Waluigi’s Taco Stand Fan-Game Review

Get the finest taco's here at Waluigi's Taco Stand!

Waluigi’s Taco Stand Fan-Game Review

Yes, you read that right I am going to review a game where Waluigi is the main character, this is, of course, a fan game but nonetheless, this game also deserves to be reviewed. To play this game you need an N64 emulator and mess with some settings called the advanced settings. You need to change the RDRAM from 4 to 8 MB otherwise the game will crash. It is also wiser to use an older model of the emulator that you are using otherwise killing a Goomba will create a fatal error.

There have been many rumors about Waluigi and his taco stand, was this a real game or not hidden by Nintendo? Maybe someone at Nintendo knows the truth but nonetheless, someone has made this rumor into a real game by using Super Mario 64 as a base component. The developer made a real story to go along with the game and some new levels by using assets from Super Mario 64, the soundtracks are remixed and I believe some soundtracks are from other Nintendo games. If you want to own this game for real, there are even N64 cartridges with Waluigi’s Taco Stand on it! If you want to own this game on the N64 you might need to part with some of your coins!

What did I think about Waluigi’s Taco Stand before playing?
I was looking for another fan-made game to review and I had many options to choose from but somewhere along the way, I found this gem!
This might not be the perfect AAA title or one of the best fan games around but it did get me excited.
I did not have high hopes as I did not know what to expect, I tried to find some footage but there was not much to find.
The footage that I found did entice me to start the game but I had no idea how big the game would be.
I was at least glad that I finally get to play as Waluigi even though it is in a fan-made game. I did learn that there is a save function!

I rate Waluigi’s Taco Stand with a 7.0 before playing.
There is not much footage to be found except that the game is real, it can also be hard to find the correct download link but I have good sources that help me find these games. If anyone wants to know where you can download the game please send me an e-mail to supersven1234@live.nl

The story
Yes, there is actually a story in this game, you play as Waluigi and as he is having fun wasting money in the casino, Waluigi suddenly notices he is out of money. To make matters worse, his rent is due and he needs to pay up, he might also need some dog food for his chomp. The landlord Koopa offers him a solution to get out of this dire situation, Waluigi needs to work at the taco stand to earn money to pay the rent.

I rate the story with a 6.0.
the story is pretty weak but nonetheless, it is quite funny and well made in the style of Super Mario 64. The camera is always an issue but that was suspected since this game builds on Super Mario 64.

The gameplay
when you take control of Waluigi you can look at how shabby and small his house is, I wonder if he shares this living place with Wario. You can find a picture of Daisy and his tennis racket, you can also see a few pets that Waluigi has acquired. When you exit the apartment the game truly begins as you will spawn in the taco stand. You can see the customers that want to buy a taco and what your current rank is, you will start with little knowledge of tacos and a low rank but in the end, you can become the taco king! When you continue with the game you will get an order from the customer, you will either need to write down what the customer wants or remember it in real life. When there are two ingredients it might be easy to remember but near the end, you might need to remember four or maybe even five items! After you have taken the order you will be sent to the taco fields where you need to collect the correct ingredients for your customer’s order. There are four different kinds of taco fields, they all have their own ingredients, music, and enemies.

There are also other taco fields but you will only be able to access these levels as you increase your taco rank. In the field, you can gather the ingredients that you need like beef or lettuce. In every taco field, there are some other different ingredients. Goombas are cannibals and want to eat beef a lot, to get beef you need to kill a wild Goomba! You cannot die, well, you are supposed to be able not to die but I found a way! I got eaten by Lapras the underwater dinosaur from Super Mario 64. Technically you should be fine, in the taco fields there is also a need for platforming but nothing too difficult, one of the most difficult ingredients is the chicken. You will need to hit a klepto while using the flying power from Super Mario 64. Waluigi has an awesome sombrero that will gain wings, the other powerups are not available in this game.

I rate the gameplay of Waluigi’s Taco Stand with a 7.0.
This game is shorter than I had expected but I guess the average player has around two hours of gameplay time. I had more fun with the gameplay than I had expected, there are some graphical issues that mostly occur with the camera but that is because the camera works the same as in Super Mario 64. I think the developer did a great job setting up these events and connecting them all together. A fun fact, the self-switch for a completed customer means that they actually walk away after getting their taco instead of just vanishing!

Sound and Graphics
Even though the graphics have very weird glitches now and then, I have to admit that the developer did a great job in making his own taco fields with the assets from Super Mario 64. Even though there are only four taco fields I did enjoy each time I would enter a new taco field. I enjoyed the beach taco field the most. Crashing into a mouse with a Koopa shell to get some cheese was a great idea. I did like that there are many enemies from Super Mario 64 that make a comeback. I did expect to see a Toad somewhere but alas no Toads were found.

The soundtracks were quite refreshing, there are some original Super Mario 64 tracks but also some remixed soundtracks and one that I believe originates from Mario Kart. The sound effects are great, I wonder how the developer made all those Waluigi sounds. It looked and sounded very funny to see Waluigi do a long jump!

I rate the sound and graphics of Waluigi’s Taco Stand with an 8.0.
Even though I dislike the camera very much I think the developer did a great job with making their own levels, aka the taco fields. The soundtracks are refreshing and despite the graphical glitches, I think the sound and graphics are the strongest points in this game.

What did I think about Waluigi’s Taco Stand after playing?
I think that the developer did a great job with making this meme game into a real game.
Even though the game is fairly short I did enjoy spending some quality time with Waluigi and his Taco Stand.
There are some minor improvements that I can think of, for example, being able to see the ingredients that you need in the taco field that you are currently in.
I was amazed at how good the sound and graphics were regardless of some of the weird graphical glitches that occurred, I want that sombrero in real life!
The weirdest glitch that happened to me was that I died by getting eaten by Lapras, there are also some other glitches like weird beams sticking out of Waluigi, it must be because he is so limber because he is very tall.
This game was almost exactly what I expected and if you are looking for a good laugh this is the game that you are looking for.

I rate Waluigi’s Taco Stand with a 7.0 after playing.
Even though this game has some issues, you will definitely get some good laughs while you are playing this game!

Personal Rating
I have enjoyed this game more than I expected but I wish there were more taco fields. The game made me chuckle a few times for example keeping a chomp in a cage. The taco order with only fish sounded like a very bad idea to me, as do the Goomba tacos, I mean the beef tacos.

My personal rating is a 7.5

– Waluigi is finally playable as a (kind of) real character.
– You can serve tacos to Goombas with Goomba beef.
– The soundtracks are refreshing to listen to.
– You can learn new taco recipes.
– Somebody made the rumor of a hidden Waluigi game a reality.


– there are weird glitches that occur but these make you laugh most of the time.
– The game is fairly short.
– If you have the wrong settings for playing you get a fatal error when killing a Goomba.

I would recommend this game as you can also download it for free, who does not want to make tacos with Waluigi?
The final rating of Waluigi’s Taco stand is…drumroll…


Let me know what you think about the game in the comments!
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!

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