Cat Powered UFO Short Demo Review

Are these cats not purrrrrfect?

Cat Powerered UFO

This time it is the Cat Powered UFO game to get reviewed. This will be a short review but we will still look at what powers the UFO. Yes, I know cats. Maybe I should ask why would a UFO powered by cats even exist! It is all in the details, you see, in this game you are an alien. This alien that you play as has a very sad story. This means that you need to fix that situation by finding cats in different dimensions! Do you want to know the story behind the alien? There is only one way to find out, continue reading!

The game starts out nice and comfy. This means sitting in a perfect spot with your alien wife who also carries your unborn child. Then everything goes to hell, literally. The space devil shows up and kidnaps your alien wife. Thus making you a sad alien that now has to chase the space devil and collect cats! Can you collect enough cats to chase the space devil and rescue your wife?


I rate the story of Cat Powered UFO with a 7.0
Currently, the game is still in demo mode. This means that you cannot reach the ending yet. Thus far I like the story, very odd but nonetheless unique. Who thought that I needed to collect cats to power a UFO in a game? I did not see that coming.

Cat Powered UFO tries to take a sip of multiple genres but mostly the minigame genre. Minigames everywhere. I do mean everywhere! The minigames are fleshed out and fun but not my style. This all depends on your taste but next to the minigames you have different dimensions to hunt down those hidden cats. There are enough cats to skip a dimension if you cannot find the cat there.

You will have to solve puzzles and riddles in every dimension. This does not mean that you can get away without battling. You will need to fight in mini-game style. Will you insult your opponent or try to attack them? Maybe slap yourself to increase critical hit damage? Maybe you should grab someone by the dimples to tilt them. There are so many weird options in this game. you won’t believe it!

To find some challenge cats you will need to think hard to solve the puzzle. Beware though, some challenges can only be completed after gaining a certain ability. Abilities can be gained by solving certain riddles. When exploring the dimensions you will find random chicken nuggets. What could these be used for? Not for eating but for shopping, with these chicken nuggets, you can buy more damage or health points! This way you can create the alien however you want!


I rate the gameplay for Cat Powered UFO with a 7.5
I did not enjoy all the minigames but the mechanics behind the minigames are solid. What would the full game look like I wonder?

Sound and Graphics


I did enjoy the sound but the time that you sometimes spend looking around for clues means that you will hear the same track many times. This is pretty annoying but otherwise, I did enjoy the music as many of the dimensions have different soundtracks.


The graphics are hand-drawn pixel art and it does look good, there are some minor graphical glitches and problems but nothing that will not be ironed out in the final version.

Cat Powered UFO


I rate the sound and graphics of Cat Powered UFO with a 6.5.
There are still some glitches and problems to iron out but the general idea is good. When the audio is better and the graphical glitches have been ironed out I can see the sound and graphics getting a better rating.

My personal Rating
I did enjoy the game when looking for cats and learning about the characters. This game uses dark humor to try and make you laugh. Some things are pretty rude like killing characters that you have completed a side quest for. I disliked the mini-games but that is because I just dislike mini-games when there are many.

My personal rating for Cat Powered UFO is a 6.0
I enjoyed the game but I disliked the number of mini-games even if they are solid and fleshed out. They are just not my thing.

Last Words

– Hand-drawn Pixel Art that looks great.
– A fun story for you to explore while collecting cats.
– Multiple dimensions to explore.
– New abilities to learn, these will be useful in finding cats!
– Find chicken nuggets to upgrade your character!
– There is even a way to become an alien fish!

 audio is repeated too many times while you are exploring.
– Graphical glitches.
– Many people struggle to find out what to do.

I think Cat Powered UFO has great potential and I wonder what the end product is going to be! You can find the demo of this game on Itch right here!

The final rating for Cat Powered UFO is …drumroll…


Let me know what you think of Cat Powered UFO in the comments!
I hope you liked this short review, I hope to see you in the next short review!
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