Bounty Battle Developer Requested Review

A great idea that turned into a huge flop, as some other people said, to the indie trash bin!

Bounty Battle Developer Requested Review

After a long time, I am finally going to review the game called Bounty Battle, I have waited for what feels like an eternity for Bounty Battle to get more updates but sadly after the first update, I have not seen a new update for a Bounty Battle. The game was very broken and still is but after waiting for a few months I have decided to finally review the game because I think the developer has abandoned this game. What is Bounty Battle? Bounty Battle is a game that wants to emulate Super Smash Brothers by adding in some new elements of a beat them up game but failed miserably.

The game is barely functional and has many game-breaking bugs, I have talked to the developer and he told me the investor of Bounty Battle forced him to release the game, a delay was not a possibility. The game was received with many negative reviews and rightfully in my opinion. The game is unbalanced, broken, and unbeatable due to bugs, you can even see the raw code in the game. The developer did not know exactly what the difference was between the Steam and PS4 version. Bounty Battle has no story thus I will not write a story section for this review.

What did I think of Bounty Battle before playing?
Bounty Battle sounds like a great game and that is exactly what my wife and I thought before playing this broken game.
We looked up the trailer but there was no gameplay trailer to be found, looking back, this probably was because the developer knew how broken this game was.
The intro trailer does look great but that is also where many people went into the mistake of buying this game.
We did not buy the game but we had gotten the key from the developer, which we first thought was great but later we have learned of some major problems with the game.

In my opinion, the developers deceived people with a nice intro but no gameplay this was a very bad move, I like honesty more.
I did talk with the developer after the game launched and he told me he was going to fix the game but after one tiny update, the lines went dead and Bounty Battle sunk to the depths of the ocean.
Bounty Battle could have been a great game with multiple indie fighters fighting for the trophy or teaming up in an adventure mode.

I rate Bounty Battle with a 1 before playing.
The idea is great, indie fighters meeting to beat the living hell out of each other but the developer deceived players by not showing any gameplay footage before the final release. It feels like I have been scammed thus I rate Bounty Battle with a 1 before playing otherwise I would have given Bounty Battle a much higher rating before playing. If there was an honest gameplay video and the game was remotely close to what was advertised, I would have easily given a rating of 8 to Bounty Battle before playing. Honesty is very important to me which is why I have decided to rate Bounty Battle with a 1 before playing.

In Bounty Battle, you can choose one of many indie fighters like the Crusader or owl boy but also many others. All fighters have their own skills but most of the skills are useless. When performing two skills in a row you will be marked a spammer and be stunned for three to five seconds. This means you can barely attack before you will get a major beating, the enemies you are fighting don’t seem to have this problem that often. Being marked as a spammer goes faster with certain characters. Because of this being a ranger is impossible in this game, shooting two bullets or arrows and you will be marked as a spammer and then get beaten up. Certain characters have godlike abilities and can keep on healing themselves infinitely, there is no balance whatsoever.

Your goal is to reduce your enemy’s health pool to zero or smash him/her off the stage but nine out of ten times you get marked as a spammer, you will get hit and fly off the stage. This marks another huge problem, you can jump and dodge but when an enemy launches you, you cannot recover or jump to get back to the stage. This means any hit that knocks you off the edge is your certain death. There is no adventure mode but there is a tournament mode that does not even allow you to choose your favorite character. You are forced to use characters and there is no different mode. In tournament mode, you are not allowed to die once but that is almost impossible. In some missions, you will need to launch your opponents but some of the characters don’t even have a launch attack making it impossible to complete the tournament mode.

All characters can summon a spirit but it is unknown what they exactly do, some spirits attack but others seem to do nothing. There are also bounty points which you need to summon spirits but I have no clue what the bounty points do as this is never explained. There is also supposed to be some code to gain points but I was unable to do this successfully. If you ask me, I would tell you to refund this game, if not possible a ritual burning will do as well. If you have this game digital just completely delete it and never look back! If that was not enough warning for you, let’s move on to the controls. The controls are extremely janky and clunky, and most of the time your actions will not be registered, this is a very big problem for a fast-paced game. The hitboxes are all over the place and make no sense whatsoever. You can keep on hitting certain characters but they will take no damage.

I rate Bounty Battle with a 1 for gameplay.
I was promised by the developer with many fixes and patches but only one came for Steam, this almost sounds like I have been scammed but the real truth is even harder. All gamers got scammed into buying this game, I hope people were able to get refunds. AVOID this game at all costs.

Sound and Graphics
The graphics are horrible, there is not even a word for how horrible the graphics are. You can see the raw code coming through, lines in the middle, bugged characters, and many more problems.
I don’t even know how someone would think that releasing this would be a good idea, the developer should have had more guts and tell the investor to take a hike. The animations are far from finished.

The sound is the same quality as the graphics, I have the feeling the music does not even fit properly with the levels. The sound effects make me cringe and almost make my ears bleed. It might be better to turn your sound off. There are also many audio glitches.

I rate the sound and graphics of Bounty Battle with a 1

What did I think after playing Bounty Battle?
I approached this bad game as I do with every game very professionally, I made notes of problems and the good points of a game if they exist. I also try to think of solutions to fix said problems.
I send the notes to the developer with some possible solutions on how to fix them, this is not something they need to do off course but to give the developer professional feedback and possibly some new ideas.
The developer let me know that these were good ideas and he was planning on implementing some of the changes that I mentioned like removing the spammer mechanic and increasing some time limits on the tournament mode.

The developer would also add launch attacks for every character and make the game more balanced, he also told me that he would remove the raw code and wild lines across the screen.
I patiently waited, and I patiently waited some more but after one measly update nothing happened and the developer ditched me.
This developer feels more like a scammer and I think next to me, many gamers would never buy another game from this developer as the game just sank into the depths of the indie trash bin.

I rate Bounty Battle with 1 after playing.
I don’t mind if developers don’t like my ideas or don’t want to implement them, just be honest and don’t lie to my face. If it is impossible, you can just be honest and tell me, I don’t mind direct honesty.
Bounty Battle sounded like a great idea for a game where indie fighters come together but I think it could not have flopped more than it did.

My personal rating
This game is horrible and I had no fun with this, I suggest that you avoid this game at all costs.
It bugs me very much that it was impossible to complete this game, I always finish games even if I do not like the game, yes, I am looking at you Hello Neighbor!

My personal rating for Bounty Battle is a 0.

The idea of this game is great if executed properly.

– The graphics are horrible, you can even see the raw code in the game!
– The game is heavily unbalanced with some characters having healing abilities and others don’t.
– The levels are horribly made and if you fall over the edge you get instantly sucked into the abyss, there is no road back to the stage.
– Some of the characters do not have launch attacks even though you need launch attacks for the tournament mode.
– Archers are impossible to use in this game, shooting twice will mark you a spammer and stun you for around five seconds.
– There is no story or reason that the indie characters are fighting each other.
– The developer abandoned this game and let it sink into the abyss.
– Gamers were deceived by showing no gameplay before the release, the developer knew that it was not ready.
-The controls are janky and clunky, sometimes the controls do not even register an action.
– The spirits that you can use remain unexplained as do bounty points.
– The game is unbeatable as there are many game-breaking bugs throughout the game.
– Tournament mode forces you to use a character that you might not even like.
– there is no adventure mode.
– There are many sound glitches and the music very bad.
– The hitboxes are broken and very wonky, some attacks hit but do no damage.
– No victory animation or losing animation, the developer told me he would add this.
– You get pitched with many 1 VS 3 battles which feel unfair when one of them (never you) can heal infinitely

Avoid this game at all costs, I don’t have anything else to add.
The final rating of Bounty Battle might not surprise you…Drumroll…


Let me know what you think about this game in the comments.
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!

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