Lotharus Bacon Ale and Repeat developer requested review

Old-school Legend of Zelda but instead of Link you are a swine! Wait? I hope you are not Ganondorf.

Lotharus Bacon Ale and Repeat

We all have seen the ad come by and perhaps even the video review of Lotharus Bacon Ale and Repeat. This can mean only one thing, Lotharus Bacon Ale and repeat is finally getting its deserved written review. This also means that you would like to know what this game is about right? In this game, you play as Tord along with his best friend Sloppy. Together they travel to Lotharus to find a new home and settle down. However, fate has another plan in store for them, Tord and Sloppy will need to rescue the land of Lotharus from peeing minotaurs and have to save the king. There is only one way to save the king. There is an evil wizard that followed Tord all the way from Krynto and he needs to be stopped.

Tord and Sloppy will have to travel the land to visit dungeons to collect orbs. Along the way, Tord and Sloppy will find new friends and learn important life lessons. In each dungeon, you will find new tools that you will need to use to solve the puzzles in the dungeons. This means that just like in Legend of Zelda you will need these tools to continue your journey. You might get stuck in the first dungeon but you need bombs. By exploring the dungeon you will find these bombs. This game uses turn-based battles that have you level up and learn new skills, everyone in the party has their own class.

What did I think of Lotharus Bacon Ale and Repeat before playing?

Sloppy Joe Studios of Lotharus Bacon Ale and Repeat contacted me out of the blue, would you please check out my game? This happens to me more often than you might think but this game looked amazing. An adult version of Legend of Zelda with a grumpy swine as the main character. Why adult? There is minor adult content. If you like the dungeons from Legend of Zelda you will also like the dungeons in this game. This was the main selling point from Sloppy Joe Studios.

What can you find on the Steam page?

I checked the Steam page and I quickly learned that the game uses dark humor. This was a great plus for me but also a daring move, I can appreciate the humor a lot. I also noticed quickly that the game was made with an RPG maker engine but everything is hand-drawn by Sloppy Joe Studios. This means a lot of different tilesets than that you might be used to from RPG maker games. There are two different endings that add to the replay value of the game. Also, a big difference from the Legend of Zelda is that you get to decorate your own home.
You can find your own home and then go to the furniture store to buy decorations that you like. This also means that you might need electricity or water, you can call the handyman for this, he might even deliver potions to your home! Use the yellow pages to call the handyman!

This game builds up a lot of expectations for me that I decided to put this game on the top of my to-do list, it sparked a lot of interest for me.

I give Lotharus Bacon Ale and Repeat an 8.5 before playing.
All I heard was, plays like Legend of Zelda and you need to visit dungeons and collect new tools. Yep, I was sold. I needed to play this game and see for myself if it indeed plays like a Legend of Zelda but with a swine.


The story starts out with Tord coming to Lotharus for some piece but mostly to find a woman and settle down. This of course does not go according to plan and the evil wizard that Tord had imprisoned in Krynto is also chasing him after the evil wizard has broken free. How you captured the evil wizard the first can be found in the second game the Downfall of Krynto. Tord and Sloppy quickly find themselves in big trouble before even finding a home in Lotharus. Even though all hope seems lost for Lotharus, there is one chance at salvation for the lands and that is Tord the swine and Sloppy the fly! Defeat those pesky minotaurs and save the king!

I rate the story of Lotharus Bacon ale and Repeat with a 7.8.
I like the story but it is not the strongest point of the game. This does not mean that I did not like the story. In fact, I loved it and it gives you a good reason to visit all the dungeons.


The gameplay of Lotharus Bacon Ale and Repeat is where the magic from this game comes from. This game starts fast-paced by throwing you in the deep but then the world opens up for exploration. The combat is turn-based and can be difficult if you do not use the right strategy. Different dungeons also have unique bosses. One boss is even a living trap that loves to hug you, and by hugging, I mean shredding you into pieces. Defeating enemies in combat will grant experience points and sometimes loot. You can always heal yourself with potions but if one of your party members dies you must use a second chance potion to revive them. Combat can be difficult until you have all four of the party members. Along the way, you will find new equipment and gear.

It is wise to mention that keeping an eye on your surroundings will benefit you as some decoration items can be picked up. This means you can even find great weapons early in the game. When you find the first dungeon you will quickly notice how the dungeons are similar to those of the early Legend of Zelda titles. The dungeons have multiple rooms with enemies that walk around and many traps. You might even find a healing fountain but the most important items are the map and the compass. This will allow you to see the treasure chests and the map. In each dungeon, you will find a new item that will help you to reach the next dungeon.

Does Lotharus Bacon Ale and Repeat have an open world or not?

Because the world is free to explore you might also wander into an area that you need to come back to later but you can win if you have the correct strategy. Once you reach the second island you will also find a city with shops. This is a great place to go before starting to explore for real, you will also find your last party member here. Beware though Lotharus Bacon Ale and Repeat has a day and night cycle. When the sun is down the shops are closed just as in Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. However, you can sleep at the inn to advance time. After completing the second dungeon you will also have a tool to manipulate time.

After gearing up you are free to go anywhere you like but you might be blocked by fierce monsters. There are also obstacles that you can only clear when having completed a certain dungeon to gain a new tool. However, I think that you technically could complete the sand dungeon before you should if you are persistent enough, this would be very hard to do but possible.
The world of Lotharus is not too big but also not too small, there is enough for your to do and find. Whatever way you choose and whatever ending you are going for, all roads lead to the final boss fight against the evil wizard.

I rate the gameplay of Lotharus Bacon Ale and Repeat with an 8.8
This is basically an old-school Legend of Zelda game but this one is only for adults. If you love the old games of Legend of Zelda you will definitely love Lotharus Bacon Ale and Repeat!

Sound and Graphics

The graphics in Lotharus Bacon Ale and Repeat are all hand-drawn by Sloppy Joe Studios. This means that the developer had to draw many different biomes and enemies. Who would have thought I had to fight Ratbears with a fetish for leggings? There were a few graphical glitches but the developer has already fixed all of them. I enjoyed the graphics but imagine having to draw a peeing minotaur, so awkward.

I enjoyed the sound more than I had expected, the sound effects are also great. There is nothing special to mention here. This means that you can enjoy the sound of Lotharus Bacon Ale and Repeat without any problems!

I rate the sound and graphics of Lotharus Bacon Ale and Repeat with an 8.6
I like the graphics very much, Dave looks like a crazy dude. Who is Dave? Play the game and find out for yourself!

What did I think of Lotharus Bacon Ale and Repeat after playing?

I had a lot of fun while playing Lotharus Bacon Ale and Repeat. I also made a video review of this game. This means that you can check out some of the gameplay before buying this game. This game is also fairly cheap but still pumps out a big gameplay number. One playthrough will take you about ten to fifteen hours but to get both endings you need to play the game twice!

I am still hoping to get some time free to get the second ending but alas I am too busy at the moment. I hope I can make time for this quickly!
One of the best features is that you can pick up items that you randomly encounter. I even found an amazing ax early on. The mini-games are also fun and you can even earn prizes if you are good enough.
Your party members can also get new upgrades if you explore the world enough. This game did live up to my expectations. This game came way closer to the old-school legend of Zelda than I thought.

I rate Lotharus Bacon Ale and Repeat with an 8.9 after playing.
I did not see that dung dungeon coming but I certainly enjoyed it, although the smell was really bad!

Personal Rating

This game was amazingly fun to play, I know that the developer is working on a remake of the second game of this trilogy. Nonetheless, you can play this third part of the trilogy without prior knowledge but please note that the first two games are free on Itch.
If you are looking for a real Legend of Zelda game please visit this page:

My personal rating is 9.4.
I had a great time with Lotharus Bacon Ale and Repeat.

Last Words

Lotharus Bacon Ale and Repeat has dark but fun humor and a great cast of characters.
– Collecting all the orbs to get to the final boss like in Legend of Zelda is a great gameplay choice.
– The battles are difficult but fun, you might need to level up a bit.
– You can pick up decoration items, these items can be useful.
– You can find and decorate your own home in this game, there is even water and electricity.
– This game features a day and night cycle.
– There are many different mini-games, these can also award you with prizes if you are good enough.
– This game has two different endings, which path are you going to take?
– The graphics are all hand-drawn by Sloppy Joe Studios.

Not suitable for children.
– This game might not be for everyone due to the dark humor.
– I have no clue how but my save file got wiped, due to this I am using images from the video review.

I would certainly recommend this game to everyone that loves a good old-fashioned RPG game. Or if you like old-school Legend of Zelda games!
The final rating for Lotharus Bacon Ale and Repeat is…drumroll…


Let me know what you think about this game in the comments!
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!


  1. This game sounds fun! ??

    • hahahah, I know who you are Tord!

      • Sloppy told me to comment.. I hate that fly!

        • LOL! Better not use Dragon Breath.


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