Doctor Who Legacy Dead Game Review

The answer as to why Doctor Who Legacy has ended has been answered by the developers!

Doctor Who Legacy Dead Game Review


Today we are going to dig deep into the history of games that have had their run. One of these games is one of the best puzzle games ever. Not only is this game a great twist on bejeweled, but it is also Doctor Who-themed. Collect many companions from the complete Doctor Who franchise while also finding all the different doctors except for the thirteenth doctor which is actually the fourteenth. I think something went wrong with the license with Tiny Rebel Games. I know there is a new game called Doctor Who Infinity but all my prep work shows that this game is very bad. There was nothing wrong with this game, I just want to play this game again. This game has it all, great gameplay, great story and so much more!

EDIT: I have changed the images in the review after highjacking the phone of my wife and starting a new file.
There is also a new section with a small conversation between me and the developers of Tiny Rebel Games.
I also have a different look at Doctor Who Infinity as it is not about gameplay but rather the story.

The response from Tiny Rebel Games

I send my reviews to the developers that created the game after the reviews are posted. The usual response is a thank you or sometimes a key for the next game that they are making or have made. Imagine my surprise when the developer of Doctor Who Legacy responded with the exact reason as to why the game got canceled? Finally, the truth is revealed, no longer did I have to live on rumors and speculation. I have asked if I may share this with other people and the answer is yes. Here is the conversation between me and Tiny Rebel Games:

Tiny Rebel Games:

Thanks for the kind and nostalgic review of Doctor Who: Legacy, Sven. I’m sorry you haven’t enjoyed Infinity – it was never meant to be the same game and was an experiment in storytelling we were actually quite proud of. DWL was a game that would have, in our minds, always benefited from more story emphasis and that’s something we did start to successfully incorporate later on. And is why Infinity happened. It does feel like a very misunderstood game for some of the old DWL community which will always be a thorn in my side, but there you go….sometimes people love what you make, sometimes they wanted something different. We remain very proud of both games.

There’s no big mystery on why Legacy ended though some speculate there is — we ran it long past our original plan and eventually had to move on as it wasn’t financially sustainable any more — one of the down sides of making a very fair F2P game is you really count on your user base to spend a little money and support and that was surprisingly challenging.

As we were a two person company, we had to take on other projects at that point – and our partner in Taiwan, Seed, was in the same boat – needing to move on to other work. It took a great deal of time and energy and love to support Legacy and when we found we no later had the bandwidth to do that, we mutually agreed with BBC to not again renew the license and instead to focus on a new project together.

We get lots of requests to bring the game back or unlock content etc – but the honest truth is no one has looked at that code in years, most of the people working on it have gone on to other projects or even other companies. And it’s heavily tied up in lots of license obligations to actors which make it impractical to think about a rerelease.

hello, Thank you for this story, it helped me to understand the problems that you went through to keep the game online longer than possible. I now understand the story behind Infinity much more and I will replay it with a whole other look and the review is still scheduled! I agree that a lot of people misunderstood Doctor Who infinity as did I. I think you did a great job with both games but I misunderstood the reason behind all this, thanks for clearing this up for me.

The reason seems to be very unclear for some people though, most of it is rumors and speculations but not what you told me. Yes, I think most of the people farmed the time crystals but I did spend quite some money on them in my first file and I would not mind doing so again! I am very sad to hear about what happened with the company and license being canceled with a mutual decision. I am very glad about your response to this. Do you mind if I either add this in the review or somewhere on my site? Or mention it to other Doctor Who fans?

F you are truly interested in re-releasing the game or just unlocking the game for everyone or the content. Maybe you could try a Kickstarter? I know a lot of people that would most likely pledge a lot of money to get the game just unlocked the way it was! Whatever you decide, you have my full support and I now have a better understanding of what happened and will look towards Doctor Who Infinity with a view. My biggest hope is of course that the game comes back or that you make it downloadable or start a kickstarter! Whatever you do I am glad that Doctor Who Legacy existed and I hope to see more Doctor Who games in the future, when I get a new view I am going to play Doctor Who Legacy again as well! I hope you don’t mind that I have helped quite some people to play the game through the hoops I mentioned in my review

Tiny Rebel Games

Thanks Sven – there’s nothing I said that can’t be repeated, nothing I would consider confidential, so that’s fine. Yeah – its very odd, I really felt our core audience would love Infinity – though I do get its a very different way of thinking about the puzzle game mechanic. But afterall, that’s what motivates us as game designers – continuing to iterative to push the envelope in different directions. We got to work with so many cool people making Infinity – comic book artists, the actors, the writers – BBC has called the stories canon.

So I can’t tell you how surprised Lee and I generally were to see the backlash it got from some of our fans

Thank you for buying some time crystals – I think our biggest issue in Legacy was we were ‘too’ generous. There was such an insane amount of content that most users felt no need to buy the fan area — there was plenty outside of that area. And no matter how much we added to the fan area, to make it even more wonderful…the percentages never changed.

The fact is, a very very small percentage of F2P users spend any money. Even on something they say they love.
And that’s just not a sustainable business – it is for a little while, but not indefinitely.


I checked out some reviews of Doctor Who Infinity and I did see that a lot of people thought it would be a successor to Doctor Who Legacy or the same. This also happened to me but I am going in with a fresh look and set it apart from Doctor Who Legacy. I am sad to hear that Doctor Who Legacy was actually too good of a game to keep it sustained. I hope Infinity thrives eventually or who knows what new Doctor Who game you drum up in the future? My wife just read this and said she was now interested in playing Doctor Who Infinity, she was also a great fan of the game but she completely misunderstood what the concept was of Doctor Who Infinity, she thought it would have been some kind of successor or follow up game. I am going to play the game soon again and make a review and send it to you. I will go in with a fresh look to enjoy the stories. I can also add in my review that it is more about the story than the actual gameplay!

Tiny Rebel Games

Appreciate that, thank you Sven 🙂


I think it is great though that BBC considers your stories canon. Seems like a great time to work together with people from BBC.

What did I think before playing Doctor Who Legacy?

I was thinking to myself, what mobile game would be great for reviewing. I immediately thought about when I played Doctor Who Legacy! I started to look around to redownload the app and get my save from the cloud. I quickly learned that this game does not exist anymore along with my save file on the cloud. I do not let myself get stopped by this and started looking around. I found a way to play this game but somewhere down the line, it crashed. I got a few moments of fun but alas it was short-lived.

I got an error screen that I was unable to clear and I could not continue anymore. I pushed the wrong button. If you do not click the button to check out premium content you should be fine. When I have a new phone I will download the game again. If you are interested in how to play this game you can contact me! The error screen is linked to my phone and not the game itself.
I was very sad that this crash occurred and that Tiny Rebel Games decided to pull the plug on this amazing game.


I rate Doctor Who Legacy with an 8.0 before playing.
I was going to rate this game with a 10 but when I learned the game is only available by jumping through hoops when a certain button was pushed the game crashed.


There is an amazing story in this game, you start as the 11th Doctor with some companions. The Sontarans are messing with time and rewriting it to their will.. All the Doctor’s victories are being undone as the Sontarans are taking over the timestream. The Doctor realizes he cannot do this alone and uses the broken time stream to collect every companion he has ever know to restore the timeline.

The Doctor soon learns that there is something worse than the Sontarans, team up with all the Doctor incarnations to find out what is even worse than the Sontarans rewriting history.


I rate the story of Doctor Who Legacy with a 10.
Even though the game is hard to play at this moment, the story is amazing. You are living the dream by going with the Doctor on a grand adventure.


The gameplay is very good in Doctor Who Legacy. You will need to collect companions from many different eras all the way back to era of the First Doctor. All team members have their own color, on the gem board you will see different colored gems. You can slide one gem across the board for five seconds to create as many three gems on a row as possible. This will result in your companions doing damage to the enemies. The enemies are very varied as you will encounter enemies from all eras. You can choose the companions you like, maybe you want Captain Jack Harkness? Or maybe you want Amy Pond?

Some of the companions will have a 100% drop chance, others you will need to farm a level multiple times. You will also gather fragments that you can use to upgrade your companions. Before you can upgrade your companion you wll need to level them up 10 levels. After each ten levels you can upgrade your companion. The Doctors damage will be calculated depending on which companions you have in your team. The Doctors can also be upgraded to better ranks. With each upgrade your companion can make better use of their special skill

With each companion you will get a new star which will be usefull in gaining new skills. You have four different skill trees which you will unlock as you progress in the game. You will also get time crystals which you will need for the last skill tree. There are four main chapters which you need to complete for the story line. There are some side quest to complete but you cannot purchase the premium side quests. If you could I would advise you to buy these side quests. I wanted to check if this was possible for the review and crashed my game. Now I will never be able to play it on this phone again. 


I rate the gameplay with a 10.
Go on a grand adventure with the Doctor while defeating your enemies using inteligence.
Even though not all side quests are not avaialble even with you being able to play the game.
It feels wrong down rating the game even though the gameplay is perfect.

Sound and Graphics


The graphics are great, it reminds you of Doctor Who immediately. There are also special cutscenes with your favorite companions like Rory and Captain Jack. I always had so much fun when replaying this game. I just want to give them my money to continue this game. Please bring this game back to life. This is one of the best Mobile games even if it does not exist anymore and also not supported.


The sound is amazing, this game has great soundtracks and sound effects. There is nothing to complain about in this section.


I rate the sound and graphics with a 10.
There is nothing to complain about here, they invented their own cutscenes while staying true to Doctor Who.

What did I think of Doctor Who Legacy after playing?

I have to give a lower rating here since the game crashed. I was unable to regain my backup or ever play this game again. However I was very glad that I could experience this game once again. I was able to play with the First Doctor while also having Amy in my team and other companions. If this game ever comes back to live I will be the first to jump on the ship to download and support the game. I feel very sad about what happened to this game, such a great game. This only shows why games on mobile are bad, they can dissapear any minute where as games on Steam will linger forever. 

There are so many games on Steam that are no longer getting updates but are still worth playing. I am going to look more into that later. Did I enjoy playing Doctor Who Legacy one more time? Hell yeah! Was I dissapointed because the game broke and I could not take pictures? I certainly did not see that coming and it did make me sad. If this game was supported still, it would have gotten a perfect rating with a nice video. Since the game does not work I have to use pictures from the no longer exist google play store page.


I rate Doctor Who Legacy after playing with an  7.0.
Why the low rating? Because of the crash, I am also unable to play my backup or play ever again. I still did enjoy my last moments with Doctor Who Legacy

What are my personal thoughts about Doctor Who Legacy?

I think it is a great shame they laid waste to a perfect game and replaced it with a mediocre game with bad art style and no original content. I sometimes dont understand the logic behind these things but I hope this game comes back, even if it is a reboot.


My personal rating of Doctor Who Legacy is a 10.
Even though this game does not exist, I liked that I completed the game once with all companions and I wish to do so again but alas my game crashed with no ability to be restored.

Last Words



Even though this game is no longer available through the normal means, I was glad to get one last hooray from this game. If you do not mind that the game is no longer supported I would advise you to play this game!

The Final Rating



Let me know what you think about Doctor Who Legacy in the comments
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!.

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