Misc. A Tiny Tale Short Demo Review

What does a robot cat even eat? Nuts?

Misc. A Tiny Tale Short Demo Review


Today we are going to look at a new demo. This demo is only available if you have supported the developers on their Patreon page. I have also made a promotional video for this game. Today we are going to look at the game Misc a Tiny Tale, This game is a new and upcoming 3D platformer with cute robots and a lot of challenges. This review is going to be shorter because only chapter 1 is playable at this current moment. How good is this game at this current point of developement?


You are a robot who is living in a small peaceful village. Nothing ever happens and life is great. You have a buddy called Bagboy who is very different than the other robots. Bagboy also has a cat named Flick. One night suddenly there seems to be something like an explosion, shiny golden cogs rain down from the sky. Bagboy always wanted to leave and sees this as a golden opportunity. You agree with Bagboy and decide to find out together where the cogs came from! Together you will start a new adventure and explore the lands behind the village.


I rate the story of Misc. a Tiny Tale with a 7.0. 
I like the story of Misc. a Tiny Tale but I also want to leave room for improvement in this rating for when the full game launches!


Misc. a Tiny Tale is a 3D platformer where you need to collect a lot of items but mostly robot-related items. You will find nuts that act as currency and golden cogs to progress the game. These cogs are not there just laying around on the ground for you ( well some of them are in the beginning) these golden cogs usually require that you complete a puzzle. For some of the puzzles, you might need a weapon that you can buy in the store with nuts. Currently only chapter 1 is available for the patreon supporters, who knows what lurks behind the walls of the village?

To solve puzzles you can use a set of skills that you can perform in this game. Double jumping and hovering are required. You will also find challenges underground that will test your mettle. These challenges are needed for certain items to gain golden cogs. Can you collect all the golden cogs? 


I rate the gameplay of Misc. a Tiny Tale with a 7.3
I am very interested in this new 3D platformer but I want to leave room for improvement for when the full game is released.

Sound and Graphics


I like the playful theme of Misc. a Tiny Tale, I also wonder what is behind the village gates. The puzzles and shops look well made but I also wonder if there will be enemies in the future. The world is also very large but you are tiny which I always appreciate in games. This concept reminds me of Supraland, you can read this review here:


I like the soundtrack and sound effects of Misc. a Tiny Tale. It feels like one of the robots keeps saying * nagels nagels nagels* which is a dutch word. the word translates into nails. This made me laugh!


I rate the sound and graphics of Misc. a Tiny Tale with a 7.6.
I enjoyed the playful music in Misc. a Tiny Tale.

What is my personal thought about Misc. a Tiny Tale

I made a promotional video on Misc. a Tiny Tale and I had a lot of fun while I was playing the demo. I wanted to make the promotional video longer than the developer and I had intially agreed upon. because I was enjoying the game a lot. That is when the hard reality kicked in, only chapter 1 is available. Now I am waiting for more chapters to be released!


My personal rating of Misc. a Tiny Tale is 7.8
I really want to see how the game continues!

Last Words



If you are very interested in 3D platformer games you can visit the Patreon page to acquire the demo of Misc. a Tiny Tale.

The Final Rating



Let me know what you think of Misc. a Tiny Tale in the comments!
I hope you enjoyed reading this short review, I hope to see you in the next review!

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  1. Wow, demo review

  2. Nagels nagels nagels nagels nagels! Unhear that honey!


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