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Today we are going to review our first Dragonball Z game but of course, there are going to be more Dragonball Z games on Reviews by Supersven! My wife and I have been playing Dragonball fighterZ and we just finished the main story of all the three arcs! In this game, you will be able to choose from your favorite fighter and beat up your favorite enemies! If you do not like Dragonball Z this might not be the review for you. This game features intense fast-paced 3 VS 3 battles. Quickly switch in combat but do not just mash buttons, perform some epic combos to unleash a big bang attack! My wife’s favorite character is Vegeta the vegetable what is your favorite character?

What did I think before playing Dragonball FighterZ?

My wife and I bought this game at the same time we bought Quest Hunters. We were just scrolling through the sales list when we came across this game. The sale was one of the best yet! 90% off and we were sold! We played this game on the Nintendo Switch, we got the ultimate version along with 2 season passes. We did not buy the incomplete season pass 3 yet. We both are huge fans of Dragonball Z! Thus this was practically a must buy for us. We visited the Nintendo Page before buying this game! We recently finished Dragonball Z Kakarot as well and we wanted to know the difference in the gameplay.

The Nintendo Page

We quickly learned that this game features 3 VS 3 battles. We decided that was a good selling factor along with an exclusive story mode. Who does not want a story mode in their game? The multiplayer additions are great for other players but that is just not our style. We also learned that the game features leveling up and skills. Without further ado, wedecided to make use of the saleand started installing this game!


I rate Dragonball FighterZ before playing with an 8.5.
The game is very appealing when you are looking for a fighting game, especially if you like Dragonball Z.
The downside is though that the ultimate edition does not include all content which might be a problem for some people. I would recommend to get this game in a sale as we did.


The story starts with clones of all fighters in the Dragonball series appearing and wreaking havoc around the world. Goku and his friends set out to destroy the clones when suddenly everyone with a high power level gets paralyzed. Poor Yamcha falls but is still awake. A human soul links up with Goku, unable to use Goku’s full power all seems lost. The human soul wakes Goku up inside his mind and together they decide to get stronger and save their friends and stop the clones once and for all.

  • Two other arcs include a what if the linking failed with Goku. In one scenario the human soul links up with Frieza.
  • In the other Arc, the human soul links up with Android 18 to defeat the clones.


I rate the story of Dragonball FighterZ with an 8.0.
The third arc is kind of pushing it and that one felt like a bit of a slog. The first two arcs on the other hand were amazing but there are random cutscenes that are quite annoying to track down.


Dragonball FighterZ has intense fast-paced battles where you can switch with teammates in a flash You can make the weirdest teams but all characters have their strength. In battle, you will not just be mashing all kinds of buttons. You need to perform combos and act accordingly to what your opponent is doing. You can block at the right moment to stop a strong attack from the opponent but if the opponent is open you can blast at them with full force but don’t leave an opening! You can use ki blasts or special attacks when your ki has been fully charged.

In story mode, you will level up the characters that you use but the characters that you have benched will not get experience points. When your characters level up they will gain more health and attack. As you progress through the story mode you will face more enemies at once and they will be at a higher level. You can fight clones to level up your team. When you defeat enemies you will gain skills to equip, you can equip up to three skills. There are six levels of skills but the later ones can only be found in hard mode.

There is also an arcade mode that does not feature level-ups or practice mode. There are also online matches if you have an online subscription or play on the computer. In the lobby, you can choose which avatar you are going to be using and you can buy more avatars with zenny. Zennies can be earned by playing different game modes.


I rate the gameplay of Dragonball FighterZ with a 8.3
The story mode is fun to play but the online mode can die out over time which is a big downside. In ten years you will not be able to find a match.

Sound and Graphics


The graphics are good and look just like in the anime. The destructive finishes are fun to look at and great to perform. Especially when you do a destructive finish with a special move. That just feels great! The cutscenes are fun to watch except for the ones that you need to track down. I love secrets but not secret cutscenes.


The soundtracks are great along with the sound effects. The English voice acting is well done and does not bother me at all. I enjoyed watching all the cutscenes where Goku acts very dumb. How does he keep getting away with that?


I rate the sound and graphics of Dragonball FighterZ with a 8.5
The graphics and soundtracks are all very solid.

What did I think after playing Dragonball FighterZ?

I enjoyed playing the arcade and story mode of Dragonball FighterZ. The story mode was very fun except for the last arc which felt like a slog. The second arc was great and it felt like a true Dragonball Z story. Yamcha can even be viable if you want to play as him though but who would want that? Our team consisted mainly of Goku and Vegeta. We used the skills health regen or experience up after battle for grinding.

This game did exceed my expectations but I wish there were more arcs in the game that did not feel like a slog as the third arc. The arcade mode is a fun way of beating up many different opponents without thinking too much, get ready for some fast-paced battles!


I rate Dragonball FighterZ with a 8.8 after playing.
If you like Dragonball Z then this is the game that you want to play.

What are my personal thoughts about Dragonball FighterZ?

I had a lot of fun while playing this game, especially the first and the second arc of the story mode. The lobby was a great way to freely explore all the game options, better than a simple menu. Do you remember Goku being in Super Smash Brothers? You do not? Maybe you should read this review!


My personal rating of Dragonball FighterZ is an 8.6.
If the last arc was better I would have rated my personal rating a bit higher.

Last Words



If you are a fan of Dragonball Z, you will definitely like this game very much!

Final Rating



Let me know what you think of Dragonball FighterZ in the comments!
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!
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  1. Wonder why there's so much picture of Vegeta? It's cuz that one is my personal favorite!

    • What a coincidence, Vegeta is also my favorite character!

  2. Raditz deserved to be in the game! That would've made an hell of a experience 😉

    • Raditz needs to become Super Saiyan 3 lol!


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