Catsperience Developer Requested Review

A purrfect cat simulator where you need to find your slave!



Today we are going to launch a new review at the time that the game will release as well. Today on May 18th, 2021, Catsperience will be released! This comes with a new fresh review, for this game we made an exception and posted on Monday! If you have ever wanted to try a cat simulator while solving puzzles, this is the game for you! These puzzles can be really hard but no worries, I have made a guide for you if you ever get stuck! In this game, your goal is to find your human as he has forgotten to refill the bowl of food! Don’t forget to get high on catnip, who knows what secrets you might uncover when you are on catnip!

What did I think before playing Catsperience?

I encountered Catsperience when I was looking around Social Media for new games. I quickly came across Catsperience and I was immediately interested. Playing as a cat in a game is not something that is done very often. In this game, you can also break stuff and throw things off tables! Purrrfect! My wife was also interested, there might be a chance that we love cats! We have three of those adorable critters that like to puke everywhere!  Without further ado, we went to the Steam Page!

The Steam Page
I investigated the Steam Page like a true Purrlock Holmes! The mice are running wild and need to be caught, it seems that it would be up to you to catch some mice! I immediately had a Tom and Jerry flashback! I also learned that there would be difficult puzzles, if you buy this game prepare to get stuck for hours on one puzzle! This might just be the hardest puzzle game ever, maybe if I knew morse-code it would be easier.


I rate Catsperience with an 8.8 before playing.
Do you like cats and puzzles? Then you are in the right place. This game might be smaller than most people might expect but it is all about quality and not quantity. 


You are a sassy tomcat that just wants to get more food. Your human slave has not refilled your bowl. There is only one thing to do, find your human slave and make him feed you!


I rate the story of Catsperience with a 7.7.
The story of Catsperience is fun and makes no sense at all. I like the plot twist in this game. Who knew you could make a story of a Cat that wants his food bowl to be refilled with such a twist.


In this game, you play as a cat. You will need to explore an old mansion and solve puzzles to go from room to room. Each room holds new puzzles and breakable items. If you want, you can hunt down all breakable items. You will need to watch carefully around you as clues to puzzles are everywhere. You will also need to use catnip to solve some of the puzzles. 

When you use catnip, you gain cat vision. With the cat vision, you will be able to see platforms to reach new hidden places. These hidden places or puzzles that you solve usually hold a key. These keys can be picked up to open doors. There are also some other items that can be picked up for puzzles. You can only hold one item at a time. 

It might be wise to write down some notes as you explore the mansion, I will give you one hint. Don’t dismiss pictures, they might be clues! Can you find your owner and get him to refill your food bowl?


I rate Catsperience with an 8.0 for gameplay.
The gameplay is solid but hard. If you like difficult puzzles and cats, this might the right game for you!

Sound and Graphics


The graphics in Catsperience are amazing, if you look down you can even see your own paws!  It is also realistic that you can see your catnip pouch hanging on your collar. This cat might be super smart though, are all cats this smart?


The soundtracks are good and the effects of the cat meowing are implemented well, They used a real cat called Cirmi for the sound effects!. The breakable objects sound very realistic when they are breaking, it gives me chills. Our cats also throw off objects and it sounds exactly the same!


I rate the sound and graphics of Catsperience with an 8.7.
The graphics all look very polished and the sound effects are implemented properly.

What did I think after playing Catsperience?

I would be lying if I said I was not frustrated at various points in this game. That is how hard the puzzles are. I am very bad at morse-code but the other puzzles went more smoothly. There is one puzzle that is almost impossible, the cupboard puzzle. If you manage to solve it, send me an image and I will bow for you!

Even though I was frustrated throughout the game sometimes, it does not take away that this game has solid gameplay mechanics. This game prefers quality over quantity. Nevertheless, if you are not good at puzzles it might still take you quite some time to get through the game! Below you will find a video that will show you how to get through the game for when you are stuck!


I rate Catsperience after playing with an 8.1.
I like this game more than I had expected but the puzzles were not my kind of thing. I am not good in morse code and I will most likely never be.

What are my personal thoughts about Catsperience?

Once I knew the answers to the puzzle and memorized most of the answers, I played the game once again and had much more fun than I had the first time.


My personal Rating of Catsperience is 8.1.
I had hoped for more cat-related activities instead of solving puzzles but nonetheless, this game is fun!

Last Words



If you are a fan of high difficulty puzzles, then this is the game that you are looking for!

Final Rating



Let me know what you think of Catsperience in the comments!
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!
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  1. Looks cool, but probably way too hard for me.

    • If you like the game, you can play it anyway! If you get stuck I have a guide online to help you!

  2. I love how our cats responded to the meowing sounds in Catsperience

  3. From a cat's point of view, I'm gonna get motion sickness.

    • There might be an option to disable that!

  4. Finally, a game where I can be the naughty little kitty that I always wanted to be 🙂

    • Meow, knocks another vase down!

  5. Cats!!!

    • Meow!

  6. my friend would like this game

    • Let him read the review!

  7. Man, it's first-person. That's not really...uh.... It's not okay

    • I hope you don't have motion sickness lol


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