Ghostrunner February poll winner and requested review

I challenge you to complete a level without dying!

thatsa me



We are going to look at a game called Ghostrunner. If you dislike hard games that punish you for the slightest mistake then Ghostunner is definitely not for you. In Ghostrunner you will need to climb a tower full of bad guys that are shooting at you. All you have is a sword, kind of dumb to bring a sword to a gunfight though. As you progress in the game you will unlock new skills to take down enemies easier. The graphics and music are great in this game but don’t let your mind wander or death will be swift. I thought that this would be a great game for the poll as it has been requested a lot as well.

What did I think of Ghostrunner before playing?

I was very excited to try out the new winner of the poll. This means that I quickly looked up the best deal out there to start Ghostrunner. I did not know what to expect exactly from Ghostrunner when I started the game. I originally thought that Ghostrunner was a first-person shooter. Little did I know that Ghostrunner also has souls-like elements. Learn how the levels fits together and where the enemies hide or else you will be slaughtered. 

The Steam Page

Before purchasing Ghostrunner I decided to visit the Steam Page to gather more information. Most of the information I had was circumstantial and guesswork. This means I never actually checked what the steam page had to say. I just simply assumed the game would be fun!
Thus I learned that the game does not feature any shooting but it is in the first person. The story seemed like a good fit for anyone that loves Dystopian future stories. I saw an amazing trailer that included great music, I was very keen on what was awaiting me in this game.


I rate Ghostrunner before playing with an 8.0.
It sparked me with excitement to see what this game would hold. This means that I was quite interested in the story and the graphics of this game. Chopping people into pieces also seemed like a fun time.


The story of Ghostrunner takes place in the future where humankind is under the control of the key master. There were warriors that the architect created to fight her. the Ghostrunners. With the death of all the Ghostrunners, it seems that humankind would be lost forever. The humans manage to repair one of the ghost runners. This Ghostrunner is the last chance to free humanity.


I rate the story of Ghostrunner with a 7.5.
I enjoyed the story more than I had expected but I do think that you need to like dystopian cyberpunk-themed stories to appreciate the story in Ghostrunner


In Ghostrunner you will need to run a parkour through many levels while you climb the tower. This does not mean you can go sailing smoothly while running across walls. There are also traps like turbines that can kill you or large gaps. That is not even the biggest issue, there are also loads of enemies that will kill you. In fact, they will most likely kill you many times. Every single hit will instantly kill you. It is your job to dodge or deflect incoming attacks. The further that you progress in the tower, the dangerous the enemies will become. If you dislike dying a lot this might not be the game for you. Along the way, there will also be puzzles to solve and these can grant you new skills. These skills are needed to progress through the game. Your biggest challenge will be the enemies that block your path. There are also bosses in the game, these are quite annoying.

There is no leveling up but how do you gain skills then?

As you progress through the game you will come across terminals. This means that you can interact with a terminal. After you have interacted with these terminals you will be whisked away to a cybernetic area. This area is usually an indicator that multiple puzzles will soon be found. These puzzles need to be solved to gain new skills. One of the skills that you learn is blink. Blink will let you slow down time and decapitate multiple enemies at once. Next to gaining these skills, you will also gain new skills in your skill tree. The Skill tree takes on a form of a cyber card with a few slots unlocked. After completing a puzzle there will be new slots unlocked. Puzzles also grant you blocks to insert into the card. These blocks can upgrade skills, make you deflect better, and much more! Your skills can always be changed, adjust them for the situation that is at hand!


I rate the gameplay of Ghostrunner with an 8.2.
There are bugs in the game, for example getting stuck inside multiple objecs. The gameplay is great though and it has a very dynamic feeling. Overcoming some of the hard challenges that this game provides feels great! When you finally succeed.

Sound and Graphics


The graphics in this game are amazing but they come at a cost. This is a fast-paced game where I just lower the settings for better performance despite my PC being able to handle it. This still does not mean that I have no lag spikes. Another problem is that the graphics are huge, our video of four minutes was already three gigabytes!


The sound is very fitting for the fast-paced gameplay. It also fits in the cyberpunk theme of the game. To be honest I was paying more attention to not getting killed.


I rate the sound and graphics of Ghostrunner with a 7.0.
Even though the graphics and sound are quite good, they come with a big price. I think focused music would fit better. This applies to graphics as well, there is way too much distraction for a game where your focus is key to surviving the deadly traps.

What did I think after playing Ghostrunner?

I did not enjoy Ghostrunner at all, in fact, I despised the game. I disliked the setting of this game and how the mechanics work. Despite that, I did enjoy finishing the challenges that Ghostrunner had set for me. the levels were challenging and in the beginning, I did die a lot. It took quite some practice to get all my skills honed up for this game.

Once I got the hang of it I started to enjoy the game more but I do think that the steam page does not prepare people well enough of the difficulty. If you have a short temper, dislike games where you die a lot. This is not the game for you. If you are looking for a challenging game that will put your skills to the test, you are looking for Ghostrunner. I had hoped that the Steam page had prepared me more for what this game would bring to the table. Nonetheless, I took on the challenge and then exceeded myself with a lot of practice.


I rate Ghostrunner after playing with a 7.7.
The game has excellent mechanics but it has some problems with bugs. I also think that the steam page does not prepare people well enough, you are in fact buying a souls-like game. One mistake and you are dead. Luckily there is no penalty for death except frustration.

My personal thoughts about Ghostrunner

I disliked all the mechanics and I quickly learned that this is not my kind of game. Nonetheless, the mechanics are all solid and the gameplay is also good. I would recommend this game to people if you are looking for a challenge!

My personal rating of Ghostrunner

My personal rating of Ghostrunner is 4.0.
Even though the mechanics are solid and the game is good I did not enjoy it one bit.



This game was requested by:
– Lucky
– Don Carlos
– Lucas
– Rayfinn
– J.C
Thank you very much for requesting the Ghostrunner review!

If you are looking for a fast-paced combat game, Ghostrunner is the game that you are looking for. Are you ready to test your skills? 

The final rating of Ghostrunner is...



Let me know what you think about this game in the comments.
I hope that you liked reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!

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  1. Looks can be deceiving. Thanks for the honest review.

    • supersven

      Yeah, only play this game if you are looking for a hard challenge!

  2. krutarth

    Damn you're a pro at the game! Awesome!

    • supersven

      Thanks, takes a lot of practice!


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