Nexomon Extinction December poll Review

In this game, you can actually catch them all!

Nexomon Extinction December poll Review

A new exciting review is awaiting us and this game is a blast, in this review we are going to look at Nexomon Extinction. First things first, what can you expect from this game? Nexomon Extinction is the second game in the Nexomon series but you don’t need to play Nexomon 1 to understand the story. This is a turn-based game with Nexomon, these act like Pokémon but in my opinion, this game is not a rip-off, I even dare to say that Nexomon Extinction is way better than Pokémon! The biggest problem with Pokémon is that you cannot even catch them all without jumping through the strangest hoops and some are almost impossible but in Nexomon Extinction you can catch all 381 Nexomon.

The level scaling is also perfectly balanced and if you want to train some lower-level Nexomon you can create cores, these cores make it so that the Nexomon you are training can gain all experience from a battle without switching out the Nexomon you are training. Next to that the humor in this game is amazing and has just the right amount of fourth-wall breaking, you can almost explore all areas right away from the start. Don’t even get me started about the amazing epic story that you are thrown into, the story is just perfect and has so many unexpected plot twists!

What did I think of Nexomon Extinction before playing?
My wife and I were looking for a Pokémon like game when we came across this beauty but even though we were both very pumped to buy this game we waited a little bit longer while browsing around for more games.
To our surprise we got this game for Christmas, we immediately started to look up details about the game and look at trailers.
The first thing that got our attention is that you can catch all 381 Nexomon, we decided we needed to catch them all, and this time for real!
We went to take a look at the elemental chart and noticed some big differences compared to Pokémon like Mineral and wind type Nexomon.
We saw there was an official Nexopedia online and the design of the creatures look great, most of the Nexomon were even able to evolve!
It has been a while since we were so pumped to start a new game, we booted up the game and needed to decide which Nexomon became our starter, of course, we choose the dinosaur looking one called Trebly. It may have grown a bit bigger!

I rate Nexomon Extinction before playing with a 10.
This game takes the roots of the original Pokémon and makes it a million times better, the best thing is that you can catch all 381 Nexomon, off course we did this!
Thank you, Santa Claus!

The story starts with you being in an orphanage, you are one of the chosen few to become a Nexomon trainer to help the guild. The guild fights against the tyrants that are fighting each other to become the king of monsters.
Luckily, the guild has dragons to protect citizens from harm when the tyrants are attacking, as you set out to catch your first Nexomon in the woods together with one of your friends from the orphanage called Coco a dragon attacks you!
A mysterious figure saves you by handing you a Nexomon, this is the beginning of your epic tale as a Nexomon trainer.

I rate the story of Nexomon Extinction with a 10.
Not only is the humor amazing, but the story is also just, it is so good I don’t have words for it. There are so many unexpected plot twists and HOLY …… moments, somebody at Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft please hire this guy and pay him millions to write stories for your games. I am not going to spoil any story related events but this is a game that you must play for the story.

In a game like this where you need to use Nexomon to fight for you, it is the main goal to catch more Nexomon, the system is very refined and works well. You can use Nexomon traps to capture Nexomon, these also come in elemental varieties to raise your chance of catching a Nexomon. Of course, you need to weaken the Nexomon but in this game, you can also feed them to increase your chances of success, there is even a complete breakdown of how much chance you have at capturing the Nexomon. During your travels you will come across quests that you can complete, these can give you elemental whistles. These whistles will increase your chance of capturing that element of Nexomon. You can also find secret sauce, this will increase the effect of the food that you give to a wild Nexomon. One amazing quality of life upgrade is that you can see how rare a Nexomon is when you encounter it, if the Nexomon has the mega-rare or ultra-rare marker you know that you need to be cautious. You can carry up to six Nexomon with you, it is wise to take different elemental Nexomon with you to keep on swapping Nexomon to take advantage of the weakness of your opponent but how can you keep all your Nexomon leveled?

In Nexomon Extinction you will find stones that you can mine with your pickaxe, you can get the pickaxe at the beginning of the game. These stones will give you elemental shards that you can use to create cores. These cores can enhance your Nexomon but you can also make a synergy core, this synergy core will give a Nexomon that has not been in battle 25% experience points, the good thing is that you can equip up to four cores! This will of course involve some farming but it is worth all the trouble. You can also make cores to upgrade the health of your Nexomon or other stats like the stamina bar. The stamina bar is one the most important things in Nexomon, your Nexomon can have up to four moves but you can swap these with other moves that your Nexomon can use in almost every city. Depending on how strong the move is, it will cost a certain amount of Stamina to perform this move. You can use ethers to restore your stamina or find healing stones scattered all over the world.

You might see some places that you cannot reach yet, like some of those golden chests which can give you permanent upgrades like being able to flee with 100% chance. You might even find greed wallets that will increase the coins that you get after the battle. There are even some charms that will heal some of your stamina after a battle or your health. As you progress the story you will gain new powers that you can use to backtrack to reach new areas with new items that will increase your odds of winning.  You might have expected it but there are also Nexomon trainers that will challenge you, these will give more coins compared to random encounters. After you have defeated a trainer they will continue to train and before you know it, they want a rematch, this is a perfect way to train your Nexomon or earn extra cash.

In Nexomon Extinction the level scaling of wild Nexomon is your average party level and how far you have progressed in the story, to find a specific wild Nexomon you might need a guide. When a piece of grass shakes you know that there is a Nexomon in there, even though you can reach many places at the beginning of your adventure there are some story related places that are still locked. Nexomon are hidden in the grass depending on the location of the grass and not just the area, this means that you can find many different Nexomon in the same area but it is of course obvious that if you want Nexomon related to cold that you might need to visit the Frozen Tundra. There is only one place where you can encounter all Nexomon and that is in Palmaya, after certain story events you can find evolved versions of the Nexomon that you encounter in the wild. There are also legendary Nexomon to find after you have progressed far enough in the story.

I rate the gameplay of Nexomon with a 10.
The gameplay is just perfect, the jokes, the Nexomon, the backtracking, the cores, it all feels very refined and thought out. If you are looking for a Pokémon like game, I would advise you to buy this game over any Pokémon game ever.

Sound and Graphics
The graphics are very well crafted and the characters also have emotion bubbles which are fun to look at, the Nexomon look cute and sometimes scary. Luckily there is no Nexomon that will suck your soul when you look at its back, yes, I am looking at you Shedinja! Man, that Pokémon gave me nightmares when I was a kid. The world in Nexomon looks very finetuned but there are a few minor flaws like a crystal that you can walk into but nothing major.
Before big battles, you will see a painting like picture, these pictures must-have cost a lot of time to make!

The soundtracks are also well crafted and you are going to get an earworm if you are going to catch all Nexomon, the sound effects are great but sometimes the audio skips a little beat.

I rate the sound and graphics with a 9.9
Even though there are some minor flaws, I will still rate the sound and graphics with a 9.9, can you imagine making 381 Nexomon and giving them different attributes, sounds, and more? This game was made by a small team and not a giant company, this is shown by the amazing story and dedication that they put into this game.

What did I think after playing Nexomon Extinction?
We had a huge blast while playing Nexomon Extinction, we were clustered to the television as the story unfolded before our eyes.
My wife even yelled at one point during the story, HOLY F…. S…. Oh MY GOD, I can tell you that that almost never happens, she would be very mad If I did not agree to give the story a 10.
The gameplay was also good and we had so much fun hunting down all those Nexomon and training them to the highest level, you are also able to choose an avatar in the beginning but you can always change your avatar.
You will also find pets that you can set to follow you around the world, there are many different pets to find but for some of the pets you need to backtrack with new powers, I did think that some powers were not utilized enough but I forgive the game for this.

There are also cosmic Nexomon for you to find but we only found three in all hours of our gameplay. These cosmic Nexomon are a different color than the standard ones.
I am afraid it is going to take a long time before we find another game that is just as good as this game, so far there have only been two games (including this one) that I can even consider giving a rating of 10.
This is the 100th review that I am writing and only one other game got a 10 so far, will there finally be a second game that can get a perfect rating?
This game beat all our expectations and shot through the roof into space, enough said.

I rate Nexomon Extinction after playing with a 10.

Personal rating
There is nothing else to mention except that I would highly recommend that you play this game, if you play it on the switch you can even play it to go just like with Pokémon. In my opinion, this game dethroned Pokémon!
My personal rating for Nexomon Extinction is a 10.1
I told you it went through the roof!

– The story is even better than some of the best movies in the world.
– you can catch all 381 Nexomon, there are also many different Nexomon hidden in each map.
– The level scaling of Nexomon is very balanced, as is the power level between Nexomon.
– The Nexomon look very good, some do look a bit weird but being weird is okay!
– Coco has the most amazing jokes and likes to break the fourth wall.
– You can complete the game with your starter Nexomon but it is much better to use multiple Nexomon in battles.
– You can mine elemental shards to make cores to upgrade your Nexomon.
– You will gain new powers to backtrack to older areas to find new trainers, Nexomon, or loot.
– When you try to catch a Nexomon you get a complete breakdown of how much chance you have at capturing the Nexomon.
– There are many quest rewards that help you with catching new Nexomon.
– When you finally get the legendary Nexomon, there are two of them that can evolve!
– The story can get dark sometimes but not in a bad way.
– The soundtracks are well crafted and will give you an earworm, the sound effects are great as well.
– There is also post-game content for you to enjoy.

– There are some minor graphical flaws.
– The audio sometimes skips a beat.

What are you waiting for? Go to the store and buy this game, this is one of the best turn-based role-playing-games that I have ever played!
The final rating for Nexomon Extinction is…Drumroll…


Let me know what you think about the game in the comments!
I hope that you enjoyed reading the review, I hope to see you in the next review!


  1. 10.1? Wow

    • supersven

      That's my personal rating!
      This game is getting a new custom mode which I am going to review as well as it is very different from the original!


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