Quest Hunter Review

You are free to make changes in this game but it will not change the ending!

Quest Hunter Review


Today we are going to look at another hack and slash game called Quest Hunter. This game is made by an indie developer and my wife and I was very excited to start playing this game. This game has you making choices and choosing your own path but nonetheless, you always end up at the same ending. The story is a bit weak but the gameplay mechanics are actually very good. There are fun puzzles to solve, random encounters, and a lot of optional side quests! This game is also the most fun when played with someone else, go hunt those secrets together! If you cannot find the secrets, dig for them with your trusty shovel.

What did I think of Quest Hunter before playing?

My wife and I were looking for a fun co-op game and when Torchlight 3 hit the poll, we decided we want some of that action roleplaying game elements in our next game. We quickly found Quest Hunter and started to look around for some gameplay footage. We quickly learned that this game is intended for co-op. The game is very simple but also powerful by not overcomplicating the skill tree. As we were about to purchase the game on the Nintendo Switch for co-op play we decided to visit the Nintendo Page.

The Nintendo page

Not only did we like this game and does the Nintendo Page shows us a lot more information, but the game was also on sale when we decided to buy Quest Hunter. We learned from the Nintendo Page that there are a lot of different weapons and armor to collect. My wife and I decided to buy the game because we were jumping to get into this new adventure!


I rate Quest Hunters with an 8.0 before playing.
This game looks great before you buy it, family-friendly, and a great game for young and old. We were also sold by hunting many secrets, we love secrets!


The story starts with you on an airship, just enjoying the ride and the scenery. When suddenly the sun vanishes out of thin air and darkness descends upon the land. Not only that, something hit your airship You will need to perform a crash landing and afterward explore your surrounding area. Will you step up as the hero to save the land or will you cower in fear?


I rate the story of Quest Hunters with a 6.5
The story is not very good and your choices do not matter for the ending. For example, I saved the butcher’s daughter and I swore to marry her after I saved the land. Nonetheless, after the ending, nothing happened with this scenario.


The gameplay in Quest Hunter works pretty much like other action role-playing games. You hack and slash your way through mobs while watching your health pool and gain experience to level up. After each level up you will gain points to distribute to choose how you will build your character. Will you add skills to more health, armor, damage, or the ability to block more incoming damage. For learning skills, you will need to be at a certain level and collect gems to unlock that skill. Gems can be found everywhere but certain gems are rarer.

You will also find a lot of armor and weapons along the way. To upgrade these items you will need wooden logs and stones. Along with some gems or gold. You might also need items like leather that drops from certain enemies. To find wooden logs and rocks though, you are going to chop down every tree and rock in sight! You can also let the craftsman in the town craft you new items. Clearing dungeons is also a good way to find new gems and a lot of loot. Dungeons are randomly generated and change every time you enter.

While doing the main quest you will also encounter side quests, these will grant you a lot of extra experience points and a small amount of gold. To get to new locations you will need to travel to these locations but beware of encounters. Just like in the normal maps you will need to find secrets by hitting trees and rocks. If you cannot find the secret, it might be time to take out your shovel. When your character icon blinks, it means there is treasure to dig up.


I rate the gameplay of Quest Hunter with a 7.5
A standard run-of-the-mill hack and slash game. Great for a fun time but it has low replay value. This game is amazing to play with someone else of course!

Sound and Graphics


The graphics were quite good and there were only a few small graphical glitches. The characters all look great and fit in perfectly with the story. The game does have a dark tint but what did you expect when the sun goes missing? 


The sound in Quest Hunter was good, nothing special but it did fit the game quite well.


I rate the sound and graphics of Quest Hunter with a 7.0
There is nothing special to mention for Quest Hunter.

What did I think of Quest Hunter after playing?

My wife and I had a great time when playing Quest Hunter. The new areas in each chapter let you fight new enemies and visit new places. Every chapter provides you with a new town where you can access the crafters and your stash. You can also fast-travel when you are on certain maps to previously visited towns. One of the problems was that there are not enough generated dungeons in chapter 3. As in there are no generated dungeons in chapter 3.

The loot that you find will slowly upgrade as you progress through the story. Eventually, you will become a destroyer of mobs. Clear out caves with ease as you unleash your powerful skills. There is one downside that we learned of when playing together in couch co-op. The loot is shared which means you do need to play with someone that is willing to share the loot. Loot ninjas are not approved to play this game. My wife and I did have a great time playing this game and sharing our loot was not a problem for us.


I rate Quest Hunter with an 8.5 after playing.
Even though there are some problems with Quest hunter, the simple mechanics make this a very enjoyable game especially in co-op mode!

My personal thoughts about Quest Hunter

My wife and I had a great time when playing Quest Hunter. Our biggest problem was that our choices did not impact the story at all even though that is what the game advertises.

Personal Rating

My personal rating of Quest Hunter is 7.7

Last Words



If you like a great but simple hack and slash experience then Quest Hunter is the game that you are looking for. This may be a good game for a first experience hack and slahs game!

Final Rating



Let me know what you think about Quest Hunter in the comments
I hope that you liked reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!

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  1. Simone Krijgsman

    That the shovel started talking, that was the weirdest moment for me!

    • supersven

      That is why you should not drink from random wells in the middle of nowhere!

  2. jett cameron

    "loot is shared which means that loot ninjas will steal your loot, I advise you to play with trusted friends or family"

    the slow should fear the ninja!

    • supersven

      hahahah true! Slow people will never get better if there is a ninja nearby!


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