Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Review

Captain Toad wants his own adventure, mostly to get rich!

Captain Toad Treasue Tracker


Today we are going to take a look at a game that takes place in the Super Mario World universe. We are not talking about Super Mario or Luigi. This time Toad is going on an adventure together with Toadette. Sadly Toad has never heard of jumping around. Thus you will need to solve puzzles without jumping. Turn the camera to explore the diorama-looking level. There are many different styles of levels and enemies. With the DLC there are five chapters for you to complete! You can also play this game together with couch co-op. Some levels might be harder by playing together while others will be much easier. There are also time attack levels and diamonds to find! Got to mine that diamond!

What did I think of Captain Toad Treasure Tracker before playing?

We had played Captain Toad when it first launched on the Wii U but we played the remaster on the Switch. The remaster has extra levels, new DLC, and better graphics! We both already finished Captain Toad Treasure Tracker before even beginning on Reviews by Supersven but we decided to re-visit this gem with all the new updates and DLC. What brought us mostly to this was the new update that introduces couch co-op. To make sure we got all this information right before playing we visited the Nintendo page of Captain Toad Treasure Tracker.

The Nintendo page

As we visited the Nintendo page we soon learned that the game does indeed feature two players now. This was great as we only played single player in the year 2018. Luckily, we still remember some of the though puzzles, we were excited for the new DLC book as well since the price is low with a completely new chapter!
We booted up the game and the friendly music of the game greeted us with a warm welcome. Only the title screen played and we were both already sold, let us go on an adventure!


I rate Captian Toad Treasure Tracker with an 8.5 before playing.
This game is a wonderful puzzle game that is great for young and old. If you have kids this game would be great to play together!


Chapter one starts with Toadette getting kidnapped by Wingo the bird. Captain Toad comes to the rescue and traverses multiple lands to rescue Toadette but then Chapter two starts!


I rate the store with a 6.0
The story is weak and almost non-existent.


Your goal in this game is to collect the star at the end of each level. To reach the star you will need to solve a lot of different puzzles. There are also boss fights but mostly the same boss makes a comeback every chapter. While completing the level you can turn the level to try and see every hidden nook and cranny. These hidden nooks and crannies usually hold the secret to complete the level. Since there are enemies like goombas you will need to defeat them in another way than jumping on them. Turnips are a great way, throw these turnips in their face to defeat the sad goombas. You can also hinder enemies by pointing and clicking on them but beware some enemies are immune!

While exploring these levels you will also find hidden diamonds. You will need these to unlock levels later in the chapter and eventually one of the hardest levels in the game, the mummy me maze! If you want to complete the game for a full 100% you will also need to complete achievements in each level. These are usually different at each level. You might need to find a hidden gold mushroom or earn enough coins. Do not think it is going to be that easy all the way. There are also bosses that you need to complete without getting hit!

If you play together you can choose from two different modes. You can either play together or player two can have an assist role. When you use the assist role, player two can hold the enemies still for you or reveal hidden coins. When playing together you will both need to find your way through the levels. We did a whole playthrough without running for a challenge except for the time attacks, the time attacks are unlocked when you completed the chapter. How fast can you clear the level?


I rate the gameplay with a 9.7.
The gameplay was already amazing but with some bug fixes and the addition of couch co-op, this game just became one of the best puzzle games in the gameplay section!

Sound and Graphics


You might be scared of falling off the ledges because you cannot jump in Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. Fear not as this game makes use of the Wile.E Coyote rule. For the people that are unfamiliar with this developing term, let me explain. Everybody knows Wil.E Coyote and the speedrunner, the coyote has some delay before he actually falls down when above a gap. You won’t have that much time in Captain Toad Treasure Tracker but you certainly have some air time to make a quick turn and get back to land!
There are many different levels in Captain Toad Treasure Tracker and I enjoy the graphics a lot! The graphics are great for young and old, you will even encounter some levels from Super Mario Odyssee!


The sound in Captain Toad Treasure Tracker gets stuck in your head for sure. I am mostly talking about the victory tune when you gather a star. There are many different soundtracks and sound effects to enjoy. 


I rate the sound and graphics in Captain Toad Treasure Tracker with a 9.0.
The sound and graphics are great, I would not expect more or less from Nintendo.

What did I think after playing Captain Toad Treasure Tracker?

We decided to not use the run option in this playthrough as we also had an advantage in playing co-op. You can also see this in our videos in two of the hardest levels in the game!  The no-run challenge was a great success and we managed to complete the whole game without running except for the time attacks! I would also advise getting the DLC as it is certainly worth it.
The new levels in the DLC have you hunting crowns in familiar and unfamiliar areas. Some of the levels are new. We managed to complete all the time attacks, collect all diamonds, and found all hidden gold mushrooms!


I rate Captain Toad Treasure Tracker after playing with a 9.3.
I would say this is one of the greatest puzzle games that Nintendo ever made. We want a part two of Captain Toad Treasue Tracker!

What are my personal thoughts about Captain Toad Treasure Tracker?

My wife and I both enjoyed the game very much but I do wish that the story was better. Alas, every game has a weak point and in this game, it is the story. I had a lot of fun playing this game for the second time but I will certainly play this game again in the future with my wife. One of the games that I recently reviewed was inspired by Captain Toad!
I am talking about Mojito the Cat.
You can read all about Mojito the cat in this review:


My personal rating of Captain Toad Trasure Tracker is a 9.3

Last Words



I would recommend Captain Toad Treasure Tracker if you are looking for a puzzle game. There are not that many games around with Captain Toad as the leading character. We both think Captain Toad deserves more adventures!

Final Rating!



Let me know what you think of Captain Toad Treasure Tracker in the comment section!
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!

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  1. Do you remember why princess Peach chose Toad over Mario and Luigi?

    • LOL! I better not say that out loud!

  2. great review 🙂

    • thank you!


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