wall. This is called a flinch shot and will give you a great opportunity to wail on the monster. Mastering the clutch claw is recommend to shorten the hunts!

You start with low-rank quests but eventually, you will be able to take on master rank quests if you own Iceborne, when you reach high rank or master rank you will unlock a new area to explore. Most of the materials that you collect will be automatically transported to the item box, this saves a lot of time! This time around you cannot find charms in rocks but you can craft them at the forge. The hardest part is getting the decoration that you want, I have spent tens of hours farming to get the decoration that I needed! If you are online you can play event quests that will give you more decorations or other special items. My hunter looks like Leon from Resident Evil!  If you want to try to get more rewards when hunting a monster you might want to capture the monster. To capture the monster you will first need to weaken the monster and then use tranquilizing bombs. The monster can then also be found in the city until it is released in the arena.

You can eat before every hunt to gain extra stats and skills but if you faint you will lose the buff and skills, when you play a quest you can faint up to three times before the quest is deemed failed. If other hunters are helping you it is still three faints before you fail the quest. When hunting the monster, it might try to escape but instead of having a paintball, this time you will have scout flies. The scout flies can smell the nasty poop or claw traces to try and find your prey, once they have the scent, they will show you the way to where the monster is hiding. If the monster is sleeping it might be wise to plant a bomb. It is wise to try and pack everything you need before going on a hunt, if you are missing some items you might look in the supply box before hunting down the monster. In Monster Hunter World you can even access your own item box while you are on the hunt!

If you are running low on supplies you can also just go out into the field without taking on a quest, this is called an expedition. You can encounter monsters in the expeditions but they can also escape. When you are far enough into the story you might even encounter tempered monster tracks. These tempered monster tracks can give you a random tempered investigation. These investigations are usually different than the normal quests, tempered monsters might be much stronger but you will also gain more and special rewards! You can also encounter elder dragons in expeditions, when you are at the end of the game you will unlock the guiding lands but I won’t spoil more about the guiding lands!

I rate the gameplay of Monster Hunter World+ Iceborne with an 8.8.
The gameplay is very good and addictive, there are also many improvements that have been made since the last entry of Monster Hunter. There is a lot more to explore than what I told you in the gameplay section but this covers the basics. Did you know I once wrote a 300+ FAQ on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate? I never published it though. I am missing the pause button though!

Sound and Graphics
The graphics are gorgeous as you will see many different monsters and intro scenes, I like the intro scenes of the monsters! My favorite monster remains the Deviljho, otherwise, know as the Pickle!
There is one minor problem if you were to start a new file for whatever reason, you are unable to skip cutscenes that you have already watched.
The sound effects are well crafted and there are different soundtracks for every monster that you face.

I rate the sound and graphics of Monster Hunter World+ Iceborne with an 8.5
The graphics are a big leap forward compared to previous Monster Hunter games!

What did I think after playing Monster Hunter World?
I have played Monster Hunter World for over 200 hours and I did enjoy the game a lot but for me, the interest in the game faded after that but I know people that have played for over a thousand hours or even more!
I think this is due to me playing loads of games at once and switching games many times, not only for reviews but also for my own fun, and these games also get reviewed!
The game is more friendly for newcomers compared with other Monster Hunter games in the series and there is a lot of requested quality of live improvements but I was missing the pause button.
I have an extremely busy life so a pause button is a must for me, I did like that the monsters that were captured could be battled against in the arena but it was quite odd that they regrew their tails.

Grinding is a must in this game and you will spend hours if not days killing the same monster over and over again for that one item that you are missing. This is exactly the formula that makes Monster Hunter World a success!
In retrospect I waited for way too long before playing Monster Hunter World, I am very glad that this game won the poll of the month and forced me to play this game. I did not want to miss this gem of a game!

I rate Monster Hunter World+ Iceborne with a 9.1 after playing.
There are still loads of things for me to do in Monster Hunter World, I still need to fight Fatalis and some other elder dragons!

My personal rating
I don’t have anything else to add to my personal rating.

My personal rating for Monster Hunter World is a 9.0

– There are many new monsters for you to hunt.
– Monster Hunter World has many quality-of-life improvements.
– No loading screens between areas.
– There are many different weapons to choose from and they are all viable.
– The monsters and graphics look very well crafted.
– You can play online with other people to take down big monsters.
– Monster Hunter World is more friendly to newcomers.
– This game is built on your skill level and not on leveling up.

– There is no pause button in Monster Hunter World.
– Not everyone will enjoy grinding for days for one specific item.
– Furious Rajang, enough said.

Even though Monster Hunter world is nearing the end of its life cycle there is still a lot of activity, I recommend this game to anyone looking for a wonderful game to lose their grip on reality.
The final rating for Monster Hunter World is …drumroll…


Let me know what you think about this game in the comments!
I hope you liked reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!

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