Torchlight 2 Review

Time for some old fasioned action RPG gameplay!

Torchlight 2 Review


A new review has risen, Torchlight 2 is now live but don’t forget that there will also be a review of Torchlight 2 with mods enabled later! We have reviewed Torchlight 3 but that game was a train wreck but how does Torchlight 2 shape up after many years of being released? We played Torchlight 2 for many hours before creating this review and also more before we even launched Reviews by Supersven. Torchlight 2 is one of the most-known action roleplaying games of all time!

What did I think before playing Torchlight 2?

I recently played Torchlight 3 but that game is, for now, a train wreck! We decided to go back in time (not really though, I do not own a time machine) and play Torchlight 2 once again. It has been a long time and I do not even remember all my characters, I did have an insane amount of play hours already. I knew exactly what to expect but still, I went to the Steam page to get all my ducks in a row!

The Steam Page
The most obvious things are of course that you can have pets in this game, not only will they carry your loot, they will also go back to town and sell it! This also means your pet can learn spells and transform into other pets by eating fish! Fishing spots can randomly be found anywhere or in every city.


I rate Torchlight 2 with an 8.7 before playing.
This game is a great game and one of the action roleplaying games that everyone knows!


Torchlight 2 starts with new heroes who need to stop the Dark Alchemist from using Ordrak’s power. The Dark Alchemist is using this power to upset the balance in the world. Thus the Netherim returns from the void. It is up to you to stop the Dark Alchemist and the Netherim!


I rate the story of Torchlight 2 with a  7.0.
The story is pretty weak but you are playing this game for the gameplay and not the story!


Torchlight 2 uses a classic experience system with different classes to choose from. All the classes have different skills and need to distribute their attribute points differently. With each level up you get a skill point and five attribute points. You must be careful with attributing any points at all because there is no internal skill reset system. Each class has three different skill trees to build the character how you see fit!

There are plenty of quests and side quests to complete in this game. Not only do these quests give you experience points but also fame points. Fame points are very important as at every fame level you will gain an extra skill point! If you cannot invest the skill point yet in the skill that you want it might be wise to hold on to that skill point. Attribute points work as you would have expected, you can choose from four different attributes. Strength, dexterity, focus, and vitality.

Your pet is very important and can act as a shield or a baiter. You can change your pet to aggressive or passive depending on the build that you are currently playing. If you want to give your pet a bonus you can feed your pet fish. Some of these fish will also transform your pet into a different creature. along the way you will also find scrolls, these can be learned to your pet. You can also use these scrolls for yourself.

There are technically five acts in Torchlight 2 and you can also enter a new game+. Act five is solely the map works which is the endgame of Torchlight 2 but you can also see it as act 4 or just a bonus room. In the map works, you can summon dungeons to train your character or grind fame points. You can also equip gems into your equipment if it has sockets but to remove these gems you need to visit a special merchant in town, these gems can be rare, and the map works is a great place to hunt them down! You can also enchant items to upgrade them!


I rate the gameplay of Torchlight 2 with an 8.8.
There are still many errors in the HUD or just general issues with playing multiplayer. Many of these errors have been fixed with mod support.

Sound and Graphics


Oddly enough, the graphics in Torchlight 2 look better than the graphics in Torchlight 3. It is clear that the graphics are from a time long gone but it has aged well. Even stranger, the user interface in Torchlight 2 is also better than in Torchlight 3. Even the cutscenes are better, that is very strange indeed!


There is nothing wrong with the soundtracks and sound effects in Torchlight 2. Unless your pockets are full. My backpack is full!


I rate the sound and graphics with a 9.0.
Even though the graphics are old in Torchlight 2 and there are still some problems, it all works perfectly fine and has aged well!

What did I think after playing Torchlight 2?

I had a lot of fun when playing Torchlight 2 again, this is a game that I can always come back to but I love the game even more with mods! That is why  I did not continue leveling after beating Ordrak or playing much in the map works. I did however do a co-op run with my wife with a character I have not played in ages! I have no clue why or how this character was built! Insert meme here please of playing a game after a long time!

The best part is, of course, beating the game and then rewarding yourself by switching to Torchlight 2 with mods. I am going to write a review of this game with mods soon as well, I played a hardcore run! Would I recommend Torchlight 2? Heck yeah!


I rate Torchlight 2 with an 8.3 after playing.
Torchlight 2 is amazing but Torchlight 2 with mods is epic!

What are my personal thoughts about torchlight 2?

I always love coming back to Torchlight 2 but the game really shines when you have mod support! Nonetheless, nothing is as bad as Torchlight 3! Are you curious yet as to what is wrong with Torchlight 3? Read all about it right here


My personal rating of Torchlight 2 is an 8.5
Torchlight 2 will always be a game that I will come back to, even though sometimes it takes a few years for me to come back!

Last Words



If you are a fan of Action roleplaying games, then Torchlight 2 is the game where you need to be!

Final Rating



Let me know what you think of Torchlight 2 in the comments!
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!
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  1. jett cameron

    the last and best Torchlight game x(

    • supersven

      Who knows, there might be a new game in the future that is even better!

  2. The only time torchlight was at its peak! 🙁

    • supersven

      Torchlight 2 is great, I wonder how Torchlight 1 will be!

  3. Pros: Better than torchilight 3 and also more cheaper xD
    Btw, in the cons, where you mentioned that it is not possible to reset skill points, maybe you could add that there are mods that add this function

    • supersven

      The modded version will be reviewed as well, this is where the pro will be added 🙂
      For the normal version, you can only reset your last three skill points which sucks quite a lot!
      For the modded version we are using some amazing mods!

  4. Simone Krijgsman

    This Vanilla is very fun and Torchlight 2 is truly a grand game. BUT! with mods, it's even better! You'll all see in the Torchlight 2 - with mods review!

  5. Torchlight 2 is a great ARPG, a bit simpler than other classic ARPGs but still very enjoyable.


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